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first the sorting issue. Look at the top of this thread on the right in the orange. Click the sort button.

Next, the websites and happyherbivore are both low fat and vegan sites that i love.

Welcome to the team!

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I'm a brand-new vegan and wanted to find a small group I could be active in here at SparkPeople without getting lost, that was solely vegan so that all posts were applicable. So... here I am! I hope this is a good fit.

My story, as it were.

In 2009 I got to my lowest weight by a combo of lots of exercise and really restricted eating. I loved how I looked and I even felt pretty good from all the exercise, but it simply wasn't sustainable. I went vegetarian in October 2009, had to quit exercising so much (lost my job which was a huge change), and gained 20 lbs. Fast forward to August or so of 2010, and I felt horrible. I had stopped exercising completely - couldn't get to the gym without a car, and had all sorts of GI issues. I was eating pretty much nothing but pasta, chik'n patties, and cheese. No wonder I felt like crap! Also, all my clothes were too tight from the weight gain, adding to the illness I felt.

So, what did I do? Go back to eating meat. :facepalm: In hindsight, the problem seems so obvious, but at the time I was facing - and went through - entire upper GI work-ups, with small bowel follow-through, a colonoscopy, multiple sets of labwork.... everything came back fine, gee, surprise. I'd begun to feel somewhat better by January, so I didn't go to my last follow-up GI appointment, at which my doctor was going to just put me on IBS medication and call it a day. I knew it couldn't be like that.... especially not with everything I read and knew about vegetarianism at the back of my mind. I knew what the problem was: a high processed, high fat, low clean food diet of convenience and excess.

I quit mostly because it wasn't convenient. My husband is one of those people who says it's not a meal without meat. We really struggled when I first decided to go veg, and my poor Southern mother-in-law has no idea how to abstain from butter. I sort of set myself up to fail by feeling bad about imposing my diet on them, etc. And while at first I ate tons of fresh veggies and felt great, that went by the wayside as too much work in the face of preparing a good meal for my husband and also for myself. I sacrificed my own meals as a result.

I knew my eating was out of control, though. I am one of those people who cannot do moderation - if I have one, I slide back into eating six, or just eating it all the time. I knew if I was going to do the veg path right, I had to go feet first into the vegan end. I cannot be controlled around cheese; it's impossible for me. So this past weekend. I told my husband I was going to do it. And he said, as long as you do it right this time and eat actual vegetables! He was so supportive. The next day, I talked to my mother-in-law and *she* felt bad about asking me to bring my own food to make sure I was okay, and said she was excited about cooking with me for family dinners (we've just bought a house five minutes from theirs)!

But I know I'll need support; I'll need ideas; I'll need help. I hope that's where you and the vegan blogosphere come in. So many places are vegetarian ,r junk food vegan. Ideally I'd like to transition to low-fat vegan... so, no oil if I can help it.

I'm mostly using SparkPeople as I transition to make sure I'm getting enough protein, monitoring my fat, and calories. I did a mock-up of a sample day from the past month, and compared it to how I'm eating now. Easily 500 calories less, half the fat and protein. I'm hoping to see results quickly; the 20lbs I added and have been carrying just tip my BMI into the overweight zone, my first time being there ever, and I'm not happy about it.

Sorry this is so long. But that's how I find myself here. :)

OH - and does anyone know how to change the forum settings so that old posts are at the top of the thread? I hate having to read 'backward'!

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