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3/1/14 11:04 P

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Hi all,

I've been an on again off again SparkPeople member for a number of years. I've used it to successfully lose weight a number of times only to gain it back again over the next 12-18 months.

Early in 2013 I decided to start again, but this time I added in a new weapon - my treadmill desk. I started in March 2013 and set a goal of walking at least 20 miles per week and a total of 1000 miles by the end of the year. I'm happy to report I reached both goals, walking 1048 miles in 2013 on my treadmill desk. My 20mile/week streak, after I walk couple more miles this evening, will hit 52 consecutive weeks. The desk has helped me lose a nice chunk of weight (~28 lbs) and keep it off for a year - which I believe I can easily continue to do while using the desk.

I'm unable to use a treadmill desk in the office (though I use a standing desk the majority of the day) so my treadmill desk usage is confined to mornings before work, evenings after work, and weekends. I'm definitely a skeptic at heart and NEVER jump on diet trends being a firm believer that it all comes down to calories in/calories out. However I do find myself turning into more and more of a treadmill desk evangelist every day.

Good luck to everyone in the group - I hope you're enjoying your treadmill desk as much as I am. (by the way treadmill desks are not just for work, I also watch movies, play games, etc etc etc all using my treadmill desk setup)


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10/13/13 1:02 P

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Hi everyone,

I have a homemade treadmill desk but am starting to think about a real one, I am looking forward to reading your advice and comments!


7/16/13 2:27 P

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I've been using my homemade treadmill desk on and off for the past year, but at the end of June started getting serious about it. I have now added a large monitor next to the desk and a blue tooth headset so I can walk and participate in meetings at the same time.

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7/29/11 12:15 P

This is my first day using the treadmill desk. Mine isn't the fancy one, it's homemade, but I already love it. I'm not quite used to it yet, but I've had very little trouble adjusting to typing on my laptop while walking slowly. Since, I'm a writer, this is an important skill for me to master. Also, been waiting for that lull to hit me in the middle of the day like it normally does (you know when you can barely stand you're so sleepy) and so far nada. Hope that continues.

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7/9/11 1:48 A

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Hi all, rejoining Spark after a rough couple of years away, brand new to this team and the tread desk. I got a nice Horizon T6 on drastic clearance a couple of years back, very nice sturdy treadmill that will work for running (when I get back there). Just got a TrekDesk for my birthday, LOVE it so far! I have my laptop set up so I can do page layout on a huge book project, and honestly it's nice to be able to surf and walk, and yes, even play the odd video game or catch up on guilty pleasure TV. I'm getting over the soreness of starting again and really feeling good now!


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1/14/11 10:24 A

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I'm excited to find this team! I saw an article about the treadmill desk and it gave me the idea to use my baby notebook computer on my treadmill that I barley used because it was boring. Now I'm doing anywhere from one to two, sometime three hours a day! The computer sits on the book rack and it rarely slides off but I've wanted to do a desk one, can't afford to purchase one of them. My husband is a carpenter so I'm going to show him some of the homemade ones. I love using the computer while tread milling, it's totally saved my fitness end of losing weight!

I have a Precor 9.45 free from a job my husband was on. The people were building an apartment in their basement and asked my husband if he would get rid of the treadmill they did not want it upstairs it was too big. The woman had brought it brand new and barley used it. We were in the process of moving to Florida at the time, I was in Florida and my husband stuck in Connecticut until the house sold and he called and asked if I wanted it, he would bring it down when he made the final trek down with all his tools. So we got an excellent heavy duty treadmill free, oh and a free Bowflex from my brother who did not have room for it anymore. And a couple weeks ago he brought home an upright Precor bike from the hotel he was doing work in, they'd just remodeled the gym and was getting new stuff. The bikes heart rate thing is not working but he'll get it functioning at some point.
So when you walk into my house it looks like a gym to the right with all the equipment but it all faces the TV, which my husband likes to watch while working out and I don't really care how it looks because we are getting healthy and that's more important!

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9/18/10 3:14 P

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I just finished my first hour on my homemade treadmill desk. I'm not opposed to spending the money for the "real deal" but didn't want to until I had tried the concept out.

So far....most everyone, other than my mother, has poked fun at me. But, I refuse to give up!

We recently moved a spare treadmill to the office in hopes that would encourage me and the rest to exercise more. I am a CPA and spend way too many hours a day in a chair. A good chair but still a chair!!!

So, I bought a metal shelf and laid the shelves around the treadmill. Viola...a treadmill desk. It takes a bit to get used to it but I like it! The treadmill is not in my office but in the kitchen so everyone can use it. Now that I know I like it....I'll see how it goes for a couple of weeks and then I'll move to the next level. In my office, keeping the kitchen one for the rest of the office. (There's only 3 of us so it's not a huge deal to only have this one.)

I don't want to overdo it and be miserable and I certainly don't want everyone telling me, haha...I knew it wouldn't work.

Hats off to us!

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7/15/10 3:04 P

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I just started doing this at work this past week. I found several communities online and thought...Hey I can do that!! I didn't want to spend a lot of money to do it and didn't want to change the configuration of my office (too much). Luckily I have a very handy husband who was able to take my measurements (desk, office, treadmill, etc) and together we came up with a very workable solution to my original idea. He built me a two piece platform, 16" in height and we basically took apart my "L" shaped work desk and slid the platform underneath the desk. He then took apart our treadmill that we had at home collecting dust, keeping the display board intact and working, and we slid it under the platform of my desk. TA DA!! A homemade treadmill desk that costs us all of $45.00 in wood, some screws, and some $1.00 cans of spray paint. (I'm going to eventually cover it with carpet when I move to a new office hopefully at the end of this year.) The only thing that I failed to take into account was that my chair was not able to go high enough, even after sitting it on a separate platfom that he made for that, for me to be able to sit and work when I wanted to. So I purchased a leather drafting chair with arms and it should be here in a couple of days. For now I'm enjoying being able to "walk while I work", instead of just sitting all day, not hardly burning nary a calorie and gaining weight liike I have over the past 7 years. My supervisors were very supportive of my idea. Co-workers and subordinates thought I was joking at first and laughed, but the ones who need to lose weight are peeping in several times a day asking how it's going, and not laughing anymore!! My feet are killing me (not used to walking 6.5 miles a day), but I ordered some shoes that I hope will help in that department. I will NOT GIVE UP!!

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6/15/10 10:12 P

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Hi I just set up my treadmill desk!

It took a lot of work to set up between assembly and rearranging my office to get it to fit.

My big worry is my plantar faciattis has been bothering me so I'm worried I won't be able to use it all day long.

I'm also fairly short and I have it on the lowest setting but I'm still worried its too tall to type all day. Maybe I have to figure out a way to attach a keyboard tray.

I'm still excited. I am badly out of shape and really need this.

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5/1/10 11:59 A

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Don't know if I ever introduced myself but I think not since Keith is the only one on this discussion thread! So, here it goes, I discovered your team and thought AhHa! What a great way to do all of my spark computer time and still be healthy and I do do a lot of spark computer time! Plus I can answer my email on my regular computer! We have done some research and are going to make my desk but haven't so far because I have been busy, we were going to buy the desk but it is currently out of stock due to high demand! WooHoo, others are getting healthy too. Ok, back to me, I was able to retire early in life but I am thinking about getting out of retirement to be a health and wellness coach for seniors and people with physical handicaps. I am an artist, hence, my spark name; creating in painting, charcoal, pencil, clay, jewelry, stained glass, fused glass and wood.


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1/28/10 8:42 A

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My name is Keith, I live and work in Scottsdale, AZ, and I recently started using a treadmill desk. I have found it to be a great help in getting the extra pounds off, and I also seem to be more productive while using it! What is your experience with your treadmill desk?

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