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6/10/12 11:40 A

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Hi Steph, welcome to the team.
One thing to look at is whether your weight is a result of your anxiety and depression or is your anxiety & depression a result of your weight. Finding an answer to that could make a big difference.

In the meantime, eating healthier and getting more exercise can help with all of it.

You might be surprised what difference small changes can make. Find a few small things you can change, give yourself a few weeks to get used to them then make a few more. Once you realize you can control those changes, you are likely to start feeling better about yourself and your life.

Even if medication is not for you, counselling may help you get your self back on track with your life.

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6/10/12 6:53 A

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Welcome to the team from SW Florida.


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6/9/12 10:02 P

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I used to chat with you Popeye....wonder why I got away from it. I just might have to check it out again as I've been doing lots' of "up and down-ing" lately. Thanks for the reminder...

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Welcome... good advice Popeye!

Nothing changes unless something changes.

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6/9/12 8:43 P

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Steph - From your post I'm nearly positive that you are not a Mental Health professional. While you say that "medicine is not for you", have you tried counseling?

I'm a Chronic (sometimes Acute) Depressive because of a permanent imbalance in my hormonal system.

I, too, thought I would "work myself out of it", but it didn't happen. Regardless of what I did, I continued to slide. Your sometimes not being able to leave your home is due to agoraphobia, literally a fear of the people on the village square. I personally have never met someone who was able to work their way out of agoraphobia without either medication or counseling. It may happen but I've never seen it and I have been a member of the Depressed community for over 12 years.

I tried to overcome my depression by myself, thinking - no, believing, that I was tough enough and dedicated enough to do it by myself. Heck, I was a strong Type A, a combat veteran and a tough minded guy but ..... It didn't work. Then I tried to do it with natural ingredients like Chamomile Tea and all of the other herbs and plants that are said to help heal depression - that didn't work either. I tried counseling, and it helped me adjust some of my thinking, but it didn't come close to helping me heal.

As a matter of fact, I broke while in a session with my Psychologist/Therapists. I admitted myself into the local "Cuckoo Clock Resort and Spa" for a three day stay. I left 10 weeks later after I was taking the max recommended dose of the most powerful anti-depressant on the market, the maximum recommended dose of the second most powerful drug (when combined with the first), a relatively high dosage of a drug for anxiety and an old drug that was first recognized as being effective back in the 60's - I was prescribed 400mg at bedtime as a non-addictive sleep aid.

Even with all of that, I was back in the hospital less than a year later, but was out in only 6 weeks after an upward adjustment of my anxiety med. 8 months later, same place, same tune, but I was out after only 2 weeks with another upwards adjustment in my anxiety med.

The last hospitalization is now some 7 years in my past. It doesn't mean I don't get depressed enough to affect my activities, because I do. What it does do is allow me to live a somewhat normal life - with a number of restrictions.

I'm one of the six co-founders of the largest team on Spark People - Dealing with Depression. The last time I checked, that six had grown to around 800,000.

I don't think you would take a chance with your health if you had unexplained bleeding, please don't take a chance with your mental health, either.

The current leaders of the DwD team are all currently or formerly listed under the Acute or Chronically depressed. While there is no member of the leadership group that is a mental health professional, they have been providing peer help for about six years now.

I strongly recommend that you visit that team.

Take really good care of your brain - it's the only one you've got.



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6/9/12 7:03 P

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Exercise will help improve your mood. I use the Walk at Home DVDs by Leslie Sansone. As you lose the weight you may notice your clothes hand looser before the scale shows any loss. That is what happened to me. When you start to feel better about yourself you will have the courage to face more people. Take a walk around the block, smile at a total stranger. You would be surprise how many people out there could really use a smile to brighten their day.I couldn't believe how many people lit up like candles when I did that. It was as if they needed someone to know they were there and actually see them. There are a lot of people out there who are struggling with some sort of sadness in their lives. You just might make their day.

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6/9/12 6:57 P

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I have resolved to get my life back on track. This is a very hard thing to do considering I need to lose around 100 lbs while struggling with severe anxiety (sometimes I can't even leave the house) and depression. My life has gotten away from me somehow, but I am determined to get it back! I know it will be hard, but I also know that it will be worth it. I want to heal myself from within with diet and exercise. Not that I am against medication, it's just not for me. Has anyone else gone through this and come out the other side? Tips? Advice? Thanks in advance....

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