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11/13/16 7:04 A

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Thanks for sharing. Wish I knew where I could get my gait analyzed.

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11/12/16 9:09 P

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Glad you're able to enjoy running again! That's interesting about the elliptical helping with knee pain. I'll have to keep that in mind. I haven't had serious knee problems yet, but the left one has starting hurting some in recent weeks.

Where's your knee pain been? Like what part of the knee? Curious because my fiancee, though not a runner, is having trouble with knee pain right on the kneecap anytime she goes up steps or uphill. Her regular doc just immediately told her it was arthritis and acted like there's little to be done. However I heard from a PT that you can't really diagnose arthritis so easily without doing any scans, and it could be a perfectly treatable problem, so I've been on the lookout for things that might help.

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11/7/16 4:44 P

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Wow, what a story!

emoticon to the team.

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11/7/16 1:58 P

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I'm back on track. I ran my first half marathons and full marathon in 2012. I also got plantar fasciitis / fasciosis in my left foot. Then I injured my left knee. Physical Therapy really did help recooperate the knee injury. I thought.

The PF in my left foot disappeared. I restarted with the Galloway method again (my running coach with whom I ran the half marathons and full marathon in 2012 used the Galloway method!). I earned PF in my right foot and an injury to my right knee. I kept running through it until my RN boyfriend pressed me to go to the doctor.

Yup. PT again. My PT (sad when one says "My PT") is a runner, too. We worked through the issues. The knee got better. The PF did not. It did not dissipate with orthotics, a Strassburg sock, massage, stretching, etc).

I realized I was somewhat depressed in January this year about wanting to run and just feeling crappy. I started exercises with the Ankle Foot Maximizer (3-4 week of using it and my PF dissipated - I guess my feet were week and the stretches with the device made a difference).

I found the Sports Performance and Health group at the University of Memphis and went in for a running gait analysis - they're local. I was looking to go to Oregon to Jay DiCharry's lab and was thrilled to find a lab in Memphis!! I went in. I laid out my running history and history of injury on both the left and right knees and the PF in both. The PF was starting to abate when I went in to the SPAHCC at the U of Memphis.

What Dr. Max Paquette found was that I had asymmetry in my gait. The injury history started to make sense when he was looking at how uneven my gait was. At the end of it, he got me back up on the treadmill and made recommendations to change things - stand up straight, shorten your left stride and bend your left knee a bit more. He worked with me until he saw those changes.

He also noted that he and a local Physical Therapist were doing studies on the elliptical trainer for symmetry in running gait. Apparently, they studied a group of cross country runners from a local high school. They found that those who used the elliptical trainer for cross training had a more uniform gait than those who did not.

So, I joined a gym and after 3 weeks of every other day elliptical training, the pain in my right knee began to abate and after a month, it disappeared. I had started using the Galloway 5K app at this point. I was stunned as my PF was gone and my knee pain was mostly non-existent (it would flare if I skipped elliptical training).

Memorial Day weekend rolled around and I ran the Heroes 6K. I felt so good and succumbed to the energy of the crowd that I noticed I was overstriding. It was too late. By the time I reached the end of it, I was mildly limping.

Back to the elliptical. I also started a new job that I have to commute to the work site on Mondays and come home on Fridays. I let myself recuperate on the elliptical and weight training.

About 3 weeks ago, I started using the Galloway app again and started on week 4. I'm using awareness and noticing to help myself avoid another injury. If I feel myself being overzealous, I stop and remember what that does for me.

I adore running. I'm glad to be moving forward again.

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