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6/12/13 6:05 A

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I know when I first switched to run walk I felt as if I were giving something up. It was my ego talking and not the wiser part of me.

Although I can run straight, for many distances, I choose to use run-walk. I am probably one of the slowest runners on this team, but find running lifts my spirit immensely and helps to keep me fit and healthy.

I've used Jeff's training plans for half marathons.
Several of us have also signed up and worked with Jeff through e-coaching.
Many, not me, have heard him speak and even been to some of his retreats.

Have fun.

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6/11/13 4:46 P

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I should have spelled checked my heading, I mean joined. emoticon

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6/11/13 4:13 P

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emoticon to the team! I've run a lot of marathons, and I can tell you that by the end, most people are doing some walking. The question is only whether your walking is planned in a way to help you or unplanned and unhelpful.
I also don't know of a single ultra runner (including the elite runners) who "just runs," and that includes Dean Karnazes. My point here is that there are lots of ways to run. Find the one that you enjoy and that gets you from point A to point B without injury and in good time.


If you're not having fun, then why run?

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6/11/13 4:09 P

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i recognized intellectually that run/walk/run seemed like a good or healthy idea but felt that it was a sign of my ... i dunno, inadequacy. 2 things changed that. One was the incredible runners i met here -- in particular, Catherine, Cindy, SB, Dee and June --- mostly much faster than i'll ever be, & some of them older than me. The second thing was recovering from injuries. 2 of them now ... once probably at least in part from overtraining when i was doing straight running, and the other from a broken kneecap due to being a klutz. both times, it would have taken me much longer to be able to start to run again if i insisted on straight running. it's also clear to me that i'm faster, healthier ... and like others here, i want to run til i'm 100 -- which means getting adequate rest while running.
it might not optimize your feelings of macho-ness, but ... it's a great way to run.

6/11/13 4:05 P

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Welcome! I've trained for both marathons and half marathons using the Galloway method (yes, in that order.)

Initially I thought that switching between running and walking would be disruptive, but it's now second nature.

I never could have run these distances any other way. And as Trillium says, it makes running enjoyable.

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6/11/13 3:57 P

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emoticon To the team. I've used Jeff's plans to train for both Half Marathons and Marathons.

Don't know what to say about the run walk seeming foreign. There does seem to be a feeling that running continuously is a thing of honor. I find the run walk to be comfortable and enjoyable and since I spend a lot of time doing it enjoyment is big.

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6/11/13 3:45 P

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I am new to this team. I am excited about the Jeff Galloway program. I have been running about 8 months and have done a couple of 5k's. I have a slow pace of about 11:30-12:00 minute mile. I getting ready to start the 10k program and after that I plan on going for the marathon program. I am hoping by following his program I can run further and feel stronger. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has completed any of his programs. The idea of running/walking instead of just running seems alien to me but I am going to give it a try. Also I would love to know if anyone else is from the Southern Illinois area.

Don't mistake kindness for weakness

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