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8/5/11 9:07 A

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Steven G
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7/27/11 2:45 P

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Hey FreezinLV. They really want you to all be in shape and that is great. I wish more careers required that. Aside from the obvious that do, like police and firefighters, there are a lot of guys labour, work in trades or even health care who think that just working is enough and get into a lot of trouble with work related injuries. It is too bad though that you have to worry for your livelihood right now, since I know a lot of Americans are struggling. Good luck.

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7/26/11 10:21 A

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Welcome to the team!

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7/26/11 10:14 A

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7/26/11 9:42 A

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I am in the Air Force and currently deployed to an "undisclosed location is southwest asia" and am looking forward to getting my fat butt back in shape and besting my last PT (physical training) test. I joined Spark back in May and did well for about a bit before the fun of the deployment got me (12hr shifts 6 days a week with the same thing every day for eternity, affectionately known as "groundhog day"). Spent the last month and a half eating too much (chow hall here is wicked awesome!). Ended up gaining an additional 10 lbs in one month and obviously pushed my goals back a bit. So, now I'm sitting at 6'3 and about 239 or so at the moment, looking to get to 210/220 before I test this fall. (need under a 35" waist for max points and around 230 I tape just shy of 35")

But I'm up and moving again, got three 3 mile runs in last week and am happy that I didn't completely reset over the last month. So far this week I've started great, started adding strength training again and continuing my aerobic fun.

I have struggled with the PT test since it came out in 2004 and have always been fail/pass/fail/pass/fail (you get the idea!) The new standards are set to where if you score less than a 75 four times in 2 years then you will more than likely be booted from service. I'm currently good, but I am sitting on 3 fails and if I fail it again before December then...boom! out I go...not what I want obviously!

I bumped out an 83.3 last test after 6 mos of mandatory training after a previous fail. Needless to say, I'm tired of bouncing back and forth and fully intend to not only pass my next test in Oct/Nov, but to get a better score than last time. I have all the time in the world here, which is good and bad....mostly bad with the abundant food available...sigh.

At any rate, I look forward to talking to others in the group and staying motivated to get this done and keep going when I'm done with this deployment!

And that's all I have to say about that....for now!

Sorry if this post is work and wrote this over the course of an hour or so lol (stupid work gettin in the way!)

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