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4/23/16 2:09 A

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...neither do many women in the medical profession. I had a young "thing" last week when I had my physical. I asked / mentioned several things related to this "time of life" and she just smiled and said absolutely nothing. (My interpretation: she didn't have a clue!) -- I'm 54.

I had to see 3 docs when I had my first child before I found one that would be helpful with complications in breast feeding. -- One of the 3 was a WOMAN who told me I'd made it all was just in my head. Thanks! Grrr.r.r.r.r.r

And yes, I've added 45 #s in 3 yrs. I would say it's primarily due to a poor response to stress and HORMONES.

I've been working with a community acupuncturist for the past 7 months. Slowly I'm starting to feel better and working better with stress. It's very much a PROCESS to find & maintain health during this age & stage. (I still have monthly cycles--until this year. So far, missed 2, but not consecutive. At least there's a change in the right direction!)

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4/7/16 12:41 P

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Menopause sucks. I've been having hot flashes for years. just recently periods have gotten crazy. I'm now having 2 a month. Heavy cramping. The male Dr that filled in because my regular dr was sick said "Thats normal for a woman of your age." BULLS**T!!! went back and my regular dr. says "You have fibroids. Let's get an ultrasound and figure out what we can do about it." Men just don't get it.

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3/28/16 4:49 P

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I know how you feel i gained 50lbs for no reason .. plus hot flashes and moody. i have finally found something that has helped me its called EstrAval its all natural and i am losing my weight.

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3/17/16 3:22 P

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Welcome you will find support here. There is so much available to you on Sparks. I faithfully use the food tracker. I find great recipes to give me lots of variety in my meal planning. When you hit this stage of life it is more difficult to lose weight, but staying healthy and on top of your game is a winner

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3/13/16 2:51 P

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Hi, welcome to the team. Menopause sure does put a whammy into things doesn't it! It is definitely more challenging to lose weight but it is definitely possible. Building back lost muscle is key, it helps to raise your metabolism. Joining challenges helps with exercise, some people find getting a fitness device like a fit bit or garmin helps. Whatever will remind you and motivate you to move is good.

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3/12/16 9:48 P

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Okay, not just menopause--I've had a lot of stress in my life and I've gained 35 lbs. I think the day when I could lose without a community is gone, so I'm hoping to find tips and support and I offer the same! I've got 30 lbs to lose, stress to shed, and health to gain. I've had success with the Bill Phillips Body for Life/Transformation program, but I wrestle with an aversion to exercise and stress eating. I look forward to "meeting" everyone!

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