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4/2/10 2:11 P

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I would also be interested in hearing what you're doing. Your endocrinologist is a jerk. There are lots of things to try! Doctors tend to think that there's no way you can get the weight off once you're over a hundred pounds overweight. Surgery is a life-changing option. There are women with PCOS who have taken the surgery route, but there are also plenty who haven't. You do what you think is right for you.

Eating low-carb is what worked first and best for me. Without even finding a plan I lost five pounds in the first two weeks I ate low-carb. By low-carb, of course, I don't mean cut out fruits or vegetables--carrots are actually somewhat higher in carbs but they are much better for you than a refined carb like white bread. Don't tell yourself you can never have what you like again--just make sure you take it in moderation. I still have trouble staying away from cake, but I ask myself first if it's worth the carb hit. Usually it's not.

Also, metformin helps a lot of people. The problem is that it also has side effects, so you want to be well-versed in what they are before you make your decision. I'm on 1500mg a day, and when I first started I had a lot of nausea, diarrhea, and general stomach upset, which went away eventually. Make sure to take met with a meal, not before it, or you will probably experience more stomach upset. Also, lots of people I've talked to have a better experience with the extended release version.

Some supplements you might consider are:

Vitamin D (most women with PCOS are low on Vit. D)
Cinnamon (helps regulate blood sugar)
Vitamin B (most women with PCOS have trouble generating d-chiro-inositol, which is derived from B. If you can afford it, buying d-chiro-inositol is better.)

Also, any excercise you can get is going to help you. One of the biggest problems I've seen is the attitude that you can't do enough so it's not worth excercising at all. This isn't true. If all you can do right now is walk across the room, do it. Make sure you do it every day. Set a goal to make it twice a day as soon as you can. Work your way up. Of course this is just an example--you know your level of fitness and what you think would be a reasonable workout. (This particular example is on my mind right now because I have a friend in this circumstance, where she can't walk.)

I absolutely have faith that you can take charge of your life and do what's right for you.

I dream of pants that fit me at my waist *and* my hips in an affordable price range.

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3/22/10 7:52 P

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I'm sorry that you are going thru a rough time right now. I know how frustrating it can be to feel like there is nothing to be done.

Are you taking Metformin or any other insulin sensitizing med right now? If not, did the dr offer it?

What type of plan have you been trying out? Anything specific or just the spark people recommendations?

Right now I am seeing success with keeping my carb grams to around 175 per day or less. I am also taking 1500mg of metformin per day. I started back on the Metformin on July 1st and lost about 13lbs by January 5th just by taking the med and paying more attention to what I was eating. When I added in tracking my carbs around January 6th, after my endo appt, I lost an additional 10lbs in 8 weeks. Right now I have stalled out but I know that I am not working my plan and I need to get back at it again.

Just know that you are not alone and that it might take longer than you like but you should see success if you find your groove.

Good Luck and Hang in there!

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3/17/10 4:35 P

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Hello. I am 34 years old and have been diagnosed with PCOS since I was a teenager. My body is such a wreck right now - not only am a super-morbidly obese, but I have hideous acne, excess hair (which can be controlled somewhat) and am SO depressed over my reflection in the mirror. I have my good days, emotionally, but of course I tend to cope with my sadness with - what else- eating, which we know only makes things worse and feeds the vicious cycle. I am curious how all of YOU have dealt with this condition - - has anything helped more than another? My endorinologist basically threw up his hands as if to say "there's no help for you at this point besides the weight loss surgery route." He couldn't even look me in the face! Needless to say, I am frustrated in Philly today. Thanks for reading!

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