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6/6/12 2:45 A

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As newly diagnosed, I don't have a lot of advice, but would just like to try to encourage you. I don't yet have the answers to all those questions, either. My doctor is starting me with diet and exercise, and it sounds like you have that part down already. She also said the poops with Metformin will stop...I think in about a month. I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't a very long time. (And I did not see you posting from work, no, not me, lol!)
I have made myself a menu, and I am following the carb guidelines I believe to be correct. I know that complex carbs are going to be way better than simple. And my white flour white sugar addiction has to be kicked. Sigh.
Diabetes is serious, but it isn't cancer, and to a large degree can be controlled. I think...
So - keep your chin up, research everything you can about it, and most of all, keep that sense of humor and those awesome workouts!

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6/5/12 7:19 A

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I was diagnoised May 28, 2012 - As I sat in the Endocronologist office waiting to get the results of my blood work. I expected to hear that it was my Thyroid and that is why I couldn't lose weight. But, instead the words that seemed to slowly come out of her mouth were. "Your Pre-diabetic". I think I went deaf from that moment. She continued to talk, but my mind just wandered off in questions like " what does she mean by that? what is she saying? She said the only thing that is stopping me from getting insulin shots are my workouts. ... still nothing was sinking in.

So then when she ask if I was ok. I responded " yea sure". Nothing sank in until I got home.

I started remembering people I know who have passed away from Diabeties.. family members, including my father, my uncle and friends. I became sad. Now it hits me. This isn't or a simple cold , where you can bed rest and chicken soup it.

So, now I started asking questions, joined a diabeties group at the hospital. I have so much to learn. Such as , What should my daily calorie count be? What should my daily carb count be, my daily fat count? my daily sugar count? my daily sodium count? avoid foods with saturated fats and polysaturated fats. Not easy to get these answers. I've beome more and more frustrated. I've been working out for about 1 1/2 hrs a day. I am a wife a mother a martial artist, . This doesn't just affect me , its affects my family too. So I do everything in my knowledgeble and physical power to prevent my pre-diabeties from getting worse and if possible to make it go away.

So I eat right.. at least I think I'm eating right. No white foods, No sugars, I don't even cook with sodium. Drink lots of water. I do light weigths and cardio , lots of cardio.. I get on that humiliating scale and it reads that I have gained another two lbs.. What am I missing ? What am I doing wrong? I feel miserable. They put me on Metformin. First week it was 1 pill 2 times daily, Now its 2 pills 2 times daily. Some slight side effects - Nausea & poopitis.

The doctor also mentioned as she named the medication in a low gentle voice " for the rest of your life" Me being rebelious thought to myself. "No.. I won't let that happen". So... I need as much understanding of this disease as I can possibly absorb.

Oh, Yea, I have extremely high cholesterol & very low Vitamin D 5%..
This from a person doesn't doesn't eat anything fried- or sugars. Go figure.

Well, I'm doing what I should not be doing on the web while at work.. Sssshhh..


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"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
-- Mark Twain

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That was very well written, and it sounds like you are doing a great job with diet and exercise.

I am newly diagnosed, as well, a month or so ago. It is not as progressed as it could be. My doctor wants me to try diet and exercise, first. Due to a couple of reasons, I have decided that Wednesday, June 6, is my official start date for diet, exercise, and finger sticks.

I am fortunate that I did not get to this point a long time ago. I weighed 200 pounds when I started my sedentary job in April of 2002. Over the years, I gained weight until I got to 305. I am just und 300 now.

I have spent several hours over the last couple of days to put together a nutrition plan that I think I can stick with.

I I I I Well, I think I've said "I" a whole bunch, but can't figure out a better way to write this.

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6/4/12 11:19 P

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Hi, I am Stephanie and I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in the hospital after having a hysterectomy 9 weeks ago on Tuesday. Apparently when the nurses took blood for testing and all after surgery, it was high; around 300. By the time that they had realized this, they had already given me about 3 sugar laced IV's. They quickly changed my IV's to one that had a lot less sugar. My doctor who did the surgery told me that was a type 2 diabetic and that he was going to prescribe me a medication called Metformin, once I got out of the hospital. I also had an appointment with my primary care doctor to go over being diagnosed and so forth. This was the time that the dietitians came in to ask me what I would like to eat on the list that was given to me. It was at this time that I figured out how to eat by the portions that were given to me and when I saw the nutritionist a week later, I knew some of the basics.

I was not too surprised by the diagnosis. My mother was a diabetic and had been since I was about five years old. I am currently 41 and I lost my mother two years ago due to complications of diabetes. She also had two sisters who were/are diabetic also and my father is borderline. I also have some relatives that are also diabetic, so it runs in both sides. I was tested a few years ago and that was negative, but I knew that I could become one. Last year, as I was going through treatment for fibroids that ultimately failed and a hysterectomy was the only course; I had some symptoms but I just chalked down to the treatments and the fibroids. I had to go to the bathroom a lot but I chalked that up to the fibroid sitting on my bladder. My eyesight changed but I thought that was due to the shots that I was taken to shrink the fibroids. But I had a feeling but it wasn't until the surgery that it came a reality. While I was in the hospital, i was given information and I watched what I was given to eat so I could continue that once I left the hospital.

At the doctor's appt a week later, she gave me a prescription for a glucose meter and told me to take the Metformin once a day and take my sugar levels once a day. I got the prescription filled and the next day I began taking my blood sugar levels. The day that I left the hospital, my levels had dropped to around 190 and by the time that I started testing my sugars were getting lower still. The first few days I checked, they were around 160 and lower. As the weeks went by with the help of eating good and the Metformin, my sugar levels had dropped to a good level - 130 and lower. The first three weeks I could not really exercise since I had to wear a catheter due to an accidental nicked bladder. But once that came out, I was able to slowly walk outside and build my strength up. My blood sugar levels are pretty good. I am averaging around 89-120. It did get to 84 one day and that was the day, luckily, I had a doctor appt and I was able to tell her that. I was not shaky but I felt hungry and weak, so I ate cereal that had some sugar in it which helped and I made sure that I ate something that day to keep my sugar up. I am exercising daily, when the weather is good. There is a campground next door to us and I walk the campground. I take different routes that sometimes takes me about 25 minutes to walk. I am aiming for walking the whole campground, which is abt a mile and a half or more. When I started taking shots in Feb of 2011, I weighed 176 lbs and at my last weigh in, last week (Last week in May 2012), I weighed 145.

So that is my story.

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