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4/7/10 9:26 P

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Hello Ladies, welcome to the team!
Yes it can be very overwhelming when you first get diagnosed.
When I got diagnosed my doctor gave me a meter and put me on Metformin.
Your doctor may think you can control it by diet and exercise alone.
That's a good thing.
Watch your carb intake, stay away from simple sugars.
I personally don't eat anything white, it works for me.
Do some kind of exercise everyday and drink plenty of water.

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3/12/10 4:48 P

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Welcome. You will want to schedule a dietitian as soon as possible. I eat 3 meals a day + 2 snacks if I chose to. Breakfast: small protein, slice whole wheat bread, 1/4 c. oatmeal with skim milk. Lunch small salad, sandwich turkey or peanut butter. Dinner: a piece of protein, couple vegetables, small starch. The type of starch determines the portion size. For example: rice 1/4 c. I cook 95% of my meals (cooked a lot before the diagnosis so cooking was not a stretch for me). I do use 1-2 t of oil a couple times a day for example, I am going to cook a stir fry tonight for dinner so I will use a little oil there and also use oil and vinegar on my salads. Your nutritionist will help your with measurements, types of foods to eat and a lot of other needed information. Exercise and eat the way you are suppose to and the weight will come off. I weighed 156 in Oct./Nov '09, now I weight 133. Diet and exercise. I too do not take medication. I hope it continues to work. I certainly wish you all the best in getting on board with your new life. Relax and just know it is a journey not just a trip! Learn what are suppose to eat and learn new and fun ways of fixing you food.

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3/12/10 4:28 P

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Hi everyone, I was just diagnosed Type 2 on Wed (3/10/10) and boy am I overwhelmed. Looking for help, advice, support.. anywhere I can !

*DR inst starting me on any meds , wants to try Diet and Exercise. 1st

* no test strips or Meter, and that confused me alittle.. how will I know if the changes I am making are working?
She will retest in 3 months to see where I am at.. but Id like to see progress.

I'm also struggling with food choices.

I am about 50-60 pounds overweight, not active at all. So I knew the changes were needed before the diagnosis, now its Not a Choice, its Needed !

I'm hungry, I feel weak and sort of dizzy.. is that normal when you start making changes? Will I always be hungry or will my body get use to the new food choices? I have been eating.. just not the usual burgers and fries and m&m's. Had yogurt,fruit and fiber cereal for breakfast. a very small roast beef sandwich and greek salad for lunch. Apple for snack, 1/2 bag of smart pop popcorn ( and a few peanut m&m's.. bad I know, but I felt so weird I needed some sugar) So its not like I am starving myself.. but Im so hungry :(

UGH, feel so depressed, discouraged and disgusted with myself for letting it get this way. I dont know if it is hereditary, as I dont know my Bio-Fathers family history

Sorry for so many questions. I'm confused and so much is going through my mind.

Thanks so much,
Crying in my yogurt


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