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12/13/20 5:31 P

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1. My name is Blair
2. I've had 2 strokes
3. Recently diagnosed with diabetes
4. I play sax
5. Love movies
6. Horrible at names
7. I have high functioning anxiety/depression
8. I was married this October
9. I struggle with losing weight
10. I struggle with eating healthy.

-It just makes life interesting-

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5/22/20 1:03 A

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6/16/19 1:00 A

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1 My name is Cheryl
2 Have known I’m diabetic 1 year
3 Need to lose about 40 pounds
4 Dislike chicken
5 Dislike onions
6 Have 2 jobs
7 Have a daughter
8 Have a grandson
9 Have a granddaughter on the way in August
10 Like to read and like to walk

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10/9/17 3:20 P

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1. My name is Diane.
2. I work in sponsored research for a major university.
3. I am currently learning all I can about nutrition and diabetes.
4. I try to limit my carbs to 50 a day, which typically includes those in avocado, nuts, fruits and veggies and the occasional cassava wrap.
5. I love to swim and hike.
6. I love to read.
7. I spend way more time on the Internet than I should!
8. I have been married for 27 years and have a 25 year old son.
9. I live in north San Diego County.
10. I am bracing for the temptations of the upcoming holiday season!

If you're tired of starting over, quit giving up!
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6/30/17 11:02 P

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1) My name is Mike
2) I am a paraeducator for Special Education in Norwalk, IA
3) I have a chauffeur's license
4) I am from Chicago
5) I am married
6) I have one son
7) I have two brothers (2 younger, two older)
8) I have been divorced
9) I love life
10) I am a smart butt.

Change comes from within.

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4/3/17 2:29 P

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1. My name is Debra and I'm 62 years old.
2. I worked as a nurse for 30 years.
3. I had a heart attack in 2013; all arteries in the heart stented.
4. Diagnosed as diabetic on the 20th of last month.
5. I have lived in a number of places but at the moment am back in West Virginia where I grew up, as I have a sister with vascular dementia and another with cancer.
6. I have 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren, and a miniature schnauzer who is my walking buddy.
7. I grew up in a family of 6 sisters(2 now deceased) and a brother. My sisters are a good bit older than my brother and I.
8. After my heart attack, I wanted to go back to work as RN clinical manager in a local nursing home, but was unable to continue working so between the heart and COPD am now considered disabled.
9. I love reading, writing, time in the woods, and learning new things.
10. At this time I am learning everything I can about diabetes, have incorporated exercise and working on weight loss as I'm way overweight. I look forward to seeing you all here in the team.

Building the life I want, one day at a time

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3/10/17 5:10 P

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1. My name is Karen and you can call me Karen
2. I reside in Minneapolis Minnesota. I absolutely love living in Minnesota!
3. I am very close to completing my Master's in Counseling Psychology.
4. One of my most difficult hurdles is to stop living in the past when my knees didn't hurt and I could easily walk and hike to my heart's content.
4 I have osteoarthritis which means I have no cartilage in my knees and when I walk it is bone on bone.
5.I'm not surprised I have diabetes as both my mom and grandmother had it. I would have gotten it sooner, I believe, had I not been so active in my 20's and 30's and 40's.
6. I love gardening and hope I can get back to doing it.
7. I do have a cat who runs and hides when I have a blood sugar induced panic attack.
8. For the past year I haven't felt like myself and am a bit relieved with this diabetes diagnosis because it may explain some of what I have been experiencing.
9. I am very politically active and am afraid of the direction the country is going.
10. I do like carbs and cutting back has been quite the challenge,

If I can dream it I can do it.

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3/10/17 12:40 A

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1. I am a single mom. My daughter is 10.

2. Diabetes runs in my family, so I'm not exactly new to this, but I've never figured out how to count carbs.

3. I've recently gone through a lot of life changes.

4. I've got two kitties. They are my fur babies.

5. I thought I was doing really well losing weight, or was experiencing a miracle until my mom tested my glucose. Then reality set in.

6. My house is a true disaster area, and I feel like it might be impossible to get it all the way cleaned up.

7. I love photography. Especially taking nature photo's. My favorite subject is my daughter though. And she hates it.

8. My favorite food is Kraft Mac and Cheese (I'm seriously mourning the loss of binging on this right now...)

9. I've known for quite a while I need to lose weight and take better care of myself.

10. Most people think I'm about ten years younger than I am based on my appearance.

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10/16/16 10:05 A

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1. My name is Miranda. A lot of my friends call me Mo, and my nickname was Mandy when I was a kid.
2. I have a daughter, Katie Grace, and she's 10 yrs. old. She is my inspiration, my motivation, literally my everything.
3. I love and try my best to serve God with all my heart.
4. I am 34 and engaged to be married for the 1st time in my life. My fiancee, Conrad, is the most wonderful, perfect man in the entire universe. He loves me exactly the way I am, no matter what.
5. I am 6 feet tall, pretty unusual for a female!
6. I live in a very small town, way out in the country, in Tennessee. And I cannot imagine living anywhere else!
7. I am an only chile and my parents, Jason & Rhondale, are the most wonderful parents anyone could have ever asked for. They support me, believe in me, and love me 100%!
8. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
9. I am blessed beyond measure and I thank God everyday for how far He has brought me in my life. Without His grace, I would be nothing.
10. I am more dedicated now than I have ever been in my whole life to get this weight off and actually be healthy. I am determined that my family be stuck with me for a very long time to come.

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8/19/16 12:18 A

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1. my name is Katharine. Please call me kat
2. i am a christian since I was a little girl
3. I am 68 Young
4. I was a widow for 16 years . remarried to a wonderful man soon 9 years
5. i have 3 boys emoticon norfolk terrier and 2 shih tzus
6. I am a vegetarian
7. I too love Yoga and get in my walking as much as possible a day
8. I perter to use the GI Load to fight Diabetics
9 Roy works part time & I am retire each month we go to Payson to camp out .
10 i have 6 grand children and 1 great grand son

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

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8/14/16 1:27 P

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1. My name is Karen.
2. I am a Christian.
3. I live in Ohio.
4. I am a non-traditional college student.
5. I am married.
6. No human children.
7. I love kids.
8. 1 dog - 4 yr. old shih-tzu named Ziggy.
9. I work part-time evenings.
10. I miss yoga, I can't go due to my work schedule.

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Smile and Laugh Every Day!
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7/25/16 6:26 P

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1. My name is Sally June
2. I am married to a sweet man for 9 years.,second marriage,my former husband died of cancer
3. I am a Christian
4. I have a son who has 2 bands of his own and a daughter who is a nurse,5 grandkids.
5. I love Christian music
6. I play in a band at my church
7. I like to knit
8. I like to read my Bible along with Our Daily Bread devotion
9. Yes, I have diabetis, but it is pretty much under control by meds and watching carbs
10.I love to go for water aeorbics!

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6/26/16 9:48 P

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1. My name is Susan (lots of Susans on here I see)
2. I live in Michigan
3. I am a licensed social worker who owns my own private practice counseling business.
4. I've been married for 22 years.
5. I have 3 daughters.
6. I have 3 cats. The oldest is 22. I swear she is never going to die, just to spite me.
7. I usually listen to Christian music, although I am also partial to 80's rock and Alabama.
8. I like to read and sew. I used to really enjoy exercising, but for some reason it doesn't appeal to me right now.
9. I have obstructive sleep apnea, non alcholic fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, barrett's, and high blood pressure.
10. My goals are to lose weight, stop taking all of this medication and manage my conditions through a low carb diet and exercise.
11. I love mexican food and am trying to imagine a life without tortilla chips and flautas.

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6/23/16 10:30 P

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Hi. My name is Loren

I've been married for 18 years.
My husband is my best friend.
I'm in my senior year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (I have 7 more classes to go).
I work for the City of Detroit (22 years).
I have one granddaughter.
I am a Christian.
I like running.
I hate exercising.
I hate being a diabetic.
I need more than 10... emoticon

Redford, MI (EST)

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

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6/8/16 3:54 P

My name is Susan
These are 10 things about me.

1. I was born in Washington D.C. I was raised in Alexandria,Virginia where I still live.
2. I am happily divorced.
3. I retired from teaching in 2015.
4. Before I began my teaching career I was a nurse for many years.
5. I have a dog named Rudy, a rescue Rottweiler. Rudy is the second rescue dog I have adopted. The first was Maggie.
6. I am a avid reader
7. I love country, jazz, and classical music.
8. One day I would like to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg.
9. Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes; not surprising since it runs on both sides of my family. Even so, it is the great unknown and difficult to wrap my head around :(
10. I have recently been introduced to essential oils which is positively changing my life!

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3/19/16 1:55 P

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Hi, I'm Clare
1) I'm English and live in Brighton
2) I like writing lists, but not neccesarily following them...
3) I'm a teacher of very special children
4) But not for much longer as I'm retiring in the summer
5) My next move is writing film scripts!
6) I have a lovely family, although they sometimes spring not-so-good surprises on me...
7) My mum, who now lives with us, has dementia, which I find stressful.
8)I love travelling and want to do loads of it in the future.
9) I have no idea what I'm facing with diabetes. I don't believe it yet.
10) I love swimming, cycling, tennis and wine!

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12/30/15 6:48 P

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hi. I am Patty
1) I grew up on Long Island NY.
2) I live in Boston now
3) I have been a child care provider for over 40 years.
4) I recently bought my first (and only) house.
5) I am married for 24 years
6) I have 3 children of my own, and 2 step children and took in/raised another child.
7) I loved camping with the kids
8) If I win the lottery I plan to buy a house in Ireland...and one on a warm beach somewhere
9) I was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 months ago
10) I am not very consistent with management of my diabetes.

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10/18/15 4:44 P

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Hi, I'm Susan.
1) I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and currently live in Missouri.
2) I have been to England three times.
3) My idea of a great long weekend is to drive to Phoenix, Arizona, and back in four days.
4) My mother is Korean and my dad was half Sicilian
5) My Achilles heel is unsalted pistachio nuts
6) My passion is photography
7) I work in a Section 8/Tax Credit property
8) I have two cats, both tuxedos, who are brothers
9) Besides learning to manage diabetes, I have high blood pressure and arthritis in my right hip.
10) I have recently lost 10% of my starting body weight.

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6/13/15 10:43 P

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Hi there, my name is Barbara and here are 10 things about me,

1. I had a solid black cat for 13 years before she passed away.
2. I am highly allergic to cats.
3. I was on allergy medicines for 13 years.
4. I successfully ran and finished 2 half marathons in my lifetime emoticon
5. I now have a back injury and can run no longer.
6. I speak fluent English, Spanish and a little bit of French.
7. When I graduated high school my family gave me a choice: a convent or the military.
8. My punishment as a child was to kneel on uncooked rice with bare knees before a huge oil painting of Jesus.
9. My parents never showed up to my graduation from bootcamp.
10. I went to bootcamp twice, once as enlisted and once as an officer.

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Change your mind, change your world!

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6/8/15 2:39 P

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Hi everyone.

1. I am Elayne but go by SassySax because I play sax.
2, I am going to be 67 in Sept.
3. I'm very happily married for 35 years.
4. No human kids, but a fur kid feline named Maximus but we call him Max.
5. Love to read.
6. Love classical, jazz and Christian music.
7. I play in an orchestra every Sunday morning to praise God.
8. I'm a licensed amateur ham radio operator and my call sign is N3OMO.
9. I have two brothers and one sister.
10. I love life! I live in Fl. emoticon emoticon

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Elayne from the West coast of Fl.

"Music is the original mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug. Ask your doctor if Music is right for you."

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2/22/15 3:37 P

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1. People call me CJ - Never Jody!
2. I work as a streetcar mechanic
3. My favorite color is purple, closely followed by green
4. I drive a 22 year old truck
5. I was born at Portland International Airport
6. My favorite vacation spot so far is on the Washington coast
7. My least favorite food is liver (blech!)
8. Being of service to others is innately rewarding for me
9. I'm learning to enjoy exercise - really! At half way mark I think I'll learn belly dancing!
10.I own the right to pay the mortgage on a house, repair it and pay rediculous taxes

Oh, and I was Dx'd with diabtes just this month

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2/12/15 3:44 P

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1. My name is Risa
2. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes
3. I was born in Englewood, NJ
4. Grew up in NJ and Japan.
5. I currently live in Minnesota, ended up here for college which I graduated and stayed on afterwards.
6. I have a cat named Jasmine
7. I had a stroke last February and still in process of recovery - not allowed to go back to work or drive yet.
8. I workout daily at my gym which is closeby.
9. Was married and divorced, twice
10. Eager to learn how to control my diabetes... and joined this group!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Central Time Zone

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10/31/14 1:04 A

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My name is Cathy. Please call me Cass.

Ten things about me?

1. I have a kitty named Morphy.
2. I love to read
3. I love to sing
4. I enjoy walking
5. I like puzzles
6. I smoke
7. I am 80 pounds overweight
8. I have a BS in Human Services
9. I love to laugh
10. I love cheeseburgers

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I can die trying or not trying. I will carry on knowing I did my best. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is one of my main goals in life.

1. Eat smaller portions.
2. Eat healthy.
3. Lose at least one pound per week.
4. Plan my menu a week out.
5. Walk daily.
6. Exercise.
7. Track my food.
8. Keep a daily journal.
9. Report my stats on my message board.
10. Enjoy the encouragement of other Sparkers.

1200 - 15

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10/23/14 2:51 P

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1 my name is Mel
2 I'm a mother of a daughter and son
3 I have 5 grandkids, 4 girls, 1 boy
4 I have 2 great grandkids, 1 girl (8 months) and 1 boy (4)
5 I am disabled which causes a few struggles, (excercise is one of them)
6 I love to cook
7 I love to read
8 I love to knit and crochet, many other crafty things, just love to take a medium and et creative
9 I love music, have a yamaha keyboard and love to play
10 I live alone, with my hobbies, I do keep myself busy

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9/26/14 10:52 A

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1. My Name is Francine
2. My friends call me Frank or Frankie
3. I have a 19 year old daughter
4. I have a sister who is actively dying of cancer so it makes me look small or petty when I complain about my newly diagnosed diabetes.
5. I got diabetes because I eat my feelings and I have a lot of them lately (sister dying, ugly divorce).
6. I'm going to make diabetes my B####
7. My new method of dealing with my feelings is the gym, my trainer thinks I'm an animal
8. Looking forward to a slimmer more energetic me
9. Looking forward to an excuse to go clothes shopping at someplace other than Lane Bryant
10. I am the owner of my happiness and health and I will never take either for granted again.

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7/7/14 10:15 A

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1. Not new to type 2 diabetes
2. Depended on drugs to manage my diabetes for 9 years
3. No drugs for the last 2 years, but eating about 50 or fewer grams of carbs a day
3. Restarted my fitness at the YMCA
4. Renovate houses, do a bit of everything myself (framing, plumbing, drywall...)
5. Like dogs
6. I tolerate cats
7. I am the only one in my family with Canadian citizenship and not another citizenship
8. I like mathematics
9. Have battled my weight from a young age
10. Live in a rat free province

Alberta, Canada

All time highest weight : 217 pounds

Starting weight : 195.0 pounds (June 7, 2012)
Final weight : 168.2 pounds (July 23, 2013)

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4/24/14 1:22 A

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3/31/14 4:47 A

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Tis the middle of the night, so why not.

1 Thought I had already answered this when I first joined.

2. Don't know if I can come up with 10 things.

3.I am the Creator & the Creation

4.Humor is my choice

5. I choose not to be cranky, whine, or complain Unless tis that time of the month.

6. I mostly refer to myself as "one" and not "I".

7.Had low blood sugar over half my life.

8. Could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told I had diabetes.

9. Right-handed

10. Eat, shoot a gun, hunt, fish, swing a bat and reach with my left hand.

edit cause I thought of more...hee..hee

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The Wolf Credo:"Respect the elders. Teach the young. Cooperate with the pack. Play when you can. Hunt when you must. Rest in between. Share your affections. Voice your feelings. Leave your mark.

3/12/14 1:40 P

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1. My name is Machelle
2. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes 4 weeks ago
3. I was born in Denver Colorado
4. I spent most of my life in Chicago, IL
5. I currently live in Northern Virginia
6. I have a dog named Daphne
7. I have a cat named Maximus
8. I just celebrated my 20-year anniversary with my company
9. I am huge NFL fan ( Chicago Bears)
10. I am looking for a healthy way to make donuts....I LOVE donuts!

We teach what we know, but we reproduce what we are.

-John Maxwell

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1/25/14 1:28 P

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1. My name is Sandra
2. Born and raised in California
3. I have 2 grown sons
4. I have 1 grandson
5. I have never been in the snow
6. I have been married 44 years
7. DH and I knew each other 2 weeks before we married
8. I have 3 cats
9. I love horror movies ( not the gory kind )
10. I have to lose a lot of weight.

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1/2/14 11:21 A

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1. My name is Sandy
2. I have been married for 14 years
3. I have 2 children 9 and 11 in two weeks
4. I am a cubscout den leader
5. I am vice preseident of the school PTA
6. I teach Sunday school to 2 - 4 year olds
7. I have two dogs and two hamsters
8. I am a paralegal
9. I am a book worm and have been known to read up to 5 books a week
10. I love my life but not my weight!


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12/1/13 1:49 A

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I'm a type-2 diabetic, and was on meds for that for 9 years. In the last year and a half I changed my diet, I'm now a low carb convert. I lost 30 pounds easily and stopped the need for diabetic drugs.

If you send me SPARKMAIL I'll invite you to a low carb spark group.


Alberta, Canada

All time highest weight : 217 pounds

Starting weight : 195.0 pounds (June 7, 2012)
Final weight : 168.2 pounds (July 23, 2013)

 current weight: 178.0 
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11/30/13 11:00 P

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1) My name is Ruth-Ann.
2) I'm 56 yrs old.
3) I've been happily married for going on 32 yrs now!
4) I have 8 children & 3 1/2 grandchildren (one is on the way!)
5) Three are married, One in the Air Force, One in college, One working down south and the two youngest are living home and in high school.
6) We have one dog, a rescued dog, lab/mastiff mix.
7) I did have a very special, precious kitty, who died this last summer.
8) My username is her name, Candy Cane and her picture is on every post!
9) This summer I learned I am pre-diabetic!
10) I have 80 lbs I need to lose.


Little by little, change can be made permanent!
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. -- Winston Churchill
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I'm Possible!

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9/20/13 5:10 P

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1) My name is Christine and I live in Scarborough Ontario

2) I am a 2 time stroke survivor

3) Have driven school bus driver for 29 years

4) I have five grandchildren

5) In April 2014 I will be a great-grandmother

6) I have three dogs 8 months, 3 years and 8 years old

7) In 2012 I lost my ten year old rescue to cancer and in 2013 I lost a puppy to a hit and run driver

8) I love to write poetry

9) I am born in Germany

10) I knit for cancer patients and the homeless


In loving memory of Sally my guinea pig who passed on 28/01/08

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

What a long strange trip it's been... Jerry Garcia

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9/9/13 1:02 P

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1. My name is Kiara but I go by Liz
2. I have 2 children 13 years apart
3. I'm a California girl but not a huge fan of the ocean, I prefer the mountains
4. I decorate cakes but I don't like baking
5. I love photography! I take my camera with me everywhere
6. I'm a single mom
7. I am the oldest of 5 children, I love that I'm my parents first child
8. I love to travel
9. My daughter is my best friend in the whole world
10. My original best friends (before my daughter) are still my best friends and have been for the past 30 years.

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8/8/13 10:24 A

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Hi emoticon

My name is Anna Jean, though my nickname thoughout most of life was Jeannie. I live in a small town on the outskirts of Albany, NY, with a friend who helped me get out of a nasty marriage, and with my two sons, aged 16 and 18.

My sons are the joy of my life....although sometimes exhausting (of course). Both have asperger's / are on the autism spectrum. My older son goes to Crane School of Music / SUNY Potsdam, with viola as his instrument. He's studying to be a music teacher, but he's so obsessed with foreign languages, learning as many as possible, that he may end up ...well....doing any number of things emoticon . My younger son likes music as well and sings---he's working on things like Italian arias emoticon .

We're about to bring home 3 goats we adopted, which will feed my younger son's connection to animals. They're males, just pets, not for food at all.

That's my overview today emoticon


"There's so much beauty around us, but just two eyes to see // Everywhere I go, I'm looking." -- Rich Mullins

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5/26/13 1:39 P

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3/19/13 1:37 P

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1. Fifty will be 51 in April
2. Have three children 2 girls 30 & 26, and a boy 17 he was a premi 1 pound 15oz
3. Married emoticon
5. worked construction now in the office for the past 13 years i am a master plumber
6. i do play XBOX on line
7. i like outdoors love to set on the porch and watch it rain
8. i have a great memory especially for old tv shows and movies
9. i am a great cook and willing to try anything was a veggie head for 6 months
10. will listen to anything and everything on the radio or Pandora
11. my son and i talk history, politics, religion, current events i fell we need to be more informed to be better humans!

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1/24/13 5:55 P

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1. I jut had a birthday on 01/19 and I am 63
2. I was born in Ohio and moved to Colorado in 1975.
3.In 2004, I had a giant brain aneurysm and brain surgery to repair it.
4.After the surgery, my carotid artery dissected and I had a stroke.
5. Good news, I have survived and working to get healthy again.
6. Currently, taking insulin for my diabetes.
7.I love outdoor activities and one of my goals is to be able to walk without a cane.
8. I have been married to Rick for 28 years.
9. We do not have children just a 14 y/o Chihuahua.
10.Love to have fun.

Quit smoking 09/09/05
Lost 50 in 2009.
Under 300 in 2017.

Longmont, Colorado

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid ONLY of standing still."~Chinese Prov

2019 GOALS:
1. Do a Minimum of 10 minutes of Fitness Exercise DAILY and Check-In with 4 Peas in a Pod DAILY!!
2. Continues Healthy eating Habits, this includes eating 5 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables DAILY.
3. Drink 8 glasses of Water Daily
4. Continue Strength Training
5. Lose 31 pounds

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10/21/12 1:45 P

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1. I am 60, Sicilian/Irish/Indian, Catholic
2. I am the single mother of a 37 yr old daughter, Nana to 4 with 1 in the oven.
3. My 1st son-in-law Jay was killed 4/29/05 in Iraq and he was like my son.
4. My new son-in-law Brian is a saint to take on 3 children as his own, but now is dad to 1 of his own and a new one on the way. I love him too!
5. I have lost over 70 lbs 3 x in my life and gained it back, but never have I reached my goal, ever!
6. I had Pancreatitis - almost died, Gallbladder removed, breast tumors removed x2, herniated disc, hysterectomy. Have diverticulosis, had precancerous polyps so aggressive that doc said if I had waited a couple months for my colonoscopy I would have had colon cancer; and now I have diabetes and a fatty liver. Phew! I'm exhausted.
6. I have been unemployed since March 2010. No one seems to want to hire a 60 yr. old nowadays.
7. I was born and raised in CA, but moved to Michigan to be with my widowed daughter.
8. I now live in Virginia because I followed my daughter and new husband out here - can't get a job here either.
9. I cut the umbilical cord of my grandson Warren who was born 2 days after his dad died.
10. I buried my mother this year and last year my youngest brother died.

It all sounds sad, but I have faith that the best is yet to come! I will survive diabetes, et al and live to see my great grandchildren born!

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9/7/12 11:16 P

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1. I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 days ago
2. I didn't have any of the regular symptoms
3. I like shopping and getting my hair and nails done, I hate the color pink, and I ride my own motorcycle.
4. I like anything that goes against a stereotype.
5. The retina in my left eye detached just over a year ago.
6. Recovering from it was hell, but worth it - I REALLY followed the doctor's orders, and as a result my vision is only a little worse than it was before. (I was close to losing partial vision in that eye.)
7. I have never wanted to have kids. (I can remember saying this when I was a little girl.)
8. I have two 18 month-old half Bengal cats (sisters).
9. The cat I had before them had diabetes and needed insulin shots every 12 hours.
10. My husband and I met when my friend married his friend. We got married 23 months later. This summer we celebrated our 16th anniversary.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

I've decided that the stuff falling through the cracks is confetti and I'm having a party! ~Betsy Cańas Garmon

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8/23/12 11:41 P

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7/20/12 3:35 A

1. I am mom to 3 wonderful grown sons
2. and Nana to 2 grandsons and a granddaughter
3. Turning 64 in a couple of weeks
4. Have had many careers: teacher, bank teller, worked with handicapped, worked as an interpreter at a natural disaster sight and in an underground coal mine, education program specialist for a museum & art gallery, owned a cafe in an old church ....
5. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Still there, but have moved around a bit.
6. Always wanted a BFA but got a B.ED because I was a single parent and needed a good job. Loved my years as a teacher. Young people taught me a lot!
7. Don't want to die fat.
8. Gestational diabetic 3 times, officially diagnosed with type 2 on June 29, 2012.
9. Love life, even though it has kicked me in the pants many times over the years. (Makes the mountain peaks even better, I guess.)
10. Married only 7 years, divorced for 36. Like being single. Like my solitude.

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7/15/12 1:52 A

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1. My name is Meri
2. I live in California
3. I am a Paraeducator
4. I am turning 40 in 2 weeks
5. Married to a my high school sweetie
6. I am not a cat person LOL
7. I like to ride my bike
8. I like pink
9. I love pizza too much
10. I am going to Vegas at the end of the month

**~ MeriAngel ~**

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required."

Sir Winston Churchill

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6/3/12 7:27 P

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1. My name is Nancy
2. I love being a mom of three boys
3. I am a martial artist, it is a way of life for me
4. I am 54 years old
5. Married to a wonderful man whom I adore ( he made me write that)
6. I cardio for at least 30 minutes a day - I make time , even if I am exhausted hate it but I do it
7. I lift weights.. just makes me feel good.
8. I have two dogs and two cats.. Yes, I love punishment
9. I love dark chocolate.. and now , I'm not sure if I will ever be able to eat it again
10. I love the new starbucks cookie crumble frap ..thought I would never be able to have it again until I found out , I can have it with soy and sugar free.. Life seems better all of sudden*

5/31/12 7:03 P

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1. My name is Teresa.
2. I am 50 years old.
3. I am married to Tim, eleven years in September.
4. I have three adult children, DD-25, DS-20, DD-18.
5. I was diagnosed with T2 in November 2011. I also have Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Edema, and various other maladies.
6. Due to health related issues, I left my job of 13 years in March of 2012. I am adjusting to my new lifestyle, which is what brought me to Sparkpeople.
7. I am an avid reader.
8. I also love creative writing.
9. I spend far too much time on the computer.
10. I love to cook and try new recipes.

We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong...the amount of work is the same.

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4/9/12 12:01 P

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1. I'm 47
2. I'm the mother of two amazing teens
3. I'm planning to manage this health disaster without medication, if possible
4. I've lost almost 30 of the pounds I gained when injured a few years ago
5. I'm a Realtor
6. I have a Maltese dog who is more like a cat than a dog
7. I am a human sexuality educator and bullying prevention trainer for Youth
8. I am a pantheist-identified Unitarian Universalist
9. I live in northern Colorado and LOVE it here!
10. I will succeed in reversing this diagnosis.

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3/19/12 6:01 P

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1. Single, not even a boyfriend

2. Christian

3. Cashier--1.5 yrs

4. Caregiver--new job--starts next Thursday!!

5. I have a cat

6. I have 1 living brother and 1 brother who has passed on (car accident)

7. I am a knitter

8. I just learned Crochet

9. Diagnosed with Bipolar 10/05

10. Diagnosed with Diabetes 02/12

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2/4/12 5:24 P

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1) I am divorced

2) I have survived two strokes and a carotid endarterectomy

3) I have two daughters, four granddaughters and one grandson

4) I have driven a school bus for 27 years

5) Diagnosed with diabetes in November 2011

6) I have three dogs and a rabbit

7) I lost my youngest brother in March 2010.. have 1 sister and 2 brothers

8) I am studying to be a Veterinary Assistant

9) I love to knit and crochet

10) My front lawn is a huge flower garden with a stone walkway


In loving memory of Sally my guinea pig who passed on 28/01/08

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

What a long strange trip it's been... Jerry Garcia

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1/16/12 11:35 P

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Hi My Name is Lucille, here are 10 things about me:

1. I'm 49 years old, Italian and catholic.

2. I am married to Bill a wonderful husband and father for 26years(JUNE)

3. I live in Rock Hill, South Caroline for 23yrs. We moved from Port Jefferson ], NY.(Long Island)

4. We have 3 grown children. 1st Laura 24 married and pregnant, 2nd Amanda 22 signal and 3rd William 18 and signal.

5. I work part time at an assisted living center most nights. Then about 30 hrs. 3 nights private duty at someones house.

6 .Love to read, crochet and do rubber stamping

7. I sell Mary Kay, and Stampin' Up

8. I am new to SparkPeople and loving it.

9. Hoping to get this diabetes thing under control before grand baby gets here in Augest 2112.

10. Love our Boxer Lab mix 60 lbs. lap dog.

Need to get healthy by August 2012 when our 1st grandchild gets here.

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1/16/12 6:43 A

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I like to take walks with my pooches. I love to read. I like yardwork. I love family and friends. I love to cook. I am in transition career-wise. I hope to work for a non-profit soon. I am optimistic. I am Italian, Irish, and Greek. I love SP!


If the mind mends, the body will follow.

Gluten free is working for me!

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Thomas Edison

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12/11/11 11:56 A

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Hi everyone!
1. My name is Angela :)
2. I am 24 years old
3. I've always been the chubby girl as long as I can remember
4. I work as a registered nurse in the operating room
5. I have two nieces I adore and who keep me young!
6. I have a puppy- Mr. Darcy who is one years old
7. My hobbies include scrapbooking, watching movies, shopping, arts and crafts
8. I'm single
9. I love to sing although I'm bad!
10. I really need to change my ways.. I'm scared because my health is so poor at such a young age.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss

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11/16/11 1:50 P

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Hi Everyone :)

10 things about me

1- i was diagnosed Monday
2- i will be 40 in January on friday the 13th
3- i am getting married in april
4- i live with my fiancé & his 2 children
5- i have 2 Shih Tzus that mean the world to me
6- i would like to loose 80 pounds by 2013
7- i hate cooking but if i want to be healthy i have to do it
8- i still have alot to learn about nutrition & diabetes
9- the color orange makes me happy
10-i am Canadian

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