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7/29/17 1:57 P

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I am not allergic but had blood tests under microscope showing that I am sensitive to many foods. This means I have no known symptoms, but it has caused serious problems with my complete digestive system, it has caused anemia and not from too little iron, there are different kinds of anemia. My body is intolerant to gluten, most nuts, 2 kinds I can eat, milk products except feta cheese not made from milk. I found a store that sells 3 kinds you can taste, 2 have no milk in it.Also pork, foods with lots of acid including tomatoes, I found out that I can eat tomatoes if I cook them slightly, peel them and take out the seeds, the rest of the tomato will not cause problems, many fruits & vegetables I can not eat, also need exact amount of vitamin K daily for my blood thinners to work, blood test 2 times per. week to prove it. Vitamin k1 is potassium vitamin k on some sites is listed as vitamin k 2. I use a better tracker that tracks both. Spark combines the 2 which is no good for anybody. I buy oatmeaL from quaker in a tall container that is not cross contaminated so has no gluten, it is in the regular food isle in supermarkets.

I have pleurisy, 2 types of anemia, macrocytic anemia, Iron deficiency anemia, from blood transfusions with wrong antibodies, causes blood to replace daily instead of 100 days, chronic pneumonia, pleurisy, chronic kidney disease, a partially collapsed lung, low blood pressure & blood clots in both lungs for 3 years. Now formed scar tissue.I am 56 years old. I had cervical cancer 6 years ago, no signs last 4 years as well. I have new blood clots now,2019.I am on P.S.T. time zone.

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6/9/17 8:38 A

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Alana - Oh... that stinks!!! The learning curve at first is so steep! Chocolate bars have a big risk for cross contamination. However, there are SOME out there that should be safe. My dd (who is allergic to milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts) can have Enjoy Life Boom Choco Boom chocolate bars and baking chips. She can eat regular (double and mega) Oreos. Hershey's cocoa powder (for baking) is safe. Also, I believe some hershey bars may be safe. My advice is to find a social media group for peanut / tree nut allergies. Much of the work will already have been done for you in finding safe foods!

Hang in there!

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6/9/17 1:57 A

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I'm waiting for my allergy test that is happening next week. But because my reaction is so extreme (huge welts and my throat swells), I have to be very careful now with what I can and cannot eat. I never had a food allergy before so this is completely new to me. I'm having a miserable time with it because I love nuts and things with nuts. No more Godiva or Lindt chocolate (my little treat to myself - just one square a day).

I guess the biggest adjustment is making everything from scratch. Convenience foods ruined me. I'm also learning how to eat out at restaurants... there are quite a few things I can eat at almost every restaurant BUT it just might not be what I always want to eat, which is the real bummer.

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5/29/17 1:03 P

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Yeah... replacing eggs is tough in baking and usually feels like a science experiment! I'm the same as you and if the recipe has more than 2 eggs, I usually don't attempt it. I use ener-g egg replacer in things like muffins, pancakes, and cookies. I almost always use a Wacky cake recipe for cake - which doesn't even require eggs! For a binder, like in meatballs or the like, I use oatmeal soaked in broth (or rice milk). I've used applesauce in the past. I've also used the baking powder, oil, water mixture in baking, but like ener-g better. I've found that some of my things "bind" better when I mix the flours/grains. (i.e. all purpose flour + quick oats, or buckwheat flour + all purpose flour + quick oats - you get the idea!).

I don't have much advice for wheat free. But, mixing flours/grains may be a big help!

5/26/17 1:22 P

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For eggs, I use EnergG (which works sometimes and not others) and flax eggs or chia eggs. In things like muffins, I can replace eggs/oils with applesauce sometimes. Honestly a lot of times it's a crap shoot. For sure, if I see a recipe that requires more than 2 eggs, I know I'm not going to be able to make it. If you've got a better idea for me, I'd love to hear it. I am also allergic to wheat, and most gluten free baking involves way more than 2 eggs.

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5/21/17 8:25 P

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Hello all - I'm glad to have found this forum! I'm Mom to a 14 year old daughter with multiple ANA food allergies. She's allergic to Milk, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Sesame, and banana. We have NOT introduced fish or shellfish in our house - mostly because I don't like them! To complicate matters, I am sensitive to SOY and legumes. So basically, I don't cook with any of my dd's allergens (although I DO eat milk products myself), nor do we have any eggs or nuts in the house. I will cook with some soy products for my dd, but then I eat something else.

I've been on Sparkpeople since March 7th, with a starting weight of 163. Yesterday, I weighed in at 143.8. My first goal is 140. Then, we'll see from there, since that's the very high end of my BMI range.

My biggest challenge nutrition-wise is getting a variety of protein / fiber sources. Plus, there are certain nutrients that are difficult to get when living on a special diet.

If anyone needs help learning how to sub ingredients in recipes, I'll give it a go! We've got lots of experience at our house!

Be careful... read each and every label... and if you need to carry epis - don't leave home without them!

Looking forward to meeting people here!


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