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The vast majority of the people in the USA do not understand or have knowledge about food intolerances or even food allergies, which is sad because many of them are suffering from that lack of knowledge. Maybe if you can let them know in the kindest, friendliest way that it is your issue and not a reflection on their food choices. Try to project a friendly, happy attitude about your food choices, let drop a few "That looks delicious; I wish I could!" etc. and bring your own food to social events. Other than that, we just cannot control how other people act or behave. There will be those that do understand and do support you.

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You are not alone with these issues. We have been dealing with similar symptoms in our 11 yr old son for several yrs now. They progressed to chronic constipation, severe pain (where he couldn't go to school), migraines and all over body pain. We recently found a GI dr who ran multiple tests and found food allergies. We went to an allergist and he was diagnosed with corn, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. He also ended up having to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. And on Friday he was diagnosed with a disease called EoE or Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is inflammation of the esophagus caused by white blood cells. It is a rare disease, you may want to google it. Hope that this helps. If you have any questions or want to talk just message me if I can help.


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Hey everyone,

Here is my history - Celiac runs in my family, so as a preemptive measure, I decided to go gluten free. About two months into this, my stomach went crazy. I had severe cramping and my bowel movements changed from being regular to, well, almost non existent. This went on for months. My stomach would have severe cramping and sometimes I'd end up in the fetal position unable to move. A few months passed and the summer came, which meant ice cream. I drastically increased my diary intake. With the increased dairy came increased stomach cramping. So, I cut out the dairy. That was difficult, cheese is, ok, was, a huge part of my life. And although I always preferred dark chocolate to milk, finding dark chocolate without dairy was a new mission! However, as my cramping decreased, there would still be major episodes every once in a while. I noticed that every time I had dark chocolate, the next morning I'd be in severe pain, on the verge of tears pain. I figured it had to be soy (soy lecithin in the chocolate!). That was a new mission, thank god for Theo chocolate! It's delicious! (..was delicious). Cutting out the soy seemed to help to, yet there was still something. By this point, people were starting to tell me it was stress and although I wasn't getting frustrated, I was annoyed - this had been going on for a year! So I finally saw a gastroenterologist and got tested for Celiac (eating anything I wanted to for two weeks prior to the test was awful! My stomach hated me and I was so bloated!). It was negative, so I saw a food allergist - now why this took me so long, I don't know. And low and behold, the results!

Gluten (I say gluten, but it was really wheat, buckwheat, barely, and rye - so aka, gluten), dairy, soy, corn, shrimp, crab, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, mustard, and nutmeg.

Yeah, like the world! Soy and corn are in everything! Soy is the big alternative to dairy and corn is to gluten. I don't buy prepackaged foods and almost nothing I buy has a nutrition label on it. Finding out all these allergies definitely solved my stomach pains - for about 6 months. I learned every time I ate chocolate (even the Theo brand), I'd have stomach pain. So I cut out chocolate. That solved everything, again, for a few more months. Now in the past few weeks, something is bothering my stomach again. I have no idea what it is since I eat the same foods over and over again! I thought that it was because I was buying prewashed mixed greens for salad, they were on sale over the organic counterpart, so I bought the regular one. I figured it must be the chemicals they used to wash the greens. What's this, so now, it can't even be safe to eat a salad at get togethers! I also think eggs might be starting to bother me. Great. The allergist did say she was shocked that I wasn't also allergic to oats and eggs, maybe it's starting to catch up to me.

So that's my story!

But I do have a question - coworkers are starting to think that I just don't eat their food, that they think I'm a food snob (ok, that's true), but they think that's the reason I don't eat it. There was a potluck and there was nothing I could eat and they were offended. I told them I couldn't due to allergies, that I already ate, etc, but it didn't bring meaning to anything. I can't even trust meat! Processed meats affect my stomach too! I have to eat organic, grass fed meats. I'm completely ok with this, it does taste better! But again, it seems to offend people! Even meat that doesn't appear as processed (ie, Boar's Head) really is and affects me. How do you let people know that you aren't just not eating their food because you don't think it's good or something? My direct coworkers now, but other people who I work with don't. Eventually they ask why I don't ever eat anything in the break room and I tell them, but they don't get it. They don't KNOW food, let alone REAL food. They know I can't have dairy, but they ask if I can have pizza/ranch dressing/yogurt. They know I can't eat gluten and ask if I can have donuts. They know I can't have corn and ask if I can have soda (ok, this one is acceptable. There is high fructose corn syrup in everything!). It's their lack of understanding of real food that is the problem. It's so annoying.

Sorry for the book, but it's been a long journey!


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