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11/15/12 12:59 P

I'm lactose intolerant as well for the last 8 years, but only became really strict about it the last 3 years (went through my denial period). I use almond or coconut milk. I don't bother with Rice or Soy anymore - I don't like the taste or consistencies and you can do more with the other two I feel. But just my opinion. My new love is this almond coconut blend that you can get in the stores now. Has less saturated fat but still has a creamy texture for certain recipes or cereal.

For a butter substitute I'm using coconut oil or just different oils in general. Also one of the light "butters" is actually made out of soy - the brand is escaping me right now - blue bonnet maybe? just read the labels and you might find one.

I think the biggest "aha" moment was a few years ago when I realize I couldn't have dairy in baked goods either. So no more chocolate, cookies, cakes, certain breads, muffins, etc without looking at the labels or making it myself. Also buffalo sauce has butter in it as do a bunch of other condiments and weird foods that you would never think would have butter in them. Eating out is like a field of land minds because of all the butter that cooks put on everything to make things "pretty". Like "steamed vegetables" are sometimes steamed with butter.

I've been using Diaya "cheese" products as a substitute when I need some melty goodness or something to spread on a cracker.

Be careful with the protein bars that mipcy1 mentioned. It is difficult to find ones that aren't make of whey or don't have a diary product of some kind in them. The Kind bars are ok, and a couple of the luna bars. Be careful with luna though, definitely read the labels and look at the calories. I do little things like using spinach instead of lettuce in salad because spinach has protein. Also I add edamame and chickpeas to my diet.

If you want to visit feel free to message me directly too, always nice to have a list on this message board though to look back to when you need a tip or trick.

Welcome to the team. Sorry this turned into a book!

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11/7/12 6:06 P

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I don't digest soy well, so I've been removing anything with soy from my diet. Protein is also a big concern for me, but I use dairy as a way to supplement. Have you looked into soy or almond milk? I've also heard you can get soy yogurt as well. If you can handle soy, I would definitely look into protein powders. I know you can add them to just about anything. There are also a ton of protein bars out there that you could look into. Some of them are more like a candy bar than a protein bar, but they still give you what you need. I just wish you could get things like that without the soy. Good luck!

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11/7/12 4:46 P

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Hi, and welcome! I, too, am dealing with dairy (lactose) intolerance. There are so many recipes out there--I just found one for pumpkin pie using coconut milk!

As for the protein, if you're ok with nuts, go for it! I have a problem with nuts, so I'm snacking on raw pumpkin seeds--they're great with some dried fruit. Sunflower seeds would also be good. Also, there are nice gourmet sausages out there now, and there's always canned tuna. Don't forget beans/lentils as a protein source. Eggs too. Veggies have protein; it's just a matter of how much. You can also add protein powder (there are wonderful vegan varieties out there) to baked goods, smoothies, and I'm sure lots of other things. I bet if you go to a vegan website they'll list good sources...You may also want to look up how much protein you're actually eating; it may be more than you think.

Good luck, and welcome again!

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11/7/12 3:49 P

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Hi guys! I hope you're all keeping well and feeling inspired this week.

I'm relatively new too the world of allergies - I got diagnosed as dairy intolerant just before the summer. I had been getting hives for about 6 months before that though, so getting down to the root of the problem actually came as a relief!

At first my doctor thought I'd be able to go back on dairy after a break - first of 6 weeks, then of 3 months. That didn't really work out though (any dairy makes me feel quite unwell now) and I'm finally embracing dairy free living.

It's not nearly as bad as I imagined, though I do worry I'm not getting enough protein - I don't eat a huge amount of meat.

This seems to have turned into an essay about me, sorry!! But I would really appreciate any pointers or tips you guys have ;-)

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