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Hi, welcome JAH1234.

CWPRAISINJC1- You’re generous with your telling us the particulars. It sounds like you have an understanding of the ‘what’ for how the weight went up. I wish for you all the hormone and nutritional facts that lead to high energy, weight loss, and comfort.

This is lengthy but I feel the need to share some of what can be learned…
Spark People team discussions can help us understand this gradual decline. The pace of decline is not scary but a summary of gradual loses over time and worsening signs has a common weight gaining tale. The hard working friendly gut bacteria weaken and the losses that once had control and domination over the area die off more than the body wants.

This loss is partly due skipping nutritionally dense meals; to Candida Albicans overgrowth (It is a fungal life that lives in our gut and on moist skin places and steals nutrients like cancer does; and those wonderful often effective broad spectrum antibiotics prescribed by both medical doctors and dentists do kill off the bad guys. But that medicine also takes quality self and some gut friends with it. This sets up an embittered environment for viral fungal and other ‘less friendly’ gut bacterial growth to flourish. This is so wrong! Some doctors remind people to fortify with gut flora supplemental replacements especially during and after a bout of good gut friendly bacteria loss. Some doctors do not mention it.

A diet low in nutrition is a poor longevity habit, takes the body longer to recharge after illness; and reserve supplies in existing cells are borrowed from Peter to pay Paul. A recharge of essential and some additional non-essential nutrients are necessary for full resistance to return; now that the weaken condition fails to meet the new on slot threats; hence the low immune effectiveness, we expect the doctor to fix-it!

Processed foods and redundant habits (eating the same way and the same foods over and over again) do not encourage nutritionally dense colors and varieties of foods. Like junk foods, fried foods, heavy use of sweets cane sugars and fast foods; they can tear down health slowly and quietly while reserves never replenish. You are what you eat and missing out on the required nutritional support will hurt you. Hunger diets harm at a high cost. Allergy avoidances need to be accompanied by food replacement ideas. Get that nutrition in some other form.

I am not a doctor but here are some effective suggestions used:
• The Full Alphabet of Vitamins both water and oil based -especially a daily non-sugared vitamin “C” and good vitamin “E” with high omega fatty acids-and;
• A nice mix of trace minerals (including vanadium, molybdenum and boron and zinc); missing vanadium and molybdenum does cause tooth enamel loss.
• pre-botic natural foods with gut friendly invitations (most popular fermented foods like yogurt, pickled foods like sour kraut or grains) strengthen and rebuild gut bacterial health to colonize friendly gut bacteria for strong immune support for your health, again;
• And probotics (a blend of gut bacteria sold in tablets or capsules) daily can improve your odds. My daily has ten types and the 5 billion ‘live’ gut rechargers are taken with food.

Then with new habits nutritional support and some hormone decline inquiries; doctors can better assist to discover and overcome the mild hidden causes. Most of us go to a doctor for these complex answers and solutions. To get your pluck back, usually a naturopathic approach based on fact work not guesswork will retrain the immune system and construct better cell resistance to those pests for a happy and well rested weight losing body.

Weight gain can be a sign of hormone imbalance and too many high stress habits and thoughts. Rethink your health with facts from many sources including online nutritional exploration then write down your eating habits foods eaten and feelings in a journal to express discomforts and see how the times and places of those discomforts relate; share the lows in terms the doctors can appreciate so the advise given promotes more comfort. Try by preparing for successful health questions at appointments. These steps of enhancing daily practices have worked for other weight challenged gainers and yo-yo dieters. The less common steps set-up power for a new you and weight loss may become a reality when ill health was the average result.

The greatest love story is your own.
If you miss out of life to the fullest; they win.
You are the happiness master of your own mind.
Thought is an active dynamic energy to harmonize and corrolate good.
Clear all paths to love thru forgiveness.
I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
Impatience does not provide the time to learn the lesson;
Awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of a problem;
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Hi! You have gone through the 'ringer'; poor girl!! I am food sensitive to soy, gluten, wheat, eggs, most dairy and yeast. I have leaky gut so I pay the price when I eat the wrong things. I have hypothyroid and adrenal failure and a bad back to boot. lol
Wanna be friends? LOL


This helps me alot when everything seems to be happening at once. God bless you. Cindy

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My health issues started a couple of years ago. I had a very bad case of the flu, a year later I got mono, a couple months after that I got pneumonia. I had my wisdom teeth out and had a horrible reaction to the pain medication two months after having pneumonia. A month and a half after I got my wisdom teeth out, I began having horrible stomach pains. I have many environmental allergies which bother me daily (I take two daily medications and have been getting allergy shots for two years).

My stomach pain journey started in June of 2011. My appetite decreased, I would have horrible stomach pains, and had loose stool or diarrhea daily. I started to workout everyday and I played beach volleyball two times a week. It would be hard not having much to eat all day and then working my body so hard. I also started to gain weight and still can't lose any of it today. I don't like when things get in my way so I tried to suck it up and went off to college. I had many miserable nights, mornings, and classes. I hated being afraid of going to class because of my stomach. I ended up in the ER one night but they doctors pushed it off as "homesick" (which was not true at all).

I couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to get food allergy testing. I found out last November that I am allergic to barley, all of the tree nuts, and sesame. I was told also not to eat wheat, rye, or oats. In order for me to be tested for celiac disease, I would have to wait to get tested. I was too miserable to wait so I decided to stop eating it.

I am very aware of every ingredient in all of the foods I eat. I don't eat out or contaminate my food at home. My journey with eating at school was very hard. There wasn't much in the dining hall I could eat. A lot of gluten free foods have nut or sesame contaminations. I ended up buying most of my food on top of paying two grand for the dining hall. I ate cereal every morning and had toast with peanut butter and banana for dinner.

My stomach episodes decreased to a couple times a week instead of daily, but I had green stool/diarrhea for a couple months. I spent my spring break getting tests done but nothing resulted from it. I had an endoscopy when I was done with school a couple moths ago and I have two hernias (one hiatal and one umbilical) and a slightly inflamed stomach. The hiatal hernia can cause some heart burn but otherwise the doctor wasn't concerned.

I keep gaining weight (despite running a mile or two on a treadmill, biking 10 miles, and lifting several weights), have a lack of energy, and still no appetite. I only get stomach episodes every couple of weeks now, but when I do they are horrible. I am confused and this is making me uncomfortable about my body. I've never had body issues before, but this has all been a lot to handle.

Most people say that they feel like a new person after going gluten free, 8 months in and i'm still waiting for that feeling. I'm looking for gluten free ideas and support as I continue to try to feel better mentally and physically.

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