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7/4/12 3:43 P

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I found some tools for my now that did not fit the easy going quick to lose weight and repair self I once was. It is maddening when the body becomes less able to perform. The doctor had me remove gluten a few years back and I do not regret it.
Here are some other tips that were shared with me…

Attending a Gluten-free support group was effective for my sore feelings and information gathering.

The flush of healthy tissues shrink to fairly okay muscles only and urination becomes more frequent; add more vitamin “E”.

The yuck of gut ache diarrhea must always be accompanied with more water and fluids not less.

The erosion of intestinal lining is very a bad way to miss out on valuable nutrients; usually more gut friendly flora can support better comfort.

And hormones in decline complicate all theses less than sound changes. Be nutrient wise; test for less than enough body creating hormones: testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, HGH, and other general annual reporting categories.

This fact collecting is acquired to ensure the true information not just hype or guesswork on what to add-in or take out. At the naturopathic places a full panel saliva testing can be added to the classic blood work and hair samples (for mineral reserves and heavy metal toxins). The facts may lead to practical solutions instead of additional side effects from drugs that only tease any symptoms and not attempt to control or correct the actual causes.

Many people have benefited by removal of the artificial sweeteners, preservatives. Also, removing man-made additives like artificial thickeners-colors-and flavors and things processed from yeast and carbonation; even for a little while was my first step to IBS repair.

Putting in a few hours each day of no food and drink will give the body time to recharge weak digestive juices between meals; instead of eating sipping or drinking constantly.

A full range of vitamins both essential and some non-essential, minerals (including molybdenum and vanadium) and enzymes help digestion today- repair tiny gut holes- and rebuild a personal medical record file lead to questions for the professionals for personal understanding of the decisions and changes; are all a sound base for deciding ‘what next?’

Professional monitoring the female hormones while using any only natural replacements helped immensely for me. In small natural doses and thyroid and adrenal protections are a must when assisting to find comfort when those bodily functions start to slip and the doctors’ drugs are just not enough or not working. Keeping a written journal of foods medicines bouts of discomfort and logging female cycling and regular habits to share with the doctors and professionals has been wonderful to point out my differences for ‘the me’ I used to be.

The greatest love story is your own.
If you miss out of life to the fullest; they win.
You are the happiness master of your own mind.
Thought is an active dynamic energy to harmonize and corrolate good.
Clear all paths to love thru forgiveness.
I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
Impatience does not provide the time to learn the lesson;
Awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of a problem;
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7/4/12 11:03 A

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Welcome to the team. I hope you figure it all out!

Maybe read up on elimination diets? I haven't looked much into them, but the idea is you cut your diet down to the bare minimum of things that very few people react to and then slowly reintroduce different foods, one at a time, to see which things you react to. At the beginning your system could be in over-drive reacting to evvvverything so it is important to have a period at the beginning where you're eating very very strictly within those non-reactive foods and allow your body to relax.

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7/3/12 4:02 P

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The doctor says maybe gluten sensitivity, maybe IBS, possibly fibro, depression, or maybe just in my head??? Sometimes running to the bathroom, sometimes pain all over, who knows really. I guess I'm trying to find out what I can do to get to the bottom of this problem whatever it may be and feel better. Maybe with reading here I can get there :)

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