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1/30/12 1:06 A

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Hi Rachel. In addition to your Vitamin D levels I would also recommend getting your thyroid function tested (hypothryoid can make you tired, depressed, have a lack of energy and make it difficult to lose weight or even cause you to gain weight. Pregnancy can cause your thyroid to go wacky so if you haven't had it checked since your last baby you should!) and ask your doctor for an A1C test to check your blood sugars because if you really are very much overweight you could have Type 2 diabetes, which could be affecting your body's ability to lose weight. Vitamin D supplements are a good idea for anyone living in Oregon, and Vitamin B complex is good as well for energy. As far as the motivation thing goes, it is really hard. It is a day to day decision that has to be made that your happiness, your health, your self confidence is worth it. I find that the getting to the gym, or starting on a walk is the hardest part. Once I'm out moving around and exercising I feel great.
I have started spending time in the evenings once the kids are in bed looking up healthy recipes. I then plan out my menu for the week and do my grocery shopping based on that. It does take time but I like just looking at my list of meal options for the week and picking one to make and knowing I have all the ingredients already instead of standing in front of the cupboards every night wondering what in the heck to make. I don't plan day by day meals I just make a list of 14 meals (7 lunches and 7 dinners, since our breakfast is cereal or oatmeal) and choose from there.
I grew up with an obese mom. She was very unhappy, depressed. She did not have any friends. She never went anywhere. She stayed home with us and was misreable. She wouldn't go swimming with us, couldn't ride horses or bikes, couldn't swing on the swings or slide down the slide at the park. I remember seeing kids with moms who could do those things and it made me sad and, honestly, angry. I do not want to be that to my kids. I want to be present and I want them to have memories of me doing whatever fun thing it is they want to do.
YOU deserve to make those memories with your kids and they deserve a mom who is happy with herself, can be an example of self confidence and what a strong woman and mother is.
Unfortunately there is no secret to getting motivation. I so wish there was! You have to find it in yourself, as corny as that sounds. And when all else fails, you fake it! You don't have to be happy about being at the gym or eating a salad but you can be proud that you did it and your pride when you see the results will build your motivation.
I'm so sorry I just wrote a novel. I hope some (any part, really) of this helps you. Since you don't have support from family and friends, definitely reach out on here like you've already done and connect with people to encourage you! It will make a big difference! Good luck!!

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1/29/12 7:10 P

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Hi friend
Keep focused and a good attitude. You can do it.
Plan your meals and snacks carefully and healthy and trash all junk in the house. the kids can ahve healthier snacks too.
Include the kids in your fitness actifities. go to their schools and walk with them around the playgrounds or tracks or take them toa college high school track. Good luck.

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1/28/12 7:06 P

Welcome to the Oregon Team,
And yes always take your Vitamin Ds around here. Hugs Rosalyn

Rosalyn Larson I am so happy to be on Maintenance.
It took 2 years but it was worth it. I am going to keep it in a 5#s range up or down. My Promise is I will never ever do that to myself again-----Rosalyn

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1/27/12 5:30 P

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Hi Rachel, Welcome to the Oregon team. The dark and rainy weather does not help that feeling either. No matter what, I encourage you to get outside the house for at least ten minutes every day rain or shine. Also, get on Spark People for ten minutes every day. The rest will start falling in place. Especially if you follow Keith's ideas.

One last thought. If you have not had your vitamin D levels checked by a doctor in the last year, consider doing that. You may be sick rather than just tired and unmotivated.




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1/27/12 3:39 P

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Sit down on Sunday and write yourself a "prescription" for Monday and Tuesday. Include some activity beyond what you now do and set up a two day eating plan that limits calories below what you need at rest.
Spend some time on your eating plan and research to find things you really enjoy that fit within your caloric target. Measure Everything! Record Everything!
When Tuesday evening comes and you realize you're not starving and your wheels aren't falling off - do a plan for the balance of the week. Measure!! Record!!
Be practical on Saturday and write your prescription for the following week. Stop buying food that does not fit your "prescription" when shopping.
Small plans we finish motivate us to do more. Grand plans seldom lead to motivation or success.

It's all good

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1/27/12 2:08 P

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Well My name is Rachel, I am 33 year old mom of 4 and a house wife. I am just wondering how to get all this motivation that everyone has. :-) I have no support from family and friends. I just stay to my self and tend to my family most of the time. I Am very much overweight, and have become unhappy with how I look and feel. But I am MORE then willing to listen to any ideas on how to get started on this incredible journey to get to my weight goal.

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