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6/29/12 11:41 A

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Thank you for all the replies! I have ordered & downloaded Wheat Belly to my Kindle. I'm open to finding out why the no-grain stance, especially if it will have a truly beneficial effect on my health. Thanks again!

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6/29/12 11:30 A

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I have to pitch in my two cents. I agree about the wheat. Kick it for 3 days and you will feel different. If I eat wheat I immediately begin having cravings and my energy pings all over. Kick wheat for longer and the positive effects grow. I know it is hard and I struggle with keeping wheat out of my diet, but it has made such a difference in my health that it is worth it.
Read Wheat Belly and just try it and see for yourself.

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6/29/12 10:47 A

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I eat a ton of raw dairy and eggs and still seem to be getting all the benefits. But for me it's (almost) no grains, sugar and beans, just too high carb/insulin producing to lose weight and keep it off.
You might want to experiment with kicking out just the wheat, which is especially toxic, as the "Wheatbelly" book will explain. I know this seems totally crazy to give up whole wheat, but it's the way that wheat has been genetically changed that has made it a huge problem. At the minimum switch to a more basic form of wheat like Emmer or Einkorn (both available online.)
You can make very good bread using rye flour only and rye-only sour dough. I've also made soda breads with oats that were very tasty.
Having said that, I know that there is a high percentage of people who have trouble losing weight who are gluten-sensitive so it might be a good idea to skip all gluten for at least a month and see what happens.
Hope you find what works for you and feel welcome to ask any questions going as much or as little Paleo as you are ready at any time. emoticon



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6/29/12 10:07 A

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IMHO, the dairy is a personal choice depending on what your body says. But the no-grains is an absolute. Definitely read Wheat Belly to see why. You may be amazed at the change in your health once you nix the grains.

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6/29/12 10:04 A

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I would suggest looking into the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation. They are more along the line that you are talking about....raw dairy and fermented or soaked grains are recommended. If you find that isn't working for you, you can try removing either the grains or dairy and see if that helps!

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6/29/12 9:43 A

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Welcome MOM2 almost a baseball team of kids.

I have changed the tracker to reflect my target macro ratios, but I also ignore it too, so whatever works for you - those are just guidelines.

The reality of Paleo is that it is an n=1 experiment, everybody is different and we each have to find our own sweet spot. Paleo is a framework, some of the authors are OK with legumes, others not, same with dairy, grass-fed raw seems best, but it is really up to each of us to test and find out what works.

It seems for many the benefits that come from a Paleo/Primal style plan is an increase in insulin sensitivity and a lessening of unhealthy insulin spikes. This is partly a function of eating fewer processed carbs (I think there are other systemic changes going on as well).

Sprouted grains are typically considered better than other grains, however, wheat and grains can be problematic.

If you want more information on grains, and wheat specifically, read the book Wheat Belly. The author presents well researched information that explains a lot about why/how wheat interacts with our bodies to make us fatter.

Also, it seems whole wheat flour is worse for us as there are anti-nutrients in the fiber that restrict the bio-availability of other nutrients. Sounds complex, but once you do some reading, it makes sense.

All the best on your journey to being healthier.

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6/29/12 9:28 A

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Hi there! I am a homeschooling, homebirthing, homesteading mom to 8 children and wife to my awesome hubby. My youngest is 3 mo old and the weight has inched up with each child. Adding on about 10lbs for each baby has finally taken it's toll. The scale has exceeded 200 outside of pregnancy and I need to lose it. I have dabbled with whole foods for a while, I tend to approach these things like a hobby and not really embrace it as a lifestyle. I hate exercise, dieting, and being fat...I had to decide which I hated most. I hate dieting the most so I won't do it. I am searching for an approach to eating with which I can truly live. A friend recently gave me a Paleo book and I'm intrigued. We do have a small homestead complete with dairy cows and dairy goats & chickens for eggs & meat...we had pigs but they are now residing in our freezer. It's not realistic for me to cut out dairy but we only use raw, grass-fed. I also soak grains or use sourdough, grind our flour to make bread so cutting out grains is not very realistic...although I do like dabbling with the gluten free stuff but really only b/c I like experimenting & not b/c I want to commit to it. Outside of dairy and grain I could be a happy Paleo camper. I am here to see how others apply this to their lives & lose weight. I would also like to know how you track your nutrition on the nutrition tracker. Do you alter the recommended calorie/fat/carb count or just ignore it?

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