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6/5/12 9:43 A

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Reply is my favorite website

I agree with the others though. Meals are simple-grilled, baked, or sauteed protein/non starchy carbs (i.e. veggies)
I have a couple favorite meals that I eat over and over:
-on Sunday I sautee a big batch of peppers and onions and then a lot of my lunches are lots of lettuce, leftover protein (I have done with steak, chicken or salmon), peppers and onions, salsa from the produce section or fresh (not out of a can) and avocado-FABULOUS!

-a big pile of lettuce topped with paleo chicken or tuna salad-yummm

I kind of alternate those 2 lunches all week and I never get tired of them. Well Fed is an excellent cookbook or go to the Whole 30 website and there's a lot of good things there that are very strict paleo

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6/4/12 9:07 P

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I think Mark's Daily Apple is the best. There are also ones with food lists but since I have been on this a while I have forgotten. If you look in the old General discussion there is a website thread there.

Just think of it as getting back to basics. Meat, eggs, veg, fruit, nuts, maybe a potato here and there. Dairy if you are sure you tolerate it well. Olive and coconut oils, ghee, avocado for healthy fats.

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6/4/12 7:33 P

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Blogs to check out: -- Steve Cooksey, a thriving diabetic who's Primal/Paleo. -- Sarah has lots of good recipes. LOVE her homemade mayo. I normally half it and it keeps about 10 or 11 days in the fridge.
www.marksdailyapplecom -- LOVE the Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies. Only eat one a day, 185 calories a piece. I ran them through the Spark Recipe Calculator. -- Well Fed cookbook blog. -- Good looking recipes. -- Paleo Chocolate Cookies are also here.

I've just purchased several paleo cookbooks, but the only one I've tried so far is Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield. I made the Chili -- As It Should Be for Memorial Weekend over chicken sausages with all the fixings for chili dogs sans the bun. Delish!

The others are correct, don't overwhelm yourself. I like a veggie omelet for breakfast, salad w/a protein for lunch OR egg salad and veggie sticks, a grilled or baked protein with a salad or steamed buttered veggies for dinner.

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6/4/12 1:44 P

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I agree w/ angelia, just keep it simple. I have eggs, bacon and spinach for breakfast. then my other 1 or 2 meals are a piece of meat on the grill and some steamed or sautéed in coconut oil veggies. Easy and good for you.

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6/4/12 12:30 P

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Favorite easy to prepare book~ Well Fed~ She has some amazing recipes on her website as well.
Another favorite is

Just keep it simple. I know that I over thought everything when I first started eating this way. Had time to slow down and realize that I didn't have to make a super fancy meal every single day of the week!!!

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6/4/12 9:44 A

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Howdy everyone! I heard about this from a friend who has been on Paleo for a long time and hasn't complained yet about the food, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've slowly started to get food ready, but need more ideas about recipes.

After gaining a crap load of weight on my anti depressants, I need to lose this weight and get rid of this carb cravings. I've done a google search and got overwhelmed about the number of results that came up.

Does anyone have a top 5 books/sites that get to the nitty gritty of paleo?


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