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7/14/13 2:29 P

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Hi emoticon Jeromie

Welcome to the team. Steroids are hard on our bodies and cause weight gain. That gain is sometimes hard to take back off. Rather than focusing on a scale, you did the next best thing by taking measurements. We've all lost and gained the same 5, 10, 20 pounds or more. Now that you have a starting weight and measurements...stay away from the scale and tape measure for a few weeks. Focus on healthy eating, logging all food...even slip ups and getting some exercise in. Start small, if needed, with 10min a day and gradually increase. You'll see and feel things improving. Then..maybe in a month or even 6 weeks...weigh yourself again and take another set of measurements.

Change up your exercise too. Instead of walking on the tmill, switch to a bike or elliptical. Add some weights. The body gets bored if we do the same routine and we see the weight loss slow down or stop. If you stick with the tmill, try interval training...increase the incline every minute or so to increase intensity. There are articles on SP about interval training.

Above all...just keep working at it. It takes awhile to recover from illness and/or surgery.

And ask your dietician if you are eating enough for the level of activity you are doing. The more we are working out, the more important it is to make sure we are eating enough to fuel our bodies.

Don't give up.... emoticon

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7/13/13 9:30 P

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Welcome Jeromie07! I think most of us came here after something else just wasn't working, or working enough. I joined a few months ago and was doing really well at first. But it seems I tweaked my back and my side muscles. My back is fine now, but still dealing with the side muscles. So that has limited my exercise, and I had backed off of most exercise until I saw the dr yesterday as I thought it might be my gallbladder stones acting up. But it's not and I got the green light to start practicing for my first 5K in a couple of months. I had lost over 8 lbs at the beginning, but then hit a plateau as I wasn't exercising as much any more and started eating stuff that wasn't so good for me especially last week as we had company from out of state with us. Previous I had only tried to eat healthier and cut my portions and tried to exercise more, but I would always lose the weight and the start to back slide and gain it all back and then some. This was the first time I tried counting calories and it was a real eye opener to exactly what I was eating and how much of it I really should have been eating compared to what I was actually eating. Especially with a lot of the restaurants serving really big portions now. And I noticed how low my fiber, and vitamin, and mineral intake was if I didn't try to add supplements for them. I think that you will really like the site and the different groups in here. Everyone is very friendly, encouraging and helpful. There are a lot of really helpful videos for exercise, food and all kinds of info in here. I was also learning that you needed to have strength training exercises not just cardio, because as you lose the fat you also lose some muscle too, so you have to work to replace it. That was what I was trying to do when I tweaked myself. So do strength training but be very care full not to hurt yourself, or else you end up side lined in the strength training. And now I know because I am side lined in it and I am at a plateau, I probably need to not eat back as much of the calories that I am burning from my walking, jogging, running and maybe I can get off this plateau. And I need to get back to being serious with my food choices too. I think it is okay to spurge a little here and there, but I was doing it for far too long and too often for a while there. Well sorry for rambling on there, Welcome and have fun while you are getting yourself fit again.

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7/13/13 7:24 P

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Hello everyone, just a short message to introduce myself. I have been a Weight Watcher member for 7 years and re-joined then to loose 15-20 lbs. I have successfully lost and re-gained 5 lbs in 7 years along with 4 surgeries and 4 bouts of steroids. I only started exercising after I retired in June 2012, beginning exercising on Sept 10, 12 . I have faithfully walked/ran, high intensity running and varying programs on the treadmill Mon-Fri 40 min, completing 2-3 miles a day and walking approx. 12,000-19,000 steps a day (treadmill included). I eat 22 of my 26 points plus a day never using my extra points and only on occasion using a few activity points. (Over the 7 years I have played with my points and this is what worked the best) So on Wed. after my weigh in I gained yet again and decided to re-due my measurements since 1/1/12 and much to my disappointment gained 2 inches in my waist, 1 inch in my thigh and everything else remained the same. So, here I am trying to figure where I failed and where to go from here. I apologize for dumping this as I introduce myself but I am broken and frustrated and would rather be open and honest than act phony. My goal is to fit into my clothes in my closet which is about 10-15 lbs. I don't set goals because I don't meet them and it only frustrates me more because on paper it looks like I should. I faithfully go to the meetings and faithfully journal every bite and faithfully exercise and NOTHING!!! No results. I saw a dietician and he can't explain it, other that to exercise more. I could use the encouragement, suggestions, advice or anything else that might help. I did punish myself and did Insanity workout 1, and think I will never physically be the same, WOW what an insane workout! I will try it again on Monday, Wed. and Friday to see if that works. I am hopeful, that is it hopeful, not sure where or what my hope lies in next but there has got to be a way for a willing person like me. I have joined this site because it breaks down the food I eat so that I might be able to see if I consume more in one area than another. Thank you so much.

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