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4/11/09 3:30 A

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the ADAs recomended deal for those with type 2 diabetes is no more then 150g of carbs a day (with snacks making up no more then 15g of carbs eat sitting)

But it does change from diabetic to diabetic for what works for them .. my mom and I both have 200g to 300g of carbs a day as our deal and my mom's been diabetic type 2 for over 25 years now and always 100% diet controled no drugs or insulin has ever been needed.

As always with a diabetic it is best to talk with a diabetic dietiton and work with him/her to set up a plan that will adapt and work for you.

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4/10/09 10:43 A

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It is really easy to track your carbs on the nutrition tracker. The amount of carbs you need is actually based on your overall calorie intake. My dietitian recommnds 3 carb serving (15 g each). And if you have high mornig sugars you might need to eat a bedtime snack with some carbs & protein so your liver doesn't pump out extra glucose over night causing your am sugar to be higher. Good luck

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4/10/09 5:11 A

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hi there!! this is a good place to come to. i was diagnosed w/type II diabetes about 7 years ago and i was so mad i stayed in denial for about 5 months which was stupid cuz that got me nowhere faster than fast. i was on 2 meds for a long time w/not good control so i went on insulin. it's ok now by using insulin & watching my carbs. when i first got off the denial bus i went to see a nutritionist at the hospital where i live. a good rule of thumb they told me was to try and not go over 33 grams of carbs per meal. so really watching the labels helps & 33 grams is actually a lot of carbs for a meal, ya know, like a medium sized baked potato is like 12 i think. i can't remember, but if you try & stick w/the 33 grams of carbs per meal, you should do well. also there is a website that has tons of free materials & it is all free shipping too. i will try to find the website for you, it's awesome how much stuff they have and it's all free. i stumbled upon it by accident, but i will try hard to find it for you. also, if you look up online the diabetic food pyramid, that's the best one in the world to go by. it lists all the food groups and the portions perfectly to fit the diabetic. i hope this helps, and i will search right now for that website. best of luck & God bless you & your wife. emoticon emoticon

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4/10/09 2:41 A

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Hi there. I'm a 27yo male, and I was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes. My wife and I have been trying to eat healthy and lose weight for some time... finding out about the diabetes has really hit it home for me that I have to take that goal much more seriously. My wife (SylverR0th) has been on SP for a long while, and we're both joining this team to learn more about how to deal with and beat this disease.

Tomorrow I'm starting medication to try and get my blood sugar under control. I have to find a new PCP and have a few more blood tests done. My wife has added Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose to my nutrition tracker so we can keep an eye on how much I am taking in. I'll be asking my doctor how much he suggests, but until I see him again, does anyone have a suggestion on how to determine the ranges for them? I appreciate any thoughts on it... Sylver and I will be spending the next few days looking at ways to keep this under control.

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