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hi Gracie!! i do experience the same thing as you when my bs is too low. i am 45 from Washington. my blood sugars are usually so high that i do 180 units of insulin twice a day but i was doing it too close together and wasn't eating quick enough after doing the insulin, (go figure!!) so my bs would drop to about 60 or 70 also and that was when i felt like i could pass out. i would get so shaky i could barely walk into the kitchen to get something to eat. now, i have orange juice in the fridge all time and when it gets too low i just down a glass of that. i also keep one in the fridge at work because i do my insulin right before work and sometimes it's just too busy for me to eat w/in the 30 minutes that i'm suppose to. and i don't know why but insulin makes you gain weight too. how come something that would be helped so much with weight loss makes us gain weight. it's beyond me. i personally can't stand the taste of regular soda so i would only do that if it were an emergency and candy doesn't help as quickly as the orange juice does. so maybe give that a try? i hope that helps a little. God bless sister. :0) emoticon

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I am 42 year old from WI. I have type II diabetes and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately many of the BP meds cause weight gain which in turn raises my BSs. I had been seeing and endocrinologist who is the head of the diabetes clinic at the UW Hospital and Clinics. I was diagnosed around age 30 and have dealt with this illness for almost 12 years. I was doing well two years ago after losing 78lbs and she reduced my meds drastically and referred me back to my fam doc because there clinic was just being bombarded and she said if I need to come back to her practice if I declined I would be welcome. Until this fall/winter I had done very well. Then because of a fluke I had a A1c done in Nov. and my numbers and jumped up by around a point and then because I had a pre-op physical for sinus surgery the ENT nurse practitioner also ordered an A1c and in less than three weeks it had gone up again by about three tenths of a point. So when I had to visit my family practice doc for follow up of an injury (sprained ankle) she wasn't available so I saw her nurse practitioner and I asked about my higher A1c and the fact that my sugars were running quite high for me and they were irregular and she just kind of blew me off because it was still good at 6.1. I personally am rather attached to my previous A1c results being in the 5.4 to 5.6 range. I was a little over sensative and was distraut when I saw my CDE (she's a dietitian and I have seen her for years.) She agreed with me that I should get back into the diabetes team. She got me an appt with the head nurse within two weeks and she did an assestment and felt I needed to see my endocrine doc and her fellow because of the diabetes combined with hypothyriod and some of the meds I take for bipolar an raise BS levels and cause weight gain which of course as its own impact of BSs. She but me back on 5mgs of glipizide to my already blossoming med list. It helped with day time sugars but I was continuing to experience high FBSs. So I talked my fam doc to increase it to 5mgs twice a day. And that has pretty much improved the problem. It has helped to utilize the nutrition tracker and see where my strengths as well as weakness are. With NT I am much more likely to consume a better balance of food groups. I have lost weight doing exactly as my CDE had been gently suggesting for several years. I tended to be the person who usually didn't consume enough kcals to maintain any metabolism and then when I would eat more it was too much more and because I kept up the feast & famine cycle my body had a really hard time setting up a basil metabolism rate. This really made weight loss incombination with meds extremely hard to achieve. I am trying to stay between 1400 to 1800 calorie range and since I've started using the NT regularly it has made a difference and I feel satisfied with my range. I did gain some weight last month because I was in the hospital on a 2200 calorie diet. I guess that was because they felt I need that many calories to fight off the raging infection. As I mentioned I did gain some weight but my sugars were so good she tried to only have my BS checked 2x per day but I explained the diabetes team wants it checked four times a day. So the nurse just did it when I asked and typed in some stupid reason they felt it should be checked at that time. Yeah nurses who take into account what your regimine is at home and try to recreate that at the hospital. Now at this point I am still having some fluctuations but I usually can link them to what I ate or didn't eat.

I do not have good warning signs of LBS. Yes I am aware of what they are but I just don't experience them until I'm into the mid to upper sixties. Does anyone else have a similar problem. I honest think I am pretty in tune with my body-I just don't have the symptoms or signs that signal me until it is too low.
I was also wondering how people treat LBSs. My CDE suggest caring three pieces of hard candy but I'm not so keen on that plan. I have used the single serving size boxes of raisins but I am not sure I need the whole box because then it seems to spike and I have in a dire emergency drank regular soda but that didn't maintain the level. I would be interest in other things to try-suggestions emoticon . Thanks to all who started this team it looks like a great team to be on emoticon

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