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2/17/09 9:04 A

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I've been reading all the entries to this forum (there weren't that many -- 4 I think). I used to have the same problem of uncontrolled eating before I began to lose my weight (98 pounds now). I realized several things. First of all, it is a habit. Second of all it is a momentary comfort replaced by a lot of guilt. And last, but least for most of us, it is fuel for our bodies. This is a triple whammy to break. We need to break the first two and see food as fuel for our bodies, and then and only then can we lose weight.
In order to break the habit we need to replace the hand to motion with something other than food. Try taking up knitting or crocheting -- anything to keep your hands too busy to reach for foods. If your fingers are manipulating two or three needles at a time they can't very well be reaching for potato chips and dip. Scrapbooking is popular now. Any hobby where food would not be appropriate would be great. Spending time at the computer would also be great because you shouldn't eat while on the computer. Get the idea? If you eat while watching tv -- stop watching tv.
Comfort food is harder to deal with. We use food when we are sad and when we are glad. Rule of thumb there -- don't eat alone! A person tends to eat less in front of someone else. Get an accountability partner either in person or on Sparks. Put your "comfort food" on smaller plates and you'll feel just as full because you'll feel as though you've gotten a full portion. Use all the tricks of the trade to trick yourself into food control. The tricks work.
Eventually you will find that food is truly fuel for your body. That doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable. It does mean that you'll find that there are certain foods that just make you feel better and work better and play better. These are the foods that you'll want to eat. When you use food as fuel, you'll begin to lose the weight.
The weight loss won't happen over night, but the mindset can. It really is up to you. There is help out there for you. It's called Sparks People. We're all going through what you are or have been where you are.
98 pounds ago I ate everything in sight, took three shots of insulin a day, was on high cholesterol medication and high blood pressure medication. Now I'm 98 pounds lighter and I choose what I eat. I take NO diabetes medication, no cholesterol medication and no high blood pressure medication. I feel much better about my food choices and much better about my health. My A1C was 5.2, my total cholesterol was 176 and my blood pressure runs 110/70. If I can do it, so can you. I'm not special -- I was just determined.
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2/7/09 11:10 A

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I also have an absolute addiction to food
i live alone and it is so easy to just sit and eat in front of the tv
need some motivation emoticon

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12/13/08 8:41 P

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Hi everyone,
I'm Tiki and a type 2 diabetic. I have begun making some changes but this is not easy. I am always thinking of food. I always feel hungry. Any and all suggestions on getting the hunger under control is welcomed. Also I need to lose about 80 pounds and looking for new ways to eat healthier.

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12/12/08 1:42 P

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I eat everything but in moderation. There is a world out there that does not cater to us wanting to lose weight. So, I eat regular food with smaller portions. I use the 100 calorie packs and chew alot of extra sugarfree gum for the cravings. But don't limit yourself so much that you will go out of control and eat everything in sight. Have a little to satisfy yourself. Good luck! And even if you fall off the wagon, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on it. Remember that you CAN do this and you ARE worth it! One day at a time!


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11/20/08 4:31 P

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iam a type 2---iam out of control----weight and i hate exersixe---iam in love with food--- no contol---please help---any body---i need to lose 80 pounds---thanks----123shank----ps---all i do is eat --then fall a sleep after eating--i feel slow all day-----please help

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