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3/3/14 12:35 P

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I think it's fair to say results will vary from person to person based on a ton of factors. (Age, fitness level, nutrition while doing the program ect) I would NEVER look at an infomercial and think those results are typical for any product not just bb. They are trying to sell something so of course they are trying to put their best foot forward so to speak. That being said I fully believe that if you stick with the program through the end you will see some great results. It also depends on where you were at physically before hand will someone who was at 140 when they started look the same/have the same results as someone who started at 190 of course not. As far as calories go I am a big believer in clean eating. To me as long as your eating fresh whole foods there is no reason to track calories I eat every 2-3 hours or when I'm hungry I eat lean proteins, leafy greens, whole grains ect and am still losing weight. If you need to log your calories to stay on track, that's totally fine but I would not limit yourself to just that one number if your feeling extra hungry or you're low on your calories for the day have another snack! Make it a healthy one but still eat! As long as your making healthy choices there really is no need to walk around feeling hungry!

If you still have questions feel free to message me I haven't done the 10 minute toners but I have done T25 (not all the way through emoticon wasn't a huge fan and quit lol) Chalean Extreme, Turbo fire and am currently doing 21 day fix :)

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2/28/14 4:14 P

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I, too, was in awe of the different program results I was seeing until I started reading the fine print. I saw that more times than not, the fitness programs (CHX, T25, etc.) were completed with more than 1 Round, in order to achieve the results I was seeing. But, it also depends on your age, your fitness ability, your diet and how dedicated you are to the program. I'm sure there are some people out there that CAN achieve those results from just one round. I started my first round of T25 back in December and started ChaLEAN after that. Personally, I prefer T25 as it makes me feel better after I workout. I'm sure the cardio makes a big difference. I will go back to CHX at some point.

I am on Round 2 of Focus T25 and although I am seeing great results, I am no where near where I want to be. Also, I am 61 years old and mostly follow Tania and her "modified" version. I plan on giving myself up to a year to reach my goal. I let myself get completely out of shape over the years and also need to learn how to control my food portions. I figure it will take me at least that long to reach my goals.

That's my 2 cents...Good Luck!

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2/28/14 10:51 A

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Okay first off, 1300 is very low for a strength training routine. I would put that aside right now! Anytime you're doing a strength training routine, you need to give your body calories/energy so it can build that muscle! Your best course of action is to figure out your TDEE and subtract 500 calories from it, that will give YOU what you need to lose weight. Here is a great website that you can plug in your numbers and get what you need from them.
.There is no magic formula it is very individual. Never eat below your BMR that will put your body into starvation mode.

Second, the infomercials show very untypical results, as it discloses in the commercial. Don't compare what you're doing to what others are doing/have done. They honestly do that to sell the product. You will get out of this program what you put into it. If you work hard, lift heavy, eat a good diet with enough calories and track what you're eating, you will see resultss guaranteed. Don't make yourself crazy over the diet, use it as a guideline but if you want cream in your coffee, have cream in your coffee! emoticon I can't drink my coffee without. Have fun with it, track your food, plan your meals but don't get to rigid. Make sure you'er eating in a way that is sustainable to you. The best thing to do is ask yourself "can I eat this way forever and still be happy?" if the answer is yes then you're on the right track if you're finding yourself very hungry and unhappy you will inevitably "fall off the wagon" if you know what I mean? It is about creating a sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle. Does that make sense?


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2/28/14 9:05 A

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Hi I just started CLX tomorrow I will have completed my first week!! So far I absolutely LOVE this!! My arms are really sore. When I complete the heavy lifting days I always worry that I didn't lift heavy enough. I have had to stop a couple of times mid way through a routine and switch to a lighter weight as the one I had was too heavy. Has anyone ever had this happen? Also I love Beachbody products. I have done taebo and turbo jam in the past and when researching CLX I found the best reviews to be on sites like this one in forums where people are asking other people if they've tried it. So far I haven't found any that didn't say they saw change. If anything what I read in the negative (If you want to call it that) were people not completing the program for one reason or another. If you have completed the program do you really see definition in your arms, abs, you see on tv or is that a result of completing several BB programs not just CLX? The reason I ask this is because I saw an infomercial this morning on 10 min trainer and the before and after were amazing!! I don't know I haven't tried it but I'm skeptical about the tremendous transformations these test people had only working out 10 mins a day!! Anyway.....I also am following the CLX diet program I figure I might as well since it was created for the workout. When she lists what you can drink she listed coffee and tea is fine but no cream!! That is the only thing I am NOT following on the diet. I drink my coffee with 1 truvia or pure via sweetner and a little dairy free creamer (I am lactose intolerant) and a little sugar free or fat free creamer as well. I don't know why she says no cream in the coffee but its those little things that make us feel like we aren't dieting or changing our lifestyle sooo much. As a mom I enjoy my morning cup of coffee in the peace and quiet while the kids are still sleeping even if I have to get up at the crack of dawn to do it it is my time to myself!! Do you think that's ok? last thing....I am planning out my meals weekly so that I have a plan and can prepare things ahead of time because if not to me that's when you fall off the wagon of healthy eating and grab what's fast because you don't have time to prepare anything. At my height and weight I am supposed to be eating 1300 cal a day according to the plan but a lot of times when I add up my daily intake its more like 1125 or so....on those days do you think it would be ok to have an extra snack? On one of her dvd's she talks about her favorite snack of sf jello mixed with sf jello pudding and some strawberries and cool whip. She says that's about 100 cal do you think on those lower days it would be ok to add that in? sorry this is soooo long......thanks

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