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Wedding story...hrmmmm...let's see....First we ran away and eloped. Then a few months later we married in a church. Our reception was in a bar. Hubby's cousin's band played. A good time was enjoyed by all. :) Most of the guests have passed on now. It was almost 40 years ago. :)

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Zebramom, My mother tried to make my wedding hers too. See made sure she was the center of attention. Aside from that it was a beautiful wedding. We married in the Lutheran church I grew up in. It was a Saturday evening and you could feel God's presence there. The most memorable part was when the preach asked if there was an objection. There was dead silence except for the pouring rain being heard on the roof. Then he state, "What God has joined together let no man pull apart." Then came the big roar of thunder and I could feel God inside. As if he was letting everyone know that he was there and approved. It will also be 20 years ago in August. Boy how time flies. It's hard to beleive that I have 2 grown kids now.

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5/25/09 7:32 P

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My wedding story

My wedding was wonderful - despite my mother trying to make it her wedding. I was living in TX and we were getting married in WI. (see my engagement story)

Neither one of us were church members at the time and the backgrounds we had were quite different (me Catholic - him Baptist) we ended up being married by a wonderful Lutheran minister. We had an outdoor ceremony in the trees behind our reception hall. The trees were planted in rows, so there were natural aisles, and had been planted 21 years before our wedding. I turned 21 two weeks after our wedding, and ours is the only wedding ever held there.

We got married on a Friday afternoon, and the morning of the wedding it rained like a hurricane. It cleared up by the end of the morning and we were able to have our outdoor ceremony. I walked down the aisle to "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis, which was my husband's only request for our wedding.

Our 20th anniversary will be this upcoming August. I was hoping to be back in my wedding dress by then, but it's not going to happen.

We've been through some very hard times, but have made it through everything.

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Our wedding day was BUSY! I am 3 months older than my husband and wanted us to be the same age at the wedding. He wanted to be out of High School and wanted to his grandfather to perform the wedding. Being that his grandparents were coming from Florida the only time we could satisfy all three requirements was the weekend of his graduation! So, June 1, 1996 he graduated at 9am and we got married at 3pm! On June 6th I turned 18! When I went to the license branch to have my name changed he decided to change his address on his. They wouldn't let him because he was not 18 yet... but since I had the marriage certificate with me and I was over 18 they let me sign for him! So for the first 3 months we were married I had custody of him!
The only 2 songs I remember from the wedding were "Keeper of the Stars" and "The Rose". Everyone cried (even the groom) except for me... and that was only because I was afraid that my mascara would run!

Hi, I'm Amanda!

Team leader of Emmaus Reunion, a team for people that have attended a version of the Emmaus walk (Chrysalis, Great Banquet, etc...) or are interested in it.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come" 2Corinthians 5:17

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4/4/09 10:25 A

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My husband and I married June 16 2004. We had been together for 4 1/2 years and I had been ill not knowing what was wrong and not having insurance to go to the doctor turned to him and said do you want to get married on Wednesday. He said yes we went to the courthouse and got married with my parents as witnesses. I always ask him why did we get married in the summer knowing everywhere we go the prices will be high because it is peak season for everyone. lol!

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My Wedding Day....
We woke up one morning, November 12, 1992 and decided to get married. I guess that was the engagement. Well, we both called in sick to work and went to the mall. We bought inexpensive matching bands, went down to City Hall, got a marriage license, visited the Justice of the Peace, waved to some guy across the room who was our witness, said our vows, left and went to the movies. After the movies we shared a banana split at the small ice cream shack across the street. Then we drove back to the small town we were living in and told our parents.

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We were married on July 7, 2007. Yeah 7-7-07, in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Our nuptials took place right on the beach. We said our vows before our party and GOD, jumped the broom and began our life together.

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3/11/09 2:00 P

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Our wedding was on August 14th 2004... Just a beautiful day! It really went without a hitch... We got married at my childhood church- same church that my parents were married at.

We had a wedding theme... it was "Love is a Treasure." It was based on the verse Matthew 6:21 which is "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

My sister sang "Legacy" as the parents and grandparents were seated. I had my dance group come and they did a ballet at the beggining of the wedding- which was beautiful. My sister was maid of honour... I had 3 other bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid which was my sister. They were all dressed in indigo blue floor length dresses. I had 2 flower girls (they were sisters) dressed in the same style dresses as the bridemaids only white, and I had one girl in the same dress hold my train- only she had a hair peice just like mine. His brother was best man, and his cousin the junior groomsman... the ring bearer was only 3 and he did a great job! He held a tiny silver treasure box on his pillow.

We had a wedding video of pictures when we were little up to our engaement- the song for that was "More than yesterday". We had communion at our wedding to the song "Shout to the Lord"... it was so neat to do that together... then we said our vows, and held hands as we listened to "I will be here" ... Then we kissed, and left to the song "So happy together".... but my hubby remixed that song with the old version and a newer punk rock version... totally awesome!

Then we had a simple reception, and there was little treasure boxes and a "palm beach" theme on every table... very cute.... and my cake was awesome... 5 layers, but they were all on separate stands... His cake was a chocolate heart with choclate covered strawberries... and beside it was a treasure box overflowing with strawberries... it was gorgeous... we left only so they could throw rice and flowers at us... then we came back!!! Not too long after though we left for our stay at a local bed and breakfast...

Then the next day we went to San Antonio for our honey moon!!!

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2/25/09 10:20 A

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We got married on March 13 in a Victorian mansion in Illinois. It was nice because it is family owned, and they did all the catering and you could have the entire house to yourself, so it was like "our" house for the night.

They had a small church onsite with beautiful stained glass windows. It had snowed terribly the weekend before, so there was still snow on the ground.

I had my 3 sisters as bridesmaids and my one girlfriend. They wore a burgundy color dress that was simple yet elegant. I had my dress made for me by a local dressmaker in Chicago - basing it off of a dress I saw in a magazine for $3,000 but couldn't afford. It was an ivory color with beading on top and an empire waist. Simple, and just my style. The ceremony was short, a lot of readings from the bible, including my favorite verse, which I am sure is popular for weddings (included at the bottom of this post).

As tradition states, I did not see my husband before we got married, there was a gentleman's room and a ladies' room. He sent me a dozen roses before the ceremony was to begin with a note that said "Our future together begins at 6:00" - the time of our evening ceremony. It made me cry - this note is framed in our bedroom.

The ceremony was beautiful with candles lighting the aisle. Everyone we loved was there, our family and friends. Afterward people threw snow at us instead of rice, which was romantic (and I was OK with it as nothing stained my dress, lol).

Then we went to the mansion for our reception full of dancing and good food. Our first dance was to "True Companion" by Marc Cohn. We had set up antique frames with everyone's names and their table numbers. Also my husband, Jim's mother had passed away a few years back and we had a framed picture of her in her wedding dress by the cake.

Afterward we left for the hotel near the airport as we were leaving on our honeymoon to Mexico early the next morning.

It was a wonderful day, one of the best days of my life.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

If I speak in the tongues of men and angels,
but have not love,
I have become sounding brass or a tinkling symbol.

And if I have prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge,
and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains,
but have not love, I am nothing.

And if I dole out all my goods, and
if I deliver my body that I may boast
but have not love, nothing I am profited.

Love is long suffering,
love is kind,
it is not jealous,
love does not boast,
it is not inflated.

It is not discourteous,
it is not selfish,
it is not irritable,
it does not enumerate the evil.
It does not rejoice over the wrong, but rejoices in the truth

It covers all things,
it has faith for all things,
it hopes in all things,
it endures in all things.

Love never falls in ruins;
but whether prophecies, they will be abolished; or
tongues, they will cease; or
knowledge, it will be superseded.

For we know in part and we prophecy in part.

But when the perfect comes, the imperfect will be superseded.

When I was an infant,
I spoke as an infant,
I reckoned as an infant;

when I became [an adult],
I abolished the things of the infant.

For now we see through a mirror in an enigma, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know as also I was fully known.

But now remains
faith, hope, love,

these three;

but the greatest of these is love.

~ Kathy ~

"Keep Flying. Keep Trying." - Lucy, my daughter

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10/17/08 12:35 P

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Wow Judy your wedding story was beautiful it made me tear up!

And your quotes at the bottom and resolution was terrific as well! We are here to help you achieve what you have set out to do!

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My Wedding Story: Judy 05/03/03

My Wedding was everything and more, than I ever dreamed of. Two weeks before my wedding I started reading a book "The Joy of Marriage God's Way". I was getting to go to a weekend conference in NY by myself and I would have FREE TIME so I thought I would bring the book along and get in some reading. Boy am I glad I did! This book totally changed my wedding.

From the day I got engaged until that weekend I had been making plans, cutting out ideas out of magazines, know, you have been there. This book made me pull the brake very quickly. I realized that during the planning process of my wedding I had not put God in focus not only on the day but my marriage as well.

That book changes what songs were sung, what scripture that was read, I wrote my own vows and most of all it became more spiritual and less of a celebration.

The day was magical. I woke up with my sister and cousin at my apartment. My cousin took me to get my hair done. Then she took me to get my fingers and toes all glamorized. While I was there I almost fell into the pedicure spa. Could you imagine what I would have looked like!

Anyway, I got to the church around 1 p.m... My sisters set up a bridal room where we had finger foods then there was a room where we all got ready. I had 2 Maid of honors (twin sister and best friend), 3 Brides Maids (cousin, High School friend and Sister-in-law), 2 Jr. Brides Maids (Nieces), 1 flower girl (David's niece), my 2 nephews were Jr. Groomsmen and my youngest nephew was a "Ring Bear" (that's what he called himself- he was 3.5 now he is 10- wow!)

I sat in the room helping my friends and my nieces get ready. I was as calm as I could possibly be. There were a few "scary" moments:
1. When the photographer got there to start taking pictures I hadn't even started my make-up or gotten dressed
2. My sister was MIA for HOURS-
3. My niece almost spilled Mt. Dew Code red all over my dress. (My cousin saved it- NO GOD DID!)

After I took a few deep breaths, I put my make-up on, got dressed, my sister showed up and I was ready to have some pictures made.

During the PHOTO SHOOT (I like to call it) I realized that I didn't want to wear my shoes during the wedding. I was walking myself down and I didn't want to take any chances of showing off my true GRACE.

I hadn't cried one tear all day. It was time to all go to the front of the church in the small room to wait for the ceremony to begin. I was there with all of my sisters, my mom, my God Mother and all of the wedding party. My sister said that she wanted to say a prayer. The prayer was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Then I look to my right and I see my 13 year-old niece crying HYSTERICALLY. She had always been painfully shy so I thought she didn't want to walk down in front of everyone.

I tried to comfort her but she just pulled away. (Still not even ONE tear) Then I saw my sister (her mother) and I told her that she didn't have to walk down in front of everyone if she didn't want to; that is when my sister told me "That's not what is wrong. I thought I fixed this last night". I said "Fixed what". She said "She thinks she is going to lose you FOREVER". Needless to say I LOST IT!

I was 16 when my niece was born. She was and is my world. I truly loved her like a daughter, a friend and MUCH MUCH MORE. She feels the same bond and it killed me to think that she was hurting her.

This was literally 5 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start. They were already sitting my family and were getting ready to seat the mother's. Somehow my twin sister and my other sister (nieceís mom) got her to calm down and agree to participate in the wedding. (I said she CALMED down and that is not exactly correct. She CRIED the entire time and I now refer to my photographer as "The Paparazzi" and that is not an EXAGGERATION).

I stopped crying but throughout the ceremony you can hear the effects of the only time I cried- "sniff, here, sniff-sniff there all the way through the wedding.

When the minister (David's uncle) asked "Who takes this woman" I said "With the love and support of my family and friends and in loving memory of my Father, I give myself to this man". Well letís just say the entire congregation started sniffling (including my husband).

I went down barefoot and will always remember what the marble floors felt like under my feet. I will always remember the look in Davidís eyes and I will ALWAYS remember the way he held my hands and the way I kept tightening my hands around his, I could feel our love going through us through our hands.

The song I picked for the unity candle was too long but now I know why it was. After we did the unity candle we talked for a little bit and then I heard my niece sobbing again. I left my husband and went to her. I whispered into her ear that I loved her and I always will. She hugged me as though she would never get to again. Everyone started sobbing again. I went back to my husband and was pronounced HUSBAND AND Wife.

(On the day of my wedding I didn't know what we were doing for our honeymoon. David wanted to surprise me so I had to pack a generic bag with all of the toiletries that I would need for a week and then make two stacks of clothes - 1. Winter 2. Summer and he came back after I left for the church and packed my bags for the honeymoon. That is the MOST romantic thing he has EVER done.)

After the wedding we took more pictures, we had a very nice (modest) reception at the church and left the church in my Father-in-law's antique HOT ROD car.

I forgot to tell you that right as we were about to walk into the reception one of David's mother's friends were coming out (to leave early) and told us "my son went to Jamaica for his honeymoon- you are going to LOVE it". So the surprise was spoiled (8-10 hours before I was to get on the plane- that was a well guarded secret.

We went to our hotel where one of the groomsmen came to get the car, my dress and David's tux. We left for the airport the next morning for our honeymoon.
(We had a wonderful time.)

My niece cried all night long and asked my sister daily if I had called while on my honeymoon.
I tell her that that is OK because one day she will be getting married an this gives me the right to cry uncontrollably:0}

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. -Author Unknown

For too long I have become a prisoner to my daily life. I let unhealthy, unconscious decisions dictate my life for me. NO MORE! I am taking control of my life. I will no longer just dream and hope things will change; I will change them myself. -Judy

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10/3/08 1:02 A

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My Wedding Story: Patricia Louise Robertson 4/19/2007

Well I was VERY PREGNANT on my wedding day with my son. I think I was like 7 months. And even though my Picture shows him in a tux and me in a pink top. I really did have a beautiful white wedding gown, that I took off at the reception because my very pregnant body needed to be comfortable. LOL Any how it all started early that morning. My bridal party and I had to be to get our hair done at 7:00 a.m. So I believe I got up at 5:30 a.m. and took a shower. My friend and I had already went to a consultation and had our hair styles picked out. But it took a while like maybe two hours to do all of our hair(there was five of us). I also had the nail tech that was there paint two hearts on my left ring finger to symbolize our hearts joining. ALso because wayne was scared he was going to grab the wrong hand to put the ring on. Then we had to go get the rest of the last minute things we needed and the rest of the food for the reception. By that time I was hungry again I was pregnant so it was a must to stop by KFC. We left KFC and went straight to the church where i met my mom, cousin, and grandma with my children to help get them ready. Because each of my twins carried and ring and my 3 year old daughter was the flower girl. I had to put my dress on and make-up which i did do myself. I had ot make sure I had all the something new, something old, and something blue. About that time my 3 year old found a cup of coffee that had been sitting on a table that somebody had forgot about and poured it all down the front of her pretty white flower girl dress. I was mortified she had looked so pretty and everything had went pretty smoothly up to that point. So I just had to laugh. Oh yeah and in all of our wedding pictures she is holding this ragged pink blanky that she has had since she was a baby. By the way she still has that blanky and carries it around everywhere even though it is in three pieces now. Anyway back to my wedding story. After everything calmed down my mom and dad came and talked to me and told me how much they loved me and was proud of me. The next thing I knew it was time. My heart was pounding and everything seemed to stop. My dad took my arm to walk me up the steps to give me away and I remember thinking this is the last time I will be his little girl. This is the last day I will be referred to as Patricia Houghtaling. In a way it was sad but in another way it was glorifiying it was like I was getting rid of all the bad from my past, my childhood. I could put all the behind me now with my new life ahead. When I got the the top of the steps and I saw Wayne standing there; I have never loved anyone like that in my life except my kids. I never second guessed my decision. I never thought this might not be right. I looked right at him and thought this man will be with me until the end. The service was wonderful. My Pastor had put together words that suited Wayne and I perfectly (from knowing us). The only flaw was that one of my twins got ill during the service. Which she felt really bad about but could not help. I told her that too. When it was all over and the Pastor announced us as husband and wife, I felt a rush of pure compassionate love. I hope I can always remember that feeling.

Lovin My Large Family
Patricia Robertson

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10/1/08 9:00 A

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And the second half to recap and keep "that loving feeling" post your wedding story.

My wedding story - Tashena Lynette Gonzales 08/16/08

So I had a rough day on Friday but did have some fun the night before. I came home and set everything out, shaved, whitened my teeth etc. and went to bed around 2:00 a..m. but couldnít fall asleep immediately. Then I was worried about all the things I had to do and communicate so I woke up around 4:30! I had been taking sleeping pills for a couple weeks before to go to sleep every night but I was scared I wouldnít wake up so I didnít that night. So I got about in between 1.5 Ė 2 hours of sleep.
I finally got up at 5:30 to shower, put on my jewelry and headed over to my sisterís to pick her up for our hair appointment. I waited about 10 minutes for her and we were on our way. I got really tired and went the most inefficient way. The lady said we could arrive by 7:15 a.m. but our apt was for 7:30 and we got there right at 7:30. I had an energy drink as well as some coffee and it took about an hour for me to start feeling awake.
I picked out my sisterís hair style which she didnít particularly like but agreed to it. Spirals all in the front and an updo in the back. I got some extensions in for some length which was weird I never had them before but it turned out really nice an updo on top and loose curls in the back.
Then we were on our way to the makeup place. My sister also had to pick up her dress from the person that altered it. We had planned to do that on the way to the ceremony location. On the way I handed my sister a note pad and gave her like 5 people to call about things.
We got to the make-up counter and they donít have any record of my apt nor is the specialist there that did my make-up the first time and said she would be there. (She travels between different mall locations.) So they are like, ďWell we are not really professionals and we really need the list of the make-up, otherwise it will take twice as long and it will look nothing like it did the first time. So I go to my car and I do find the list (thank goodness!) By that time it is like 20 minutes later. So I tell my sister to go off to make the calls and take the car to pick up her dress. And I call my step-mom to let her know that Iíll be late to the ceremony location since I assume they planned to get there right at noon along with everyone else.
So we get through that and it isnít too bad, not as professional as the first time but it was a gift from someone and they gave me money to purchase all the makeup so my girls can put the finishing touches on later.
So I arrive at the ceremony location about 15 minutes late and one of my bridesmaid is there and ready to go and the wedding coordinator is there. A couple of my hostesses like my step-sister also arrive ready to work. My other bridesmaid and cousin to be also arrives.
Most of the boys the groomsmen and ushers get there on time at 12:30 which I was pleasantly surprised with. By then Iím wondering where my dress is. So I call my dad and he is like ďOh we thought that you were going to pick it up.Ē Iím like what? Your house is 15 minutes out of the way of any where I would be today AND you guys have to come here any way!?! So he brings it right over and then goes to pick up my brother and his other two girls (my niece/flower-girl dad). My mom arrives with my niece all dressed and the other flower-girl and ring bearer arrive as well. Around then the photographer and videographer and florist arrive so that all gets started.
By then it is 1 and although my dad brought the dress he didnít have the bag with all the extras that was in my step-momís car. So we donít have spray on deodorant, safety pins, etc. so there was a lot we couldnít do. She got there around 1:30 p.m. By that time the wedding coordinator instructs me to stop coming out the room.
Anton calls someone to inform them that he will be there around 2:00 p.m. (ceremony starts at 2:30).
So finally Iím dressed and my make-up is touched up around 1:45. Iím actually not too nervous the majority of the time. I have one of my hostesses take some before ceremony pictures and then she gets busy with her job. All of my girls looked so beautiful including the hostesses that were helping with the wedding. I really hope the photographers got pictures of all of them.
And amazingly guests already start to arrive around that time! They mustíve heard there would be 300+ people there and wanted to get a good seat.
Then it is about 2:15 and we are waiting around and thatís when I start to get nervous. Then we get word that Antonís mom has just left around 2:25 so he said that he wants to postpone the wedding. Around 2:35 they make an announcement that the wedding will not start on time because we are waiting on the brideís mom to arrive!
The wedding coordinator comes in and is like, ďWell oh well at least Tashena has two momís so even though he made an error and it is really the groomís mom they wonít really know which one of you is supposedly holding up the show!Ē
Around 2:55 p.m. the wedding coordinator comes in and says the guests are getting restless (that became her favorite phrase of the night to motivate me to do something) and there was standing room only. She suggested that we think about starting soon.
And then just like in the movies Antonís mom and the family that was bringing her burst through the door. Everyone that knew the situation and how she had just got out of the hospital the night before stood up and starting clapping. (Of course I didnít see but heard that clapping canít wait to see it on the video.
She actually did walk down the aisle even though we assumed she would be in a wheel chair the entire time. This is just 8 days after her open heart quadruple bypass surgery.
So we finally start and line up and I get super super nervous! Right before the flowers fall out of the bible I am carrying down the aisle. I tell my dad to fix it quick cause Iím shaking and before I know it we are walking down the aisle. I didnít even see anyone just went straight there. I did notice it seemed pretty full.
The flower girls and ring bearer were a little restless in the front row at times. And at one point early on my brotherís twins (that are 1 Ĺ start crying.) So Iím sure there are times on the video Iím looking off to the right and looking evil so that would be why! But things did calm down.
During the ceremony there was one slight mishap the speaker spilled his water after he took a sip. But he made light of it. Later he said something like, ďAnd Anton you will make mistakes. I just made one a few minutes ago,Ē and everyone laughed.
We did our vows in Spanish and Anton was nervous about that but he made it through. When I did my vows I swear he was tearing up but he tells me I was imagining it. He didnít seem nervous at all any other times and later he said he wasnít nervous at all.
So they pronounce us man and wife and Anton throws his hands up in the air like ďVictory!Ē (And I bow my head in disbelief like Oh brother! LOL)
Then we do our receiving line and take the pictures which seemed to run smooth and quick. Also Antonís Aunt that brought his mom took out the time to apologize to both sets of my parents for running late and thank them for waiting.
My step-mom and my bridesmaid Itza bustles my dress (my sister/Matron of Honor Dayna gave up helping) with very little problem and we are off in the limo.
We crank of up the music, sip on the champagne and have a good time. We let the ring bearer and older flower girl come with us too and they were super excited. We stop at a pharmacy for some drinks. They ask me what I want and Iím like ďMikeís Hard Lemonade I need something light since Iíve only have an hour and half of sleep!Ē They come back empty handed okay apparently there is no liquor there not a problem on to 7-11 across the street!
So we get our drinks on drive around a little and we are almost there. I text message one of the hostesses to come out so we can stash the drinks in her car (we rented a school for our reception and thus have to purchase our own liquor license to have drinks inside so we didnít serve alcohol at the reception).
We get there and we are at the side door of the school where everyone else came in and it pretty much leads right to our table. Well we didnít want to come in their we wanted to come in the front entering through the back of the auditorium where I could walk by the cake and gifts table and pretty much everyone else. So we sneak around hoping no one sees us through the windows!
Then the bridal party enters on ďEye of the TigerĒ (Rocky theme song) and Anton and I enter to ďParty like a Rock Star.Ē The first thing I see is my gorgeous cake!
Three tiered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and dark chocolate dripping off the sides topped with strawberries. There was a fountain underneath and it was surrounded by six heart shaped cakes of different flavors (yellow, white, strawberry, pineapple) topped with silk white flowers. Even my videographer said it was one of the most unique combinations he had ever seen.
We got there around 5:45 which amazingly was only 15 minutes late despite starting the ceremony 30 minutes late. We say the prayer for dinner and then Anton and I get up to talk to people then they inform us they wonít announce others to eat until we start eating so we sit back down and eat.
I ate two bites of everything. The salad had Ranch dressing which I hate (besides being fattening) then I had steak which was good but I wasnít too hungry. I gave it to my younger brother.
After that we attempt to cut the cake and take those pictures. Then we realize that there are no small plates for the cake. So we do our dances instead while my motherís husband runs to the nearest drugstore to get plates! (Caterer said it was bakerís job to provide, baker assumed caterers would provide.) Then we get ready for our dance. Anton and I did ours. We did really good! We danced to ďNo Ordinary LoveĒ originally by Sade but we did a duet more R & B version by Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore. Then we did our dance with our wedding party. We danced off of ďDear LifeĒ by Anthony Hamilton off the Step Up Soundtrack. The words are just beautiful! Anton is like how many of these do we have to dance? Iím like hey Iím the one that has to dance 3 times in a row in heals! LOL
After that I dance with my father to ďMy JoyĒ by Chrissette Michelle.
After that amazingly Antonís mom requested the D.J. to dance with him on ďUnforgettableĒ by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. He was crying. One of my guy friends says something and his wife is like I think it is sweet. Iím like, ďremember his mom just got out of the hospital last night and we didnít even know if she would be here so it is really special.Ē I was tearing up too. It was really nice and special.
Then we started our dancing. I danced a lot with some of kids. For party favors we continued our international theme we had for the shower. I had chopsticks, Chinese fans, small maracas, leis, and chili pepper necklaces. They were a big hit with the kids. We had a salsa set every hour of course and got a lot of dancing in.
We had a little drama with figuring out payment for the videographer (my mom refused to pay what she promised and we ended up opening cards to get cash out there to hand to him). Other than that though it was a lively fun time for sure!
When I thought of most things it had already been taken care of like getting my lists of instructions to the D.J. and making sure the favors were set out. That was really nice and made it memorable. We ended up saying out thank yous very late which I felt bad about. But I made sure to do it again on our wrap up for our video. Overall it was a lovely time and I felt like a princess. Some times it was even weird all the people running up to take pictures. It was like you really want a picture of me? Even though I do that at weddings! And I was happy so many people came over all it was probably 400 that came eventually as some came just to dance. Some friends even came from a couple hours a way that had only gotten an email from me because I didnít have their home address. So that was special and really made me feel loved!
The colors were so classic complimentary and nice and everyone was beautiful!

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