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5/3/12 10:36 P

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Glad to have you come back to the team and to SP. We definitely have a wide range of how bad the condition is in different people. Even those of us who are on the worse end, we still have to find ways to smile and make the best of it. Check out the link in my signature to see video of the kids who can smile through all of this - we can fall to pieces or we can choose to keep fighting and smiling. I hope you'll get involved in our team and help keep us thinking positive while sharing your successes.

BTW, just so you know, there is no flap at the end of the esophagus - it's the esopahgeal sphincter which is a round band of muscle that closes off the area like a twist tie around a bag. Are you getting the top part of your stomach wrapped around it, or the newly FDA approved magnetic metal balls, or something else?

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Welcome to the team!
I also have GERD along with my GP, and also deal with chronic pain from cancer.
I also feel lucky that I can eat solid food with my GP. I sometimes miss a lot of the food I use to love and can't eat any more, but I try to remember that things could be worse.
I also had never heard of GP until I was diagnosed with it in December of 2010.

My name is Shari; I have been a Sparker since July 2006, I am now in hospice care for metastatic breast cancer, but I'm not letting cancer stop me from Sparking!

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5/2/12 4:02 P

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Hi All,

My name is Heather Ritchie and I haven't posted in a long time (a few years). I have really had a hard time, as most of you probably have, eatting what I should. I get frustrated when I feel bad eatting what I am supposed to so I sabotage myself and eat something that I shouldn't. Obviously this doesn't work well! I have multiple problems in my gastrointestinal tract. I have GERD, Gastroparesis, Severe Colonic Inertia, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and major bladder problems. ( I now have the Interstem Pacemaker device for my bladder but still have to deal with cathetering some.) I have now been diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis and have several herniated discs. I see specialists at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in NC and they are fabulous. I am in the process of getting set up for surgery because the flap between my lower esophagus and stomach doesn't work at all. I had to quit my job as a police officer after 14 years old and have filed for disability. In the process I have lost my house, had to file bankruptcy, my boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me, and my grandmother just passed away.

My point to all of this is not to whine. You see I can eat solid food and don't have diabetes. I am hypoglycemic which if anyone has advice on that one please let me know. I have gained 60 pounds because the things that I can eat are mashed potatoes, know all of the fattening stuff. When I am really sick I drink alot of ensure and broth. I am very blessed that my gastroparesis is not as severe as my other issues but I definately can not eat alot of things. There are many of you who have it much worse than me and have a much rougher life. I am very sorry for those who have it more severe and continually think of you guys and put you in my prayers and thoughts because you have a very hard battle to fight. Especially if you have diabetes or feeding tubes. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I am thankful for the blessings that I have. I have a roof over my head, a supportive family, good friends and I almost always have a positive attitude. It is important that we keep our heads up and support one another. I cherish the good days and am glad that I have some. People wonder how I can be so positive and I tell them that it could be worse as there is always someone worse off than me.

Whoever started this team, I thank you. I no longer feel alone. I still have my bad days and am really trying to lose weight so I can be healthier. (I am currently 209 which is the biggest I have EVER been.) I miss the things like salad, pot roast, steak, crunchy apples, and all of those other things we aren't supposed to have, but I am happy that I can eat what I can.

Thank you all and I will try to be more supportive and post more. Remember you are not alone and that there are people who understand what you are going through (for the most part as everyones life is different.) Gastroparesis is becoming a better known topic to the world and as a result I hope that great strides are made in giving those of us with this diagnosis more support. Keep smiling and be positive. I know that isn't always easy, but there are people who care!

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