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12/15/10 4:55 P

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I use to take Miralax. At first it was working then it work slower and then not at all. So now I drink this tea called Laci Le Beau Super Dieteri's Tea. Its a cleansing tea and it works it cleanse your bowel out really good. I drink it twice a week. This is really some good stuff, the best thing that I have found to help me go to the restroom. I get this tea from a store called Nature way store. I don't know if you have one were you at but you can look online to see if you can find one close to you. But try it out at see how it works for and if you don't mind let me know. Hope everything goes well with you. Take care

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9/13/10 3:02 P

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Doctors have me taking one to two doses of Miralax every day to soften things. It still doesn't help peristalis, but at least things aren't so hard that I get the blockages like I used to.

Still, as time goes on, and things get slower even the Miralax isn't working as well as it used to.

Next step for me would probably be a gasric stimulator.

All this does nothing for the nutritional deficiencies that occur due to malabsorption. My hair falls out more and more, and has gotton dead and stringy looking. Can't do anything with it.


I admit I am powerless over food -
that my life has become unmanageable.
You are looking at the 'main' source of 'all' your health & happiness.
The more you say IT... The more you think IT... The more IT will occur.
When someone shows you who they are, believe them - the FIRST time.

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6/22/10 8:33 P

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Well, my GP is different. No matter what I eat, I get constipated. Only time I throw up is when I'm so constipated that the food has no where but up to go. I can't give any advice about what to eat and at this point in the game, I wish I could just quit eating all together. There are days that my calorie count is 600-650 but the constipation continues. emoticon

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6/3/10 4:55 A

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Thanks so much Lucky for the links that you sent to us. They were so helpful to me. Without my Sancuso patch (an anti-emetic) I wouldn't have made it and without a small co-pay I couldn't have afforded it. I am blessed. Reading your sample menus has taught me that I can have one of my favorite foods again -- spinach! I can hardly wait for lunchtime. My sample meals today will be:
Breakfast -- pudding; 12 oz of banana gluten free protein drink
Snack -- cantaloupe smoothie
Lunch -- (at Wendy's) a baked potato with cheese and a root beer.
Snack -- pudding
Dinner -- cheese omellette, waffle, coffee
Snack -- iced milk root beer frozen bar
Total calories for the day 1498

Reglan has also been a godsend to me. I was terrified about taking it until my doctor explained the risks and his willingness to monitor me carefully. Since I've been on it I have been able to expand my diet a wee bit at a time. But slow and steady wins the race.

Everyone (not the doctors) keeps thinking that tomorrow's surgery is going to cure my GP. That is not the intent of the surgery at all, but if it improves just a wee bit, I won't complain.

Thanks for letting me ramble and thanks for showing me that I can eat spinach. I am possitively excited.

Love and Hugs,
emoticon emoticon emoticon


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6/3/10 1:08 A

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thanks so much it does help alot

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6/2/10 10:26 P

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What to eat? Well, it's different for almost every person who has GP. Not all of us can tolerate the same foods, so you might have to try different things to see what you can tolerate, and even then there could be days where everything will be the exception.

Here's a couple of links that might help:

I hope these help a little bit!


Life's an adventure ... take it one step at a time and don't underestimate yourself! You're capable of more than you think you are! How do I know this? You're still here aren't you? That means you haven't given up!

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6/2/10 10:04 A

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Congrats to you for being in grad school!! sorry to "meet" you under these circumstances...welcome to the extremely annoying world of GP..I have had it since around 2001, but was was not properly diagnosed until early GI doc told me that carbs are most easily digested, then proteins and fat in last "menu", if you will, of foods tolerated is increasingly growing you, I have issues with bloating (HORRIBLE) and flatulation (ironically, the more I belch and flatulate, the better I feel)..

I stopped consuming animal protein a little more than a year ago, as even though it is protein, it is hard on the digestive system...I eat a lot of Clif 90% organic carb gels, IDS 4oz. protein shots, Clif Shot Roks (protein bites) and organic raw seems that those are easiest on my system and do not cause as much bloating, although I am simply constantly bloated.

If I go out to dinner, I will eat broiled fish and roasted pasta, rice or bread...I also have come to keep a close eye on sodium levels in products...I also ingest Zantac 150 every morning.

I hope some of this helps you, hon...keep your chin up and keep us posted.

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6/2/10 1:10 A

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Sorry that you are going through this. I have the same problem. My food comes up at least 5 to 10 times a day on a bad day but I also have lupus. Ican't suggest anything but offer my support. I been dealing with this for three years now and I still not sure what to eat. The doctor put me on a low fiber, low fat diet. I can't eat meat, it dont matter how i cook it, it down not matter it comes up along with other food. I be lucky if I can get one thing to stay down for two weeks before my stomach reject it. I'm sorry i dont have any advice. I'm still trying to figure things out my self. I went from 184lbs to 100lbs. Just hang in there, keep your head up everything will be okay. Trust me I know its hard.

6/2/10 12:28 A

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Hello all. I am a 30 something with two special needs kids in grad school for nurse anesthesia...can you spell stress? Anyways my GI doc believes it is gastroparesis and recommended a low fiber diet such as with diverticulitis. Sadly there are just not many resources that I can find. My specialty is critical care, not nutrition so I am at a loss as to how to eat nutritiously with this.
I have terrible problems with belching and vomiting with salads, asparagus, and on occasions with fish, chicken, peanut butter, cheerios, fresh fruit and the list goes on. Highly processed foods are easily digested but hard on my waistline and my cholesterol levels. I am not a fan of smoothies. I take prilosec daily with some relief and can take mylicon during times of belching to decrease my level of discomfort. Any suggestions?

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