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6/16/11 9:31 A

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Hi there,

I got this IBS about 4-5 years ago and I am always having some sort of problem. Whether it is pain or expiration every day it is something -- LOL

Ah well it is good to be able to talk with those that have it. I do not get constipated or have diarria but do get pains alot.

Well since this is my first time and it is an introducing me to others well I will talk to you all later.

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6/1/11 10:53 A

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Welcome to Sparkpeople. Be sure to take advantage of all the great free online sources available here, such as the nutrition and fitness trackers. Also, the online community is great. We are all here to offer support when you need it, or celebrate your successes with you.

Here are some links that will help you navigate the site and get started!

* SparkPeople's User Guide:

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* For Additional Motivation:

Take this first week to familiarize yourself with the tools here. Once you get used to using them, it becomes easier to use them even when you are busy. Personally, I spent my first week learning to use the tools, and just tracking everything I was already eating and doing for exercise. It gave me a baseline to work from. It also gave me a chance to really decide what my goals were, and how to get there.

This site can only provide the support and the tools to reach these goals. You need to put the hard work in. Personally, I end up kicking my own butt every day. Feel free to check out my blogs to see how I kick my butt out the door to get my fitness in. I can tell you, once I am finished with my exercise for the day, I feel great. No more I should do this and I should do that. Instead, I feel accomplished, and able to relax and enjoy the rest of my day.

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6/1/11 2:19 A

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5/31/11 8:27 P

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They make lactose free ice cream in vanilla!!! emoticon

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5/31/11 8:13 P

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I have IBS and am Lactose Intolerent. Both cause me great pain. My suggestion is to check and see if you are Lactose Intolerent. Stay away from milk products including ice cream, products such as Slim Fast...I hope this will help you along with the Digestive Advantage.

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5/31/11 7:58 P

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Hi Amanda!
Did you get the results from the scans? My OB-GYN told me I had a spastic colon when I had my last pap smear and when I GOOGLED it, IBS! The only thing that has helped me was taking Digestive Advantage and that got rid of the terrible pains I was having and I usually don't have a problem going to the bathroom now. Are you by chance lactose intolerant? I found out after all these years that I was and that was causing me to expereince pain and bloating at that time.
Hope you get some good news about the scans and WELCOME to the team!!!!!!!!!

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5/31/11 7:51 P

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Hi, My name is Amanda. Where do I begin? hello everyone :o)
I have dealt with my problem for years and to be honest its part of me now. Sometimes I can go for weeks with no trouble then I go from one extreme to another. But since Christmas 2010 I must admit my stomach began to grow...friends said it was related to the change but I knew it couldn't be that. I dont go to the toilet often like I use too and recently I did have irregular periods, ok so probably that was related to the change. My doctor sent me last week for a scan. I had a vaginal scan and an ultra sound scan. The doctor who did this procedure for me said everything was ok but....I had loads of gases swirling around. I then opened up to her and said about not being able to go to the toilet regular and another time I couldn't stop going. She said the scan will help my doctor now to carry out more tests for me.
Last Saturday I was that bloated I had to take something to help me go. I must have lost 7lbs in weight on the Sunday. I am just storing and not getting rid of it. I feel so uncomfortable, like my stomach is constantly bruised. I have wind but hold it during the day in front o people unless I'm desperate then i have to pass it. But my partner says wen I'm sleeping i'm just breaking wind. how embarrassing.
I have started to drink more water and I walk to work and back everyday. Its 40mins there and 40 mins back. and not lost 1lb in weight. I am getting to the stage now where Im frightened to eat now. At the moment my stomach is huge its no good. I cant wait to see what the doctor can do now for me.

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