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12/1/09 4:29 P

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Thank you for the support!

Success is what you do in the present moment.
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12/1/09 1:41 A

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Great rotation! I was looking for something like this. I'll make some subs based on the workouts I have and start this morning.

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11/30/09 8:27 A

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Thanks Janet!

I could not rip myself out of bed this morning - it's always hard after a long weekend from work. I will do ABS when I get home tonight. The best thing about Firm workouts to me is that it doesn't matter if I am slightly hungry or slightly "full" and I can still power through my workouts.

Success is what you do in the present moment.
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11/29/09 10:21 P

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Great work on putting together this rotation. If you have problems finding this thread after awhile, simply cut and paste the entries and put it under the rotations forum. The threads don't cycle as quickly as the introductions forum.

Great FIRMing rotation!


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11/29/09 8:07 P

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Better Body Month 3 (subs when needed)

1/25: C+S Aerobic Body Shaping
1/26: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 8)
1/27: C+S The Hare
1/28: REST
1/29: C+S FIRM Cardio
1/30: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 9)
1/31: C+S Body Sculpting Basics (Vol 1)
2/1: REST
2/2: S Super Charged Sculpting
2/3: Cardio (Jillian Michael's Burn Fat Boost Metab)
2/4: REST
2/5: C+S Total Muscle Shaping
2/6: Cardio (CLX Burn it Off + TJ Fat Blaster_
2/7: REST
2/8: C+S Complete Body Sculpting
2/9: Cardio (Tae Bo GR 1)
2/10: REST
2/11: C+S Complete Aerobics and Weight Training
2/12: Cardio (Tae Bo GR 2)
2/13: REST
2/14: S TS+Abs (Total Sculpt plus Abs)
2/15: Cardio - Super Cardio
2/16: S TT II (Tough Tape II)heavy legs
2/17: REST
2/18: C+S Cardio Sculpt (heavy up on heavy 4-limb)
2/19: C UCB+ bonus
2/20: S Super Sculpting (heavy bis, tris, chest back
2/21: REST
2/22: Yoga
2/23: S Jillian Michaels - NMTZ
2/24: REST
2/25: Yoga
2/26: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 7)
2/27: REST
2/28: S - CLX - Get Lean Intervals
3/1: Cardio (Turbo Jam Cardio Party)
3/2: C+S - CLX - Burn Intervals

Success is what you do in the present moment.
11/29/09 7:49 P

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Better Body Month 2 (subs when needed)

12/28: C+S Cardio Sculpt
12/29: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 4)
12/30: C+S Aerobic Body Shaping
12/31: REST
1/1: C+S Total Body Shaping Mix
1/2: Cardio (Super Cardio)
1/3 C+S FIRM Strength
1/4: REST
1/5: C+S Total Muscle Shaping
1/6: Cardio (Insanity warmup + CLX Fat Burn Challenge)
1/7: S Cathe Muscle Endurance
1/8: REST
1/9: C+S FIRM Cardio
1/10: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 6)
1/11: S Cathe - Gym Style Back and Biceps + Insanity Warmup
1/12: REST
1/13: C+S Gym Style Chest and Triceps + 20 min Turbo Jam
1/14: C CLX - Get Lean Intervals
1/15: S Standing Legs
1/16: REST
1/17: S Maximum Body Shaping (heavy shoulders)
1/18: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 4)
1/19: Yoga (Brian Kest)
1/20: REST
1/21: S Jillian Michaels - NMTZ
1/22: C/S (Tae Bo AL 5)
1/23: Yoga
1/24: REST

Success is what you do in the present moment.
11/29/09 7:26 P

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I am looking for some support in getting back on track! I worked my butt off for the past 2 years using firm, cathe, tae bo, p90x, CLX and insanity. I got myself in great shape for my wedding on November 7 but I never got to the level of fitness I wanted to be. After the wedding I honeymooned and got sick, and here I am feeling tubby but very motivated to start over and build a solid fitness foundation.

It seems to me the most effective workout system for me is FIRM style sculpting and cardio/sculpt and my own cardio. I used this before to get down to 126 pounds. I am now around 140 at 5'9".

Starting tomorrow, 11/30 I will be starting a Better Body Rotation I obtained from the Firm Believers website. I will be subbing the cardio workouts for whatever I am in the mood for since I can't seem to get my heart rate up for that many of the firm cardios. This is what month 1 will look like:

Better Body Month 1 (subs when needed)

11/30: C+S Aerobic Body Shaping
12/1: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 1)
12/2: C+S Complete Aerobic and Weight Training
12/3: REST
12/4: C+S Step, Jump and Pump
12/5: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 2)
12/6: C+S Body Sculpting Basics Vol 1
12/7: REST
12/8: C+S Total Muscle Shaping
12/9: Cardio (Insanity Pure Cardio)
12/10: S Tough Tape
12/11: REST
12/12: C+S Complete Body Sculpting
12/13: Cardio (CLX Burn it off + TJ Fat Blaster)
12/14: S Body Sculpt
12/15: REST
12/16: S Cathe Pyramid Upper Body
12/17: Cardio (Cathe Kick, Punch and Crunch)
12/18: S Cathe Pyramid Lower Body
12/19: REST
12/20: S Muscle Max
12/21: Cardio (Tae Bo AL 3)
12/22: Yoga (Brian Kest)
12/23: REST
12/24: S Jillian Michaels - NMTZ
12/25: C/S Cardio (Turbo Jam Cardio Party) + Gym Style Legs (floor work only)
12/26: Yoga
12/27: REST

Success is what you do in the present moment.
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