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6/29/15 2:54 A

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Hey April,

Come chat with us on the 2015 thread (main area of this team), we are all trying to make it happen with some challenges and successes!!!

I'm just trying to get back into running as well, so we would be great together:):)


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6/28/15 5:06 P

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If the goal is to talk's a contribution ;)

About a month and a half ago I started doing interval training, including sprints and drills I'd never done before. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had shin splints shortly after. I iced, took ibuprofen, took a few days off, but found that my ankles and knees started hurting. Then, I went to a 5K I'd signed up for months earlier and could barely finish it walking! I just felt so weak and washed out. To make a long story a little bit shorter, it turns out that I didn't have shin splints--I had Lyme disease! My doctor said it's been a terrible year for ticks and that only 50% of people who get the disease ever see the trademark bull's-eye rash.

Just sharing because I know a lot of folks run on trails or with dogs, or just spend time outside possibly being exposed to ticks. If you feel crummy and find your performance suffering--don't assume it's because you're old or overweight! If you feel like something's wrong, listen to your inner voice. I almost ignored mine, defaulting to beating myself up for not being in better shape. I never thought I'd be so happy to have a disease. After a cycle of antibiotics, I'm coming back strong! If I'd waited longer to see the doctor, the illness could have affected my heart and neurological system.

Take care of yourselves, runners, and follow your instincts. Happy trails!

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6/27/15 7:50 P

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Hi April. Another spark group is the Rookie Runners group.....not all are rookies but all are runners:)

Life is fragile. Love, laugh and enjoy.

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6/26/15 9:12 A

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Hi April! Totally agree with what others have said here--if you can run 6 miles, you can do a half marathon!

If you're looking for folks to train with, all the stores that sell running shoes, etc. around my area have running groups that meet up after work or on weekends. It's free and you get to run with people who really know their stuff, which can be helpful for getting training tips. The local park service also has specific training classes (not free, but reasonably priced compared to hiring a personal trainer!) that meet over a period of about 3 months to train for specific events.

I've recently been battling Lyme disease (glad I got it early!) and am just this week getting back to running. As a middle-aged, not particularly athletic mom, I'm amazed how much the activity has come to mean to me. Well beyond the physical health benefits, I've realized how much better I deal with everything when I know I can hit the road and "run it out."

Happy running to you and everyone else on the forum!

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6/25/15 12:36 P

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Hi, April! I love talking running, so talk away. :)

One good group to join here on Sparkpeople for running chat is the Sparky Marathoners group. You might not be a marathoner yet, but you have the potential to be and I think that's all that matters! The "Today's Run" board is full of experienced runners who have good insight about how to run long distances.

If you can run 6 miles, you can definitely run a half. And I second the suggestion that your husband might join you someday! My husband really doesn't care for running, but he took it up because I love to do it and it's a great way to spend time together. Now he's run three cross-country relay races and three half-marathons with and because of me! He even proposed to me during a race and we had a 5k on the morning of our wedding! There's no telling how someone might change their minds about running. :)

- Amy

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6/24/15 11:23 P

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If you are looking for people to run with and encourage you to cahllenge yourself, Google running groups in your area or go to your favourite running store and ask if they know of any local running groups. There are probably more than you realize close to you. Pick one and show up to a run, Runners are great people, supportive, friendly and inclusive. Good luck!

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6/24/15 10:27 A

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emoticon emoticon April! You have come to the right place emoticon

emoticon on planning your first emoticon Have you picked out a 1/2 plan to go by? Maybe your husband will get inspired someday. Keep doing it for you though!

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6/24/15 10:10 A

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Hi April, welcome to rookie running team. My name is Dana and I live in Savannah,GA. I lived in Cincinnati,OH for a brief time and worked at Bethesda North about 15 years ago. My husband also doesn't run but he does come to my races. I also plan on running a half marathon in the fall. My longest run has been eight miles. Good luck and keep on running. emoticon


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6/24/15 8:05 A

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My name is April and I'm from Cincinnati. I started running about a year and a half ago and I love it, but I only know one other person that runs. My husband doesn't get my obsession and I would love to have more people to talk about it with/ask questions etc. Would also be interested in friends on map my run. I currently run about 20 - 25 miles a week mostly all on my lunch break at work. Considering a half marathon, but my longest distance at this point is a little over 6 miles.

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