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2/13/14 8:23 P

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My name is Laura, and I was born into a family of atheists, agnostics and freethinking humanists. So I never deconverted.

It seemed to me that there were so many Christians on Spark People. So many people thanking God and praying to God and talking about Christian things - I wondered if I was the only one.

But now I've found this team as well as Liberal Atheist Hippies! Not a moment too soon!
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11/18/13 4:01 P

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Hello y'all!

My name is Meaghan, and I live in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. It's a small town in the middle of my province.

I grew up Anglican (Episcopal to you Yanks...). My dad came from a very secular family--his parents met in the Young Communist Party; his dad fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War and his mom was from a secular Jewish family. My mom's family is very Anglican, back and back and back. I went to church every Sunday, but started having doubts in my late teens.

I stopped going to church when I graduated from high school. I went back when I moved to the South--I spent 3 years in Little Rock and 3 years in New Orleans. I went back mainly to meet people, especially in Little Rock. I worked at a Southern Baptist Seminary in New Orleans, and all staff had to attend some church. I think I was the only non-Baptist working there. Who knows what they thought about the church I went to--I was at the most left-leaning, liberal, gay-friendly, social justice loving Episcopal church in the city. It was my refuge from the SBC! They were great people, and the SBC did great things after Katrina, but we are poles apart in terms of religion and politics.
I stopped going again when I left that job.

Now, I vacillate between theist and atheist, depending on the day and my mood. I enjoy reading about theology and religion. I also think that there are some good things in most if not all of the world religions, but I think that I'm way too sceptical to be a good Christian or Jew or Muslim, etc.

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12/13/12 10:28 P

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Hello! I'm Carly. I joined SparkPeople in 2009 after my mom read about it in our local newspaper and I decided to join. I've been in my goal weight range of about 5 pounds in between since .. around October of last year. So, I'm really just still doing this to keep on track fitness-wise since my nutrition has been relatively consistent.

I've only fairly recently discovered that I am at the very least Agnostic since only about a month ago. For my whole life, I was a Presbyterian Christian. My mom grew up Methodist/Baptist and has remained pretty much that way. I'm not entirely sure that my dad really goes with a specific denomination these days, but he, too, is a Christian.

I first 'came out' to them about a week into my non-belief and both were extremely surprised. I had been buying a bunch of Christian songs from iTunes and Amazon MP3's store as well. Plus, I had already signed up to join a church function where I would go to church on Sunday evenings and then hang out with some single people afterwards and talk about different things related to the service. I made a couple of nice friends, but the church evenings were only for 5 weeks total.

I'm now trying to make more new friends that are more like me - freethinkers/atheists/agnostics/humanists. They seem to be hard to come by, but I've recently met a couple of guys who are atheists and live somewhere around my city. :) One, I met at a '' meeting of FreeThinkers - which was an .. interesting experience. Not sure I'll be doing THAT again since I'm more into the socializing thing rather than getting into an exclusive club or anything like that. The other I just had coffee with at Starbucks who I've been talking to on a .. dating .. site called 'OKCupid'. We had a nice time, I think.

So, anyway .. my mom made it very clear to me that I should NOT mention to anyone else in my family that I was even THINKING of .. de-converting from Christianity since about all of my extended family is really religious. Then again, my mom is convinced that I'm still going through a phase and that this .. agnosticism won't last for the rest of my life. I think she thinks it's my CHOICE to decide if I want to believe. But, it's not. Once I see proper evidence of a supreme being (though I doubt there IS any), I would then KNOW this being exists instead of just believing.

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery." -- James Joyce

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11/14/12 6:22 P

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Hello, I'm Cathy and I live in southern Missouri. I'm originally from Colorado and hope to move back west either to Colorado or southern California someday. I was brought up, along with my sister, going to church with my grandma until I was old enough to decide whether or not I wanted to continue to go to church or not. I got involved with going to a different church, one that was closer to home, in high school and continued off and on for the first couple of years in college. That's when I met my common law husband and he got me to thinking that the bible doesn't make any logical sense.

Anyway, that's a little about me. I'm glad I found this group and hope to make some like minded friends in here.

Cathy (Central Time Zone)
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10/30/12 10:49 A

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Hello! I'm 36, living in the Midwest US where I grew up but hoping to move back to California soon. I tend to describe myself as agnostic; I'm spiritually oriented, I guess, but not big on organized (or unorganized!) religions.

Mostly, I tend to believe that our highest purpose is to be kind to each other and ourselves, and everything else is just commentary.

Glad to have found this group through a friend's feed!

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10/28/12 7:51 P

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Hello freethinkers! I grew up a Presbytarian in the days when it was a pretty liberal church, but got caught in the 'born again' phase of the 70s. When everyone else was doing pot & acid & pcp, I was doing Jesus. emoticon Loved the high, but couldn't take being told that I couldn't hang with my mom who was a Jew.

Sometimes when I feel the wonder of nature, I want to believe that there is something, somewhere, but it's becoming more and more forced all the time.

I see too many people who claim to be Christians not living by the most basic tenets of their Christ, and so many people who are not Christians living by those standards...Be good to each other. How hard is that? and why do we need a 'god' to tell us that's how to behave.


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10/18/12 11:03 A

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Good morning guys!

I'm Lauren, age, 26, and I grew up and live in New Jersey. I've been an atheist most of my life, really. I never really bought into any religion when I was younger, and sometime late in high school I realized I was an atheist. I've always enjoyed healthy, informative debates/discussions and learning what others believe and WHY they believe what they do. I've even taken a few religion courses in college--though I'm very very far from any sort of expert.
Nice to meet you all!

"Laughter makes the bitter swallowing of truth, for some, a little easier."
--Bill Hicks

"Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"
--Douglas Adams

"In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."
--Douglas Adams, HHGTTG

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6/30/12 4:58 P

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Hello! My name is Maureen and I am SO grateful to have found this group! I am just beginning Sparkpeople with the goal of looking at food as fuel for my body and mind, and not as something to soothe my emotions. I am married to my wonderful husband of 6 years, and together we have a 3 year old daughter. My husband and his family are Muslim, and my family is UCC, and a couple agnostic/atheist. I consider myself to be more spiritual than anything, and I enjoy learning about world religions and finding a little piece of myself in each I learn about. I am beyond happy to have found a community of freethinkers that I can relate to, and I look forward to getting healthy together!

Follow your dreams!

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old; they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.
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5/11/12 4:23 P

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I moved from NJ to NC. Scary. Clubhouse I go to some guy was talking about if he met an atheist he'd get so mad he'd have to beat them up. Well, I'd never mention it. I know have plenty of friends I can talk to but it took 2 years to figure it out here in the South. Last Tuesday they voted against gay marriage! Not a surprise.

I'm a 56 year old mother of 3 freethinkers and a catholic (go figure) and 5 grandchildren.
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3/27/12 11:41 A

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Hi everyone!
I'm 23 and from Wisconsin. I was raised in a Christian family. (My step-dad is a youth pastor and my aunt is a nun). Around 16 I decided that there were a lot of things about religion that didn't make sense to me. I did "come out" athiest at that time. My family is pretty accepting, though they are scared for my soul. I don't get offended when they pray for me, just as I expect them not to be offended when I don't pray to them.

I am graduating college in May and decided enough was enough. I was skinny when I started college and damned if I'm not going to be at least normal when I graduate lol. I'm hoping to reach 180 by June 1st (my birthday!) but my end goal is 145.

My hobbies include reading, playing with my two chihuahuas, video games, geocaching, camping, hiking and being involved in Greek life.

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3/12/12 12:16 P

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I am SO glad to read everyone's introductions! SO glad to not feel SO ALONE!
This will probably be a little rambling, but I feel like getting this off my chest, and I honestly don't have anyone besides my husband that I can really talk to about all of this.

I'm a preacher's kid...I think I read that someone else is...
I was raised Southern Baptist. And I have to be honest, I had a wonderful childhood, great parents that taught me to think. I guess that's where it backfired for them...
I was going to be a missionary, I actually have a cross-cultural ministry minor. That's where things really took a turn for me though, the more I learned about my faith, the more I learned about how to manipulate and "witness," the more I questioned who this "Jesus" was, and how can I tell people to believe in him. Basically I came to the conclusion that I can't believe in the diety of christ when he was the one that introduced 'thought sin' in the Sermon on the Mount - and there is no record of him from 12 to 30, seems questionable.
After that, of course I discovered a lot of philosophy and ideas and things that have formulated the person I am now, 10 years later.
I like who I am. I respect people of faith because I know how hard it is to have faith. But I'm tired of respecting other people when they do not respect me. I'm tired of being asked "Well what if you are wrong." I'm tired of talking about hell...believe me, I thought very seriously about it when I rejected Christianity.
And then it comes back to that I have been a fairly closeted agnostic/atheist. My parents know I don't go to church and that I have "liberal" ideas (funny how I'm really a moderate but because I don't hate gays or birth control I'm liberal), but we haven't had an open discussion about it. We're not really an 'open discussion' family.
But this week my mother expressed her disappointment in my decisions, what kind of person I am, how wrong I am.
And that just sucks.
I like to think of myself as open-minded, but that is hard to swallow. Especially because my current circle of friends includes a lot of Christians and Mormons, but they take me as I am...they don't try to change me, but we do have open discussions about what we think and why, which is wonderfully stimulating.
And now I don't know where to go with this, but I appreciate you giving me a venue to get it out of my system!

Someday is TODAY!

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2/5/12 7:46 P

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I have arrived.... werd!

It's gonna happen! Come hell or high water, it will!!!!!

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1/19/12 12:29 P

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SO happy to have found you all! I was beginning to think that only Christians were allowed to lose weight...
I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic Elementary through High School, wore the ugly uniforms, green beanies for mass, and saddle shoes. Thought about becoming a nun but realized I was choosing which order to enter based on their outfits. Escaped into Unitarianism as an adult, then ducked into Buddhism for awhile. While I have chosen to practice meditation and loving kindness as a way of life, I'll pass on the rules and regs~ which means I'll never get to wear the pretty saffron robes. I guess dogma drag is just not happenin' for me this time.
Anyway, as I said, I'm very, very happy to join the freethinkers on this site and look forward to learning from all of you!
~ Miz

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1/8/12 6:16 P

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Hi all! I'm Rebecca. I am 28 and I am glad that this group is here... All those "lose weight for Jesus" groups were giving me the creeps!

I grew up in a fundie-lite family, and grew away from religion while attending university for my undergraduate degree (which was ironically obtained at a faith-based institution). What didn't change is my passion for running. I am on Sparkpeople to maintain the weight I lost a couple of years ago after graduate school (the first go round with grad school for me) and make sure I am nourishing myself properly as I increase my mileage and re-introduce meat into my diet.

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11/6/11 7:20 P

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My name is Lisa Jayne. I just joined this team tonight. I'm 37 and from NE Indiana. My entire family grew up in the church. My grandma ran their kitchen, my grandpa was their Santa at Christmas. I was forced to memorized bible verses in Sunday school.

When I was an adult, I tried to continue going to church after years without, because that was what was drilled into me as a child. The longer I went, the more it was sounding like adult fairy tales.

I don't have a problem with people being religious. I'm not. I respect them for being believers but more often then not, I haven't seen that same respect shown to me. I believe in the power of people. I believe in being a good person and helping others. I genuinely like everyone until they give me reason to doubt. I have had arguments with church members at my front door trying to "recruit" me to their church. Them telling me that being a good person and helping others wouldn't get me into Heaven. I told them that I would rather be a good person and help people my whole life than be a bad person and get into Heaven because I accept Jesus and go to Church on Sundays. You know what I mean. The church-going people, "Christian" people as you will, not acting very Christian like when they aren't in their sanctuary.

What I don't like is that supposedly 12 step programs aren't religious but yet half their steps refer to God or a Higher Power in one way or another. It really makes an unbeliever want to get help with their problem... that was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell by reading. LOL. I would love to join Overeaters Anonymous but it's sooo annoying when it's a 50-50 split on whether your talking about God or food.

Anyway, that's me and my rant for the day.

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8/4/11 6:00 A

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Hi Abbey, and welcome!

Fairy Tidbits and Dewdrops
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8/3/11 9:37 P

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Hi! My name is Abby. I'm a photographer living in Louisville, KY. I'm so glad to find a group like this on here!

I grew up christian and jewish, meaning my father is jewish and my mother is christian. Which as one might expect, left me feeling very confused. As a young child I enjoyed reading greek mythology and found that it was hard to believe that people used to believe in those 'gods'. This, of course, got me questioning the beliefs that surrounded me. I would ask my mom questions about god but she would just get upset. I just accepted what was told to me but always curious about the 'truth' in the back of my mind.

By the time I was a teenager I took it upon myself to research other religions. After searching for different ideas I found the writings of Anton LaVey to be very inspiring. Among other things that I got from his work, I discovered what I believe in - the value of humanity. I don't believe in a higher power - I believe in what I can see and/or what is proven. I am a human and part of a larger group - humanity. This makes me feel empowered to have this knowledge. I feel it's very important to embrace our self-awareness as we are the 'higher power' in this world.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to get all technical about it. But I feel great being able to talk about my beliefs openly!

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8/2/11 5:19 P

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Oh, Thank God I found you!!!

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12/10/10 10:54 A

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I'm getting back on track and finding this site to be uber helpful. I'm an atheist/skeptic living in west KY. Thanks for starting a group that is friendly to folks like me!

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SUZY33YES Posts: 170
8/8/10 2:54 A

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Hello Hello everyone :)

I am new to the team, just joined today!

Glad there is a team for the non-religious!!! yay!!

Looking for buddies out there so if anyone wants some support, just let me know...sending me a private message or a comment on my page would prob. be best...sometimes its hard to follow up on the forums.

8/1/10 1:36 P

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G'day All! Glad to find this Team. I'm a PK (Pastor's Kid) who unwillingly became an MK (Missionary's Kid) at thirteen. For much of my life I tried to blend in by trying to regard religious concepts and beliefs as metaphors, but that just never held up. I wanted a sense of community so badly; I searched. Judaism has much to offer, but I never felt I belonged, and I always felt I was hiding something. I've finished my three score and ten, and for the past several years I've felt completely free to let all that stuff go. I've never been happier, more confident, or more in touch with other people. Free at last! I am a member of the American Humanist Association (the Happy Humanist folks) and a lifetime member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Check it out!

It's tough growing up at any age.
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11/28/09 10:42 A

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I agree that there seems like there "might be something out there". Human beings are spiritual creatures, even us atheists. What I think is that organized religions are messed up and based on such violent and intolerant teachings. I'll stop here so I don't violate sp terms! Nice to meet you....

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"Religion. It`s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion. "
-Charlie Chaplin

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2/16/09 9:23 A

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Just thought I'd introduce myself as well. I'm Kris and I live in Central Ohio. I would place myself in the Agnostic/Freethinker range of idealogy.

I was raised in a very fundamentalist Christian home - church every Sunday, Sunday night, Wednesday night, outings with the youth group, etc. But in college (at a Methodist college none the less) I had a class called The Philosophy of Religion that really got me thinking about my beliefs and why I believed what I did. I had no real sound explanation as to why!

Add that to lots in in-fighting within the church my parents went to and I drifted far away from religion. Now, well, not sure what I believe but I do NOT believe, and of this I am certain, is that if there is something out there it's not the Christian or Jewish or Muslim god that everyone has today.

In Columbus I do go from time to time to the Humanist meetings (Humanist Community of Central Ohio) and I do go to the Reasonable Women's Book Club all the time. It's an offshoot of the HCCO. The people there are just wonderful!

I hope to get to know more people who think the same way that I do. I find it so hard to bit my tongue when there are all the posts with bible quotes and everyone blessing everyone. It's all funny to me :)

Have a great day!


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2/1/09 4:08 P

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Hi, I'm old on SP, but have been in slump with my healthy habits & have more recently returned to daily SP stuff. I wanted to try some new teams with views more like my own.

I'm an attorney currently living in the western subs of Chicago. I live with my bf, who is younger, more energetic and has a better metabolism. If I didn't love him so much, I'd might be jealous...well, more jealous than I currently am. I consider myself a Jewish Atheist. I love many of the Jewish traditions (I was raised a Jew), but can't get into the whole god-thing.

There's a bit about me and why I joined this team.

"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself."
Abraham Heschel

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12/18/08 4:25 A

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Hello, I'm new to SparkPeople and I'm glad to have found this group. I'm an atheist/Humanist and I'm interested in meeting likeminded people. I was raised Catholic (in a lazy sort of way) and have led a more and more secular life as I've gotten older.

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11/17/08 12:04 P

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Hi everyone,
I was just told about SP and this group by a new friend. I only went to church as a kid when my grandparents dragged me (about twice a year). Still, religion has been so prevalent that as an adult I thought I should believe and tried a couple times to attend church regularly. When I did, there was that inner voice that just said this stuff is not right. It was sort of like skiing for me. Everyone tells me how great it is, but when I try it is just scary and painful. But I've tried skiing a few times too thinking that this time it will be different. Needless to say, I've happily given up on both.

Still, when I told my mom I didn't believe, she said, "That's not how I raised you." I just responded by pointing out that she didn't really raise me to believe anything, so I made my mind up myself. Beyond my husband though, I really don't discuss it. I know my in-laws wouldn't understand, and my sister and I can't discuss politics and maintain a good relationship - religion would be disastrous. She's one of those, "If you don't go to the right church (not just the right denomination) you will burn in Hell" type of people. I'd say she made her mind up for herself too, but the brainwashing from her ex-husband probably had more to do with it. I'd like to say I have an open mind about her, but it's hard to feel intellectually equal to someone who voted for Bush twice and is still proud of it.

Anyway, that's a quick take on my belief evolution.
Nice to meet everyone.

10/27/08 11:33 P

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Hi, I am Gwen, and this seems like it might be an ideal fit!

I have been a member of Spark People for about a year - not steadily, but here. I have lost and gained the same 10 pounds a number of times. It will eventually work. Just need to get a little "won't power". I've got too much will power. ( as in "I will eat this" rather than "I won't eat this"!)

Anyway, it seems like everyone I run into anymore is really into religion. I'm kind of "don't believe". I was raised to be really religious in a metaphysical sort of way, but even that has gotten to be too much. Mostly I just want to be left alone. I am tired of the born again aspect - in fact, it is beginning to be really irritating, but I am not completely in the atheist range. So I don't know where I actually stand, but I just want to be left there. I have had enough education from both my Mom and my Daughter to see that anyone can make the bible (which was written by men) say anything they want, and some of it is really far fetched! I definitely believe in evolution, and can't understand why anyone would not, but I am not a reformer, and just want to let people believe what they want and let me believe what I want. This sounds like a place where that can happen! Thanks!

I am a grandma - there is a grandpa - and I have 2 daughters of my own and a step-son and step-daughter. I have 7 grandchildren total. I run a home day care center and have four two year old boys and one two year old girl. Should have another 16 month old girl next week. Lots of hard work and they can try my patience, but the kisses and hugs are a good reward.
That is me!


North Highlands, CA
(Sacramento area)

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9/10/08 11:36 A

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Greetings, All:
I've been on SP since last March and "out of the atheist closet" for many, many years. After a close and comparative study of history and religions, I realized that man invented god, not the other way around. Here's the soap box: We Humanists need to become politically active. I have to wonder if there is any other democratic country in the world where a religious right's attempt to dominate government would be tolerated. VOTE!

Life is short. Don't spend it all in one place.

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8/7/08 12:07 A

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Hello, I just found SP a few days ago and love it. I plan on using it for tracking workouts, plus all the articles and stuff are great. I don't have my own page yet but I will soon enough I'm sure.

My dad was Catholic and my mom Lutheran, but neither was very serious about it. This was nice because even though I grew up going to Catholic church it was never treated as a big deal. I also never had to deal with some of the problems you all are describing; my immediate family has never hassled me because they are mostly the same way I am, at least in behavior. I can only imagine how bad that must be.

If I had to describe what religion I am, it would be "philosophy" rather than atheism. However, I would say that none of the religions out there can possibly be even close to the Truth. I became hooked on philosophy during college because it was the first place I really encountered it. I have actively discussed it with my closest friends ever since, though we are not academic about it. The only philosophy I've read since college are a few things I especially liked. But the pursuit of philosophical topics still fascinates me to no end, especially in applying it to life.

Anyway I hope to see this group become more active because, even though I love this site, I do not particularly want to read about how god is helping everyone lose weight. I look forward to some interesting discussions especially considering the nature of the site. You all rock for being so up front and making a team like this.

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7/22/08 8:55 P

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SKEPCHICK Posts: 2,563
7/22/08 7:30 P

Nice to meet you, Black Falcon. Welcome to the team!

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7/22/08 11:30 A

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BlackFalcon reporting in.

I can't say I am an atheist, but I can say that I am not a believer. There might be an higher entity somewhere that created this place, but for all I know there is none.

I don't have nothing against religious people. Some of them are quite alright. But certain experiences I had with religious people are not exactly helping when people are trying to change my mind about this whole religion - deal.

SKEPCHICK Posts: 2,563
7/16/08 7:01 P

Welcome, good to have you here. It is distressing to see so many serious believers in the Spark mix, isn't it? I'm glad this little refuge is here.

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7/16/08 10:01 A

I'm SO glad that this team exists. I've been an atheist for quite some time, although my mom always tried to raise me as Caltholic. I can't logically explain why anyone would practice organized religion, and a lot of what people believe is absurd. Too many people on this site truly believe that "god" has helped them achieve their goals. To me, I can simply laugh when I hear something of that nature. There are many conservatives on this site, which is pretty annoying. And to be honest with you, when I see someone has too much religious stuff on their Sparkpage, I simply navigate away from it because to me it isn't worth being preached to over and over again.

I'm an extreme atheist and liberal. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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7/7/08 9:43 P

I, too, am rather freaked by all the religion on the site. Nice to find a friendly harbor.

I was raised Catholic but successfully refused to confirm. I learned what an atheist was at 13 and believed I was one until college, when I realized that 'agnostic' was really a better fit for me.

7/3/08 3:02 P

Hello all, I'm glad to have found this team. The strong presence of religion on SP kind of surprised me, so it came as a bit of relief to me to find non-religious voices. My feeling is that if what you believe helps you along in life, that's great, but don't persecute me for believing in other things.

I work, like CATHICAM does, in a workplace with many highly religious christians, and I adore my co-workers for all kinds of reasons. We don't talk about religion or my lack of churchyness -- I am fortunate that none proselytize at work.

I am not necessarily an atheist - I prefer not adding -ist or -ism to any descriptive term for myself. I am a very happy person who feels nothing is missing in her life and feel very much a part of the universe, without going to church or subscribing to any particular dogma.

Patience is also a form of action.

- Auguste Rodin

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6/13/08 6:30 P

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Wow I'm so glad I found this team.I have been with Sparkpeople for a week now and I thought at first it was a complete religious site. I figured I needed the help so I just tuned out all the religious conversations and figured I could do as I always do and simply keep my mouth shut.

So glad this team is here though. It is so hard to find others that feel as I do.

My name is Cathi, I'm 41 have two boys and am engaged to be married in December. I have been openly athiest for several years now. My family knows but the refuse to acknowledge it. They think its a phase. My fiance is a christian but completely respects my beliefe and has no problem with it. Most other people are not that way. Where I work for example, everyone is EXTREMELY religious so no one here knows I'm an athiest.

Its terrible that I feel I have to hide the fact that I don't believe in God. I get the oddest comments such as "If you don't believe in god how can you know right from wrong?" That question makes me want to thump them upside the head, but that would be wrong. lol

Anyway nice to find this team! I look foward to getting to know you.

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5/12/08 8:47 P

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I think we are the only two so far! I am recently atheist (since December). I am an extreme feminist liberal and I work very hard to end violence against women. I decided after learning that the bible says some absolutely terrible things about women, that I couldn't believe in a supreme being that would want others to live oppressed. I am going to school for Social Work and Women's Studies and plan to go back and get my Master's in Social Responsibility. I am excited about this team, it is hard to find people that are openly atheist so yay!

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5/5/08 1:40 P

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Hi and Welcome to the team!

I started this team to create a friendly discourse and support system for those of us who do not believe in supreme beings.

A little about me. My father was raised Catholic, my mom Methodist. My siblings and I were raised Methodist. But at about 11, I became the pesky kid in Sunday school who asked too many questions. My preacher actually bribed (YES! bribed) me with pizza once so I would not ask questions. By the time I was in college I felt comfortably saying to myself I didn't believe in a supreme power/being/God/etc, but I hadn't 'come out' so to say.

When I began graduate school a few years later, a few things happened that solidified my beliefs. First, my roommate was a evangelical Christian. The sweetest girl in the world, but she tried a bit too much to convert me to Christianity. It was then that I somewhat publicly announced I was an atheist and I haven't looked back since! Second, I'm a scientist - a geologist. Most of my research is centered on the Cretaceous period. So it really is disheartening to hear folks say that evolution isn't valid or that radiometric dating is a crock.

As for SP, I've been with SP since October 2007 and since then I've lost about 20 lbs, but have been holding steady at my current weight since December (boo) with 15 lbs. left to go. I'm currently doing the swimsuit bootcamp, in hopes it will rev up my metabolism.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and having some great discussion!

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