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8/6/10 12:09 P

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Don't know what size Kettlebell (KB) you got or what program. Too light a KB and you won't get much workout. Unless you have a medical issue that limits your mobility (and then you should be working with a KB trainer) you should have at least an 18/20 lb KB. A lot sold in the stores are lighter and won't be the best benefit.

If you are in shape, especially with some weight lifting, you can start with a 26 lb (12 kg) one. You can also start with this and with lower reps, but then you won't get as much of a workout with it until you can build up your stamina/strength (takes only a month or two if you are applying yourself).

So that is first thing to look at, your KB weight.

Second, get a good DVD. Many that come with the lighter KBs at the stores are not an effective KB workout.

Hope that helps. Keep asking questions and researching and you will get there.

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8/5/10 9:52 P

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Lorraine is correct. You really should get with a Certified Russian Kettlebell instructor. If you go to and go under instructors, you click on that and then put in your zipcode and hopefully you will come up with several people in your area where you can give them a call and see about getting together with them to learn proper form.

If you do not learn proper form, you can seriously damage your back, not to mention causing other physiology problems.

I've been going to my chiropractor who is Certified Russian Kettlebell instructor to help rehab my core and back not to mention strengthen my quads & glutes.

(I am not in a position to run so kettlebells may be the best thing for me. Right now, I am doing a 37 pound deadlift, and do 10 sets of 10 reps of swings with a 26 pound kettlebell, along with some TRX exercises. And that's it for the kettlebells for the 2xs that I see him each week. Gradually doc wants me to do them 3xs a week but that won't be for about another 3 weeks.)

You don't want to injure your knees or back from improper form or squatting.

It takes prepartion to learn to swing, meaning that there will be other exercises to do to strengthen the core so that you can swing properly.

If you check out dragondoor, you will find articles, discussions, videos, and such to help you. But be smart about it. You only have one body and that's it.

I am still learning how to come down further in my squat and I've been doing kettlebells with the DC for about 2.5 months 2x a week. So that should tell you something about the fact that it will take time and it doesn't happen over night.

If you learn to do it properly, and love it, you will be better off in the long run because you can do it for the rest of your life.

Injure yourself and you will pay for the rest of your life.

So seek out a certified instructor and pay them. It will be money well spent.

I hope this helps you.

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Welcome! Have you checked for instructors in your area? It took awhile but I finally found one very local to me. He's HKC and going for RKC. If it's at all possible, go for at least one or two private lessons. I'd been kb'ing almost a year before I found my instructor and I was doing things wrong with my swing I wasn't even aware of. It's really hard to perfect it by following dvd's.

How long has it been since your dietary changes? Rome wasn't built in a day. Portion sizes are a big deal as well as meal content.

I've actually gained weight since kb'ing but I'm going with the "muscle weighs more than fat" I really only had a few lbs. to lose anyway so I've built a good bit of muscle.

Just be careful whose dvd's you order and who you follow on youtube. All are not created equal and you'll get some wrong advice if you aren't careful.

It's a great team here, enjoy!

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8/5/10 9:47 A

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Lots of good articles on Dragon Door on the net. I have just purchased a book by Sarah Larie who is a certified RKC trainer called Kettlebells for Dummies!!! Very easy to use and understand and the workouts area great emoticon

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8/5/10 3:03 A

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Hi everyone...good to know there are others here who are using KBs. I'm on my own to figure out how to use KBs to lose about 20 lbs. I've been training by using a DVD that came with the KBs as well as from some videos found on YouTube. I have ordered a few more and am hoping that I will be able to have a few routines that I can use so I don't get bored and plateau my progress. I've been trying to use KBs every other day while doing interval training for 20 minutes on a bike on other days. Suggestions anyone for how I can shed 20 lbs? I've changed my diet as well, but not sure that it is working. Anyway...glad to be here and looking forward to connecting with the team.

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