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2/3/09 7:26 A

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Welcome to the team!!! emoticon

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2/2/09 1:10 A

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Welcome Star!! emoticon

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1/20/09 8:36 P

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Thank you all so much for the warm welcome to the group. It really makes me feel welcome and eases the anxiety to post more here and to even give it a try in other teams that I have been lurking in. I hope you all have a great day :)

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1/19/09 7:52 P

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Hello and welcome! You are in a safe place here. Best of luck on your weight loss journey.

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1/19/09 6:32 P

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Star emoticon

I look forward to getting to know you better. It seems we have some things in common. I am on disability myself for my anxiety and bipolar disorders. I want you to know that getting through the agoraphobia and panic can be done. It took me a long time with a therapist (finding the right one was tough) and finding the right med combo (that was tough too.) and practicing techniques to decrease anxiety to overcome the worst. I still have some of the issues about being social and in crowd. I am sharing this in the hopes that you will feel encouraged and not alone.

I am so glad you joined our forum and stepped out of the comfort zone to post.



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1/19/09 10:42 A

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Welcome! I am sure you will enjoy the team. emoticon

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1/19/09 12:13 A

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emoticon to the team!!

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1/19/09 12:10 A

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Well here goes..

I've been a member here at spark for a while now and only recently posted my first blog and now I am taking the plunge with my first forum post. Don't get me wrong.. I *want* to participate, but whenever I think about posting something somewhere I freeze up and feel like an idiot.

I have agoraphobia, social anxiety, general anxiety and panic attacks (especially if I have to go into crowded places or places I feel nervous in); I have been labeled as AVPD as well. I also have major chronic depression. I have been on at least 15 different types of medication for depression. ALL of which I had horrible side effects from. One of them I even wound up in the ER with seizure things. My body does not handle medication well.

I am on Social Security because of my issues. I was approved the first time without having to appeal or fight for it. That must mean I am a complete psycho, huh? :) I also have some physical issues, the biggest one being PCOS (poly cystic ovarian disease Ė which I am on medication for as well. Something called Metformin.. anyway I just started that about a month ago and am trying to get past being sick from it so I can get up to my full dose.) And I have CTS.

I know I probably sound like a bundle of joy, but I actually have a pretty good sense of humor most of the time and unless someone knew me they would never know about my depression because I do a good job of hiding it. Years of practice I guess. The panic attacks I canít hide, unfortunately.

I am in the process of trying to find a new therapist (Mine retired that I saw for over a year and the last one I started seeing is probably crazier than I am lol. I only lasted about 3 months with him and then realized I was getting so stressed about going to therapy and THAT is not good).

Wow.. so sorry for the rant.. umm back to weightloss.. My hubby and I are both working on changing our lifestyle and eating habits to loose weight. He needs to loose about 100lbs and I need to loose around 80lbs. It seems like a long way to go but I'm trying to break it down into small steps, like 10lbs at a time. We have an exercise bike and a bowflex. I have been using the bike as much as I can, when I do much of anything it really hurts my side because of the PCOS. (Which I am going back to the dr for next week and may end up having to have surgery. Yuck.)

I do love to cook (when Iím feeling up to it.. some days its very hard though, when the depression is bad). And I am enjoying cooking healthier things for us to eat that are still great tasting. I also love to write and make jewelry or any crafty, artsy type thing.

Thanks for reading.. itís nice to find a group like this. So sorry for this being so long.
Have a great day,

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