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Welcome! I'm Diane! I do Keto too :) I find that it makes me manic when I take antidepressants, so I'm off of those. I just take mood stabilizers (Neurontin and Topamax [mostly for migraines]), Latuda and Trazadone for sleep. I sleep pretty good these days when I don't have to set an alarm and my anxiety isn't acting up. The Topamax helps me a lot with sleep, actually. I'm glad that they put me on it for my migraines.

I was diagnosed bipolar at age 7.. I can't imagine not being diagnosed for so long! I've been on meds since my early 20's, and admitted to the hospital more times than I can remember (somewhere in the 14-15 time range). It helps me to just get away from life and not die. My father died by suicide, so I refuse to do the same.

How do you like Keto? I really enjoy it! I find that when I eat carbs I don't feel nearly as well, and I hate cheating now. The last time I did was for the fair a couple of days ago and I really paid for it. I felt like crap for a few days, and I just couldn't get my mind together. I just know that Keto is amazing for me, and really helps with the depression!

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Welcome to the team! We're happy to have you joining us!

I cannot even imagine going undiagnosed for as long as you have! Props to you for muddling through! Hopefully now with your treatment you can really live your life to it's fullest! I was into my 20's before I found the right psych for me who got me onto the right med combo for me. And even that has changes as I've had children. But the addition of a mood stabilizer is definitely something that should have happened a lot sooner in my life.


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Hi and emoticon to the Living with Bipolar Disorder !! We are an open group. Thank you for posting on the Chat thread !! It is nice to get to know you and to have you be a part of the Team. You have many similar diagnosis' as some of our other members, so hopefully you will feel like an integral part of the group, once you get to know us.

I used to take Depokte, but I was able to drop it and just go with my Abilify. I take Wellbutrin and Abilify only for my bipolar condition. I do have to take other pills for my blood pressure, cholesterol and sleep. I have horrible insomnia, so they have prescribed Ambien at the present time. It is not very strong and is limited in its effectiveness, so I may need a sleep study to see if sleep apnea is a problem. We have others here who follow a keto diet and who have conditions like anxiety, fibro and more. Keep posting on the Chat thread and you will get a positive response to any post that you make. This is a caring and compassionate group. We welcome you and hope that you will find support and encouragement here. Take care and God bless, Deb emoticon

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I was dx late in life, bipolar type 2. I am 65 and just dx a few years ago, can't remember the exact year, but it took 2 yrs to get my SSD. And longer to find the cocktail that worked for me. Of course like many, i have many dx, anxiety, fibro, chronic pain, arthritis, periphial neuropathy(not diabetic), insomnia, and ibs-d, guess that's enough. I have never had an admition, but I can look back and see my symptoms as a teen. Was given many antidepressants over the years for depression but never a mood leveler, so I had many manic episodes. I knew things were not kosher but I just thought it was my personality. I was afraid to go see a pdoc because of the bad stigma and was afraid my kids would be taken from me.

The stigma is still prevelant, but not as bad as it was 30 or 40 years ago.

I finally am able to just take a mood leveler now, 1000 mg Depakote per night and Valium 10 mg for sleep and anxiety. I am a night owl and fight sleep even though I know I need it because I have a out 35 lbs I need to lose. I follow the Keto way of eating because my body really likes it and it does help with my ibs and inflammation of my joints most times.

I have a closed Facebook group I created as therapy fir myself and for other like minded to feel safe to get support.

I hope to make friends here because I am pretty much a hermit, my husband, daughter, and my 2 morkies are my biggest supporters.

Hope you have support from at least one person in your life, if not I have a big shoulder, give me a shout and lets journey together. 😊

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