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6/12/14 6:08 P

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Welcome Adrianne! I was diagnosed bipolar at age 7 but they didn't know what to do with me, so they left it untreated and just kinda swept it under the rug. When I was in my 20's I decided to look up this "bipolar" thing online and I saw I fit the symptoms. It took some convincing from my roommates, but I finally got therapy and meds. I'm 31 now and I finally have a combo that works.

~Rissa, AKA Diane

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4/29/14 1:25 P

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Thank you to both of you!! It's so nice knowing you're not alone. JUST2MUCH2, I've heard of DBT, and I'm definitely going to do some more research into that. I'm very glad to be here. :)


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4/28/14 1:35 P

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Glad to see you here! My story is similar....treated for depression for 30 years, off & on prozac & finally correctly diagnosed BP2 about 5 years ago (short version of the story). It was a relief to finally know the whole picture and go about finding out where "normal" I know what you mean.

Anyway, pop over to the main chat thread and let us get to know you.

Carol - Houston, TX (it's weird to see this and not Kaua'i, Hawaii)

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4/28/14 1:00 P

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Welcome. I agree about FINALLY finding out why I acted & thought the way I did, but a year of hell trying to find the right cocktail. I felt GREAT on Lithium but after only 3 mos. had significant kidney damage (permanent) & had to get off. What I found really helpful was DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). More like a class, meeting weekly w/homework, but was so helpful in teaching me new thinking skills, new ways to challenge my conclusions that led to my out-of-control emotions & kept my family walking on eggshells around me. I was able to get off Abilify (anti-psychotic I was on for 12 yrs that "helped" me gain 50+ lbs.) after only 3 MONTHS of DBT (w/meds provider OK).

She & my husband & internal medicine doc (& me, frankly) could not believe the rapid progress I made in a positive direction. I was so surprised to find I could gain control over my thoughts, emotions & actions. I had felt so at mercy at this monster inside me & abused alcohol, smoked, etc.--all the "normal" dysfunctional coping skills we do.

I chose to do DBT for 2 YEARS & also weekly indiv. therapy w/the DBT - TRAINED therapist (make sure they are certified). Learn more about the "founder" of DBT Marsha LINEHAN who has borderline--one of the most difficult to treat mental illnesses & has a lot in common w/bipolar (type 1, in my case).

And I wasn't correctly diagnosed until I was about 42 even though my mother had schizo affective & severe OCD & paranoia. So here I am turning 60 May 6 & it hasn't been smooth sailing for sure, but raised 2 great kids who went through terrible bouts of depression & daughter who is a law prof who is too fearful to seek treatment as the Bar Assoc. can pull you in & question your ability to be a lawyer if being treated for a mental health issue. Would seem the ones who seek treatment are the most fit.

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4/28/14 12:16 P

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Hi all. I was diagnosed with bipolar ii at 32. Previously was misdiagnosed with PMDD and put on prozac, which helped for a bit but, if you have bipolar, you know antidepressants alone are a recipe for disaster...

Getting diagnosed was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I'm not crazy about HAVING it, but this meant there was a reason I felt the way I felt, and there were things I could do to help myself.

I take meds, but I don't know that I'm where I need to be. It's hard to gauge what "normal" emotions are when you have no concept of them! Either way, I'm done letting bipolar be an excuse. Glad to be here. :)


And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
-The Cave, Mumford & Sons
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