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3/16/09 11:20 A

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With the eggs, it would be worthwhile to find out if he is allergic to eggs, or to lecithin (which is also in soy). My sister is allergic to eggs, but can have egg beaters or egg whites, just not the yolks as that is where the lecithin is. For years she thought it was just eggs, took a while to learn.

My sister's kids (other sister) are all allergic to milk and tomatoes. Difficult. Basically, as the previous poster stated: simplify. Focus on whole foods, fresh veggies and cooked ones, without sauces or dips.
However, if he isn't allergic to soy, you can also substitute some soy, rice or almond milk or products (think cheese or yoghurt). My nephew and nieces all have their cold cereal with juice instead of milk. My sister hasn't substituted other replacements for milk simply because they are not available where she lives and now that soy is available it is expensive and she is worried because both her sisters (me and my other sister) are allergic to soy. But they really are viable options for many people.
The best and easiest thing for you though is to gradually switch your family to a dairy free/egg free menu. If you don't switch your whole family your son will grow up feeling like he is missing out all the time. And actually, your family will probably benefit and adjust just fine. (our family did, my younger brother had allergies to red food coloring, msg, canned goods and aspirin and we just banned them from the house and to this day I don't use them!)
The good news is that my brother grew out of his allergies for the most part and my nephew and oldest niece seem to be getting better with theirs the older they get as well (12 and 11 now).

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3/12/09 9:32 P

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I'm also allergic to dairy. It's a challenge, especially since I didn't develop these allergies till I was about 45. And love most of the foods I have listed below.

Since he doesn't know these foods yet, it will be easy for him to adjust, it's the rest of the family that will have difficulties.

Baking you can use applesauce in place of eggs. If you have a good grocery store there is a product found in the health food section/organic area called "Egg replacer". It works pretty good for baking also.
As far as eating eggs plain any more, that's off limits for me. You cannot use Egg Beaters because they contain eggs. Read every label before you buy things.
I don't eat too many caseroles anymore, things are pretty much fresh veggies, fruits, and meats with whole grains.
I'm also allergic to many food items, so beware there may be more things to pop up around the corner. It will be difficult because he can't talk yet I imagine.
My main allergy is to ragweed, the foods listed below act as co-committents.
some of the things on my list also are: Dairy, eggs, cheese,lettuce, spinach, citrus, alcohol, strawberries, melons, fish, avocados, chocolate( I still can eat this though, thankfully), tomatoes, plums. Oh my there's a few more, but I can't remember them. I carry a list with me always.

Probably the best thing is to see a specialized Allergist in Food allergies. They can take a blood test now to determine allergies. However food allergies are sometimes difficult to determine.

Good luck to you, it's a learning process every day.


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3/12/09 4:04 P

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I have a child now 18 yrs who was allergic to milk and at 2yrs out grew it.

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3/12/09 2:41 P

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I am Terrie the teacher from TX. I have a 11 month baby allergic to milk and we think eggs. Just tryingn to find some tips to cookign with no dairy.

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