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6/25/08 6:47 P

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I also cannot eat fruit with a pit. It send me into anaphalctic shock. Cherries aren't quite as bad for me but I still get a mild reaction. I love avocados too much to give them up so I have build up a psuedo-immunity to them. I just kep eating them until my body stopped rejecting them. They never sent me into anaphalaxis but it did cause vomiting. With all other fruit, I only buy organic and wash it really good. This seems to do the trick.

For me, I'm not allergic to the other fruit (just the ones with the pits). And I'm not necessarily allergic to the fruits at all. I have chemical allergies which include mercapto-mix (a binding agent in latex) and some others that are found in cleaning supplies and preservatives. So it could a chemical that seaped through and stored into the pit that I'm allergic to. Could be the same thing for you.

Are you able to eat those fruits once they have been processed? I know that I can have them after they have been canned. That is definitely a way to try it.

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6/25/08 8:43 A

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how about grapes and citrus fruits? the only reason i ask is my friend with a latex/fruits you mentioned allergy can eat them. are you also allergic to berries like strawberry, rasberry, blueberry or even kiwi? all very good for you if you aren't allergic. some ppl just can't eat it. you know what you can and can't but it is ok and as long as you are staying as balanced as you can it will still help and you will still loose weight.

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6/24/08 7:29 P

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This is quite overwhelming, so please, bear with me. I have a moderately severe latex allergy and cannot eat any fruit with a pit- nectarines, peaches, cherries, etc. I do eat avacados with lots of other foods mixed with it. The pesticides on apples almost killed me, and I have to eat bananas when most people throw them out. How can I get more fruit without a reaction? I do use Fit to clean every fruit or vegetable we eat, and that helps.

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