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6/18/09 11:20 P

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What you ride depends on where you ride and how you want to ride. I'm an avid mountain biker and I ride trails that a road bike wouldn't survive more than 1 minute :O) Mountain bikes have fat tires with big threads that are meant to dig into the earth and give control/edge on trails/hills/etc. I wouldn't use it on paved surfaces for long distances or road touring. There are in-between bikes, like the townies, where the tires are mid-sized, so offers more options of surface types (minus technical trails) and are meant as a more casual means of riding. Road bikes are usually for paved surfaces and are good for long-distances, speed, etc. I want to get a road bike because it does give you a different kind of workout than mountain biking does (more on endurance versus power/strenght/agility with mtn biking).

A reputable bike shop will definitely help with the decision of what kind of bike you need and making sure it fits.

Bike on!!


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6/17/09 8:17 A

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Also, if you want to stick with your current bike and stay somewhat compititive you could purchase skinnier tires for your bike. The skinnier tires will help in the speed category and easier to pedal.


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6/14/09 10:50 P

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Speaking of Bike Type: Does anyone out there ride a FUJI ? I had one a long time ago (in 1981, I think) , and really liked it. Today I did a search, and they're still being manufactured. I saw a few low-end FUJI road bike models at Sport Chalet this afternoon, and one that was kind of mid-range. Does anybody know anything about them?

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6/7/09 11:58 P

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Good advice from everyone, I think I would start with what you have, as long as you can make the ride on your bike? Are there hills on the rides, and if so do you have the gears to make it up the hills? If you decide to get another bike, try out as many bikes as you can before you buy. Don't buy a new one until you are sure you know what you want. As a general rule the better the bike the more you will enjoy riding, and the more you will ride.

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6/7/09 9:30 P

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Great story DaisyDuck, I totally agree with it as it sounds like me. I started with comfort bike to see if I liked biking and now have road bike. The road bike feels integrated with my body and has made riding a passion and pleasure. I would not want to go back to a heavy bike.

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6/3/09 6:35 P

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Being comfortable on your bike is #1, I agree. This is the perfect place for me to share a quick story!:
I've recently fallen in love with riding and have been very comfortable riding my husband's cannondale mountain bike. He passed that bike on to me last summer after I started complaining about feeling too "upright" on my Trek comfort bike. I took to the mountain bike quickly and logged 600 miles by the end of the summer. When I started back on it this spring and once again declared my love for biking, my husband started researching other bike options for me. "But I love your mountain bike honey" I kept telling him - I really didn't want him to waste his money when I had a perfectly good bike to ride. He was sure that I couldn't possibly be comfortable on the mountain bike as it's not even my size! He says "Trust me, once you try a road bike in your own size, you'll realize the mountain bike isn't right for you"
Let's just say at this point... he's a very wise man :)
He found a road bike frame in my size, built the remainder of the bike custom fit for me, and I rode 100 miles within the first two days of getting on it! It rode fast, fluid, wasn't twitchy, and I felt very good riding it. I won't be going back to the mountain bike!

Moral: What you don't know won't really hurt you. But once you find out what you've been missing... you won't want to go back!


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6/3/09 12:20 P

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I agree with Lovey and Queen. You won't be out of place with your current bike. Since it sounds like you're just starting out racing, I think it's smart to use what you have before spending $500 or more on a piece of equipment that you'll only use once or twice.

If, after you have done a few races, you get that fire in your belly (which you probably will), and you decide to continue on with racing, then I would say to start researching other types of bikes.


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6/2/09 11:10 P

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I don't have any expertise, and haven't really ridden very much, BUT I have a coworked that I've talked to about this. I ride a hybrid, and it's comfortable, but I told her I felt that I would be out of place in local "races" becasue "everybody rides road bikes". "Not true!" she assures me. And in fact, I've made it a point to examine groups of cyclists around my area, and people actually are NOT all riding road bikes! So I 'm inclined to believe it's best to start with what we've got, and enjoy the ride!

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6/2/09 9:27 P

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Start with what you have IF it is comfortable. I went to a bike clinic last month and the instructor said that best bike is the one you ride that is comfortable. As you ride more, you may decide to get a road, hybrid or cross bike or even stay with your own. At least try your bike first.

I tried my old mountain bike and it was okay but it wasn't my size and not too comfortable. I got a fitness hybrid, also called a flat bar road bike.

My 2 cents so take this with a grain of salt because I am a new, new rider.

There are more experienced people on this forum and they are great. They gave me a lot of good advice too.


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6/2/09 9:15 P

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I would definitely go for the road bike. You will be much more comfortable and ride much faster.


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6/2/09 6:14 P

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I don't know but I want to know too. I have a shwin mountain bike and would enjoy doing a few fun bike rides.

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6/2/09 6:11 P

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Hello Everyone - I have a Leisure Bike and I wondered if I could enjoy a few races with the bike. Nothing serious just like riding it on few run/bike competitions this summer.

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