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1/17/17 8:30 P

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Thanks for sharing the history, KELS! I remember being invited to this group later in the game, and am happy that we found each other.

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world."
- Joel A. Barker

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1/18/11 1:12 P

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Neat history! I was one that talked the talk but never did the walk but somehow, I was welcome on this team with so many ladies that were working harder than I was.

Thanks for keeping me on!!


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1/17/09 12:56 A

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AWESOME story on how it all began. So honored to be here!!!

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9/23/08 3:47 P

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Thank you for sharing that. Long live the GG's!!

I started 3/6/07 at 149. I have lost almost 22 pounds.

Co-leader of: 10-25 Pounds to Lose and Spark Fitness and Goal Buddies.

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9/23/08 3:35 P

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GG4L History: How it All Began

Back in August of 2007, POCOHANTAZ (Kia, leader of SP team BBQ) got the bright idea to form a “challenge within a challenge.” It was referred to as the “Biggest Loser Challenge” or the “BLC.” Everyone who posted that they wished to join were placed on teams. There were well over 20 teams. It took the fearless leader quite sometime to place everyone on teams. She works for a major pharmaceutical company, she is a mom and trying to make time to reach her own weight loss goals, I could not blame her for taking as long as she did to arrange all us ladies. We are talking about at least 160 ladies that needed to be placed on teams and the numbers kept growing! I think the “Queens” liked the idea because it made this HUGE team of several thousands seem smaller and more intimate. Each team would then have to select their leader and team name. Initially, we were known as “BLC Team 18.”

On September 10, 2007, CHAMPANE1225 initiated the first thread for our team at 12:58 in the afternoon. We began with eight teammates:
51 SanFran
And lastly, myself, KelsPrettyGirl

Soon the team name suggestions began to role in. Names like: “Getting Ready to Rumble” or “Let’s Rumble” suggested by 51SANFRAN. “Queen FB's (FatBurners),”
“Foxy Fury,” “Sexy Sizzlers,” “Pound Punchers,” and “Fat Zappers” suggested by Champane. GotThatFire suggested “Fat to All That,” “Curvalicious BBQ's,” “Curvey BBQ's,” and “The Light Weight Divas.” MizzMelanie came up with “Light N Lovely,” “Oh So Scaleable,” “Heavy No More,” and “No More Weighting,” (which was my personal favorite LOL.) SRENEEOLIVER (SRENEE)suggested “Bootylicious Babes,” “Bod Squad,” “Go Gettas,” “Lovely Losers or Ladies,” “Fit and Fabulous,” “Gut Busters,” “Cardio Queens,” and “Health Fanatics.” Then GOTTHATFIRE said she liked the names but chose one she liked and modified it. Instead of “Go Gettas” she suggested “Goal Gettas.” So after two days of deliberation with other suggestions and combinations of names, we officially became the BBQ “Goal Gettas” on Sept 12. That is also the day that GOTTHATFIRE (GTF) became our “official team leader.”

As days went by we got to know each other and even some of our talents (LOL.) For instance, we found out that BIGNSEXY1’s DH owned a bar and she happened to have some drink recipes to share. There was one in particular none of us could forget because it seemed to be her weakness.

Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe:
“here goes the recipe for the infamous chocolate cake
equal parts of vanilla vodka and hazelnut liquor-(frangelico is the most popular brand of hazelnut it looks like a ms. butterworth bottle i typically get the cheaper brand)
slice a lemon and dip in sugar (not too much)
suck the lemon w/sugar-dont swallow it
take the shot while the lemon and sugar are still in your mouth
i guarantee your 1st reaction will be wow that tastes just like chocolate cake!!!”

Even though there were only eight, and if the truth be told, only six of us really posted, it was difficult to recall what each one said and try to respond. We were all so active in posting. I remember a time after the CC Shot recipe was posted, Sexy (BIGNSEXY1), got me confused with SRENEE and mentioned something about her not drinking and having to come up with some alternative for her to try. In response she said, “Guuurrll. I saw those recipes and didn't read the end of your post. I just went back to red the last sentence. I had to laugh when you said, "I don't drink". I don't drink. I DRANKS! LOL.” I thought that was so funny, that I had to share it.

As stated above, only six of us really posted. 51SANFRAN didn’t make it to the threads and CASSIE_84 was so busy with another SP team, trying to be a college student, wife and mom that she eventually just dropped out of the Goal Gettas (but has since been very successful in her own weight loss journey!)

So then there were six.

Posting was the key to being an effective Goal Getta. Posting meant we cared about what was going on in eachother’s lives. We were not going to be like the other BBQ challenge threads where people just posted what they did, and almost NEVER recognized the accomplishments or needs of others. As team leader, GTF would constantly stress that we not only needed to work it physically, but we also needed to work the support on the thread as well. We definitely did that. We posted a lot in seven days. There were almost a hundred of posts each new thread that was made. GTF had the idea that since we posted a lot, she would just begin a new thread each week with our team number, name and the dates the thread would be utilized. It was a great idea. It was hard enough to post after everyone’s post, imagine being gone for a day it was a lot to get caught up on. Breaking it into weekly chunks made keeping up with each other a whole lot easier. The posting thing is what bonded us and made us feel accountable to one another and ourselves.

There were many posts that I would like to include but another post by SRENEE that really touches my heart even more now than it did when she originally posted it was around the time of her and her DH’s anniversary. She had mentioned that she was going to get him a gift and I wondered what it was, here’s her response:
10/26/07 4:56 P “Kels - We got my husband a Mustang for his anniversary present. He so deserves it. He is always making sure I have the best of the best so I decided it was his turn.”

At the first, the BBQ BLC teams were just aiming to lose a max of 2 pounds per person. Anything over that was to be banked for a rainy day. I do not recall what would happen for people who had six active members as opposed to all eight, and teams that may have had more than eight members. I think an average was taken. There was also a team formed for the leaders of these teams. Poor Kia! This was a hard task to take on. By the end of October, there was new point system in place. It was put in place to keep everyone sane, I guess. LOL

“There is a max points of 16 per person.

1 point for each day you work out
1 point for each day you drink 8 glasses of water
0 points for no weight loss
1 point for losing less than 2 points
2 points for losing 2 or more pounds

You will post your points (max points 16) and your weight loss.

Each team leader will then add up the points and divide by the numeber of members. That will be the teams score.

Team leader will then post the points and total loss.
The total loss for your team will be the tie breaker, if needed.

(Compliments of AHILL)”

Shortly after the new points system was put in place (10/29), the Goal Gettas were announced as having won the Biggest Loser Challenge (11/1) for the week prior (10/21-10/27) and had a week’s worth of “brag rights” as POCOHANTAZ put it. I was so excited. We had worked so hard and finally it paid off. By now, just a few of the teams were still “in it to win it.” I could be biased, but we were an exceptional team.

After being together for almost two months and being bombarded with all the alphabet soup, SEXY asked us this question, “ok yall know im computer lingo "slow" what is DH i assume the H is for Husband let me know how far off i really am lol” GTF posted up all the “short hand” letter combinations for different things we posted on the thread. Now you may be wondering why this is important in our history but stay with me. The next day after that question, I think MizzMelanie was trying to be funny and posted some alphabet soup of her own, “Hey GTF and KELS! Hi BigNSexy! Sorry I only have a min. but wanted to shout out to all of yall.

Shortly after that post, GTF responded with, 11/14/07 1:17 P “MIZZMEL, go 'head wit yo bad self: GG4L, that is on time.” Even Sexy liked it, “mel-like dat GG4L-think ima have to use that as my new signature.” It stuck and it was adopted. GTF began to call us the “GG4Ls.”

Now you know where GG4L comes from!

November was also the month that CHAMPANE1225 decided to leave the group. I think she was getting really bogged down with school, work, working out, and keeping up with the demands of our team thread. We missed her.

And then there were five.

It was decided that the BL Challenge would carry on until the end of the year. Something GTF had said was “GG4L means just that, not Goal Gettas for a Season or for a challenge.” So our wheels began to turn in regards to staying together even after the challenge would end. December came and went and by the first of ’08 GTF formed our own SP team, “GG4L Goal Gettas 4 Life.” Interestingly enough, after scrolling through the old threads, I saw that IKIRSTEN had stopped by our last thread on BBQ ending 1/05 and had expressed interests in becoming part of the team.

The GG4L motto from the beginning was to be true to the name. We had set goals for ourselves, not just in weight loss, but in other aspects as well. SRENEE towards the end of the BLC was working on finishing up her nursing courses and proved to be a very serious goal gettin’ Queen with graduation, moving into a new home, taking a test and finding a job. So GG4L was more than just weight loss, it was about goal gettin’.

When forming GG4L the SP team, we had hoped that the continuity of the team would remain. However, just like other teams on SP, if you want to make them public, people may join and do absolutely nothing on the team. That made us sad, but much like Christianity and organizations in general, some people just profess the name without being truly committed to the cause. So seeing that was the case the original GGs chose to stick together, and keep GG4L separate. We decided to keep the team going because it was working for others outside of the five of us and that was a good thing.

So there you have it, GG4L History: How it All Began.


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