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12/18/10 6:48 P

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emoticon Merry Christmas and may your New Year be better!

I started SP at 138 lbs in October 2010. My goal weight was supposed to be 125, which I reached on January 17, 2011. I have stayed at 125 (give or take a few pounds) ever since.

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12/15/10 10:02 P

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I'm sorry that you had to deal with that on top of everything else. *hugs*

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12/15/10 12:12 A

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I have been dealing with my current financial mess for three years now. I'm not saying that you will, but you never know how long it will last.

Based on my own experiences, I can tell you that....

You probably won't die
You probably won't be homeless
You will probably have enough food to eat
You will probably have water to drink
You will probably have people that love you.

These are the things you need. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Three years ago I didn't think I could handle any of this. I've handled all of it with the love of God and help from friends. Nothing is fixed yet, but I am handling things so much better. I grew used to the idea that I had no control over the situation and that I didn't know where life was going to take me for the next little while. Once I got used to this, it became easier.

It's not over yet, but I'm doing great. I've let go. Where I end up, nobody knows!

Try to have faith.

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Life is short -- slow down. Why race to the end?

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12/14/10 6:54 P

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one day at a time . That's the way you do it . one step . do not try to do it any faster then that . like we all want you to be better and to feel better but do it slowly . when you start to feel better do not run into full action take it slow . you will feel like you can beat the pack of bulls but honey take it slow . if you rush you will set yourself back many months . . come here post talk to us .

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12/14/10 3:55 P

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We are all here to support you and listen when & if you need to talk out your feelings. Life is hard but we all manage to survive one day at a time. Just be thankful you are still here on earth and have the opportunity to work through this bump in your journey. Thinking of you and praying that tomorrow will be a better day for you. emoticon

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12/14/10 3:53 P

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emoticon sometimes knowing some one just listens helps......

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12/14/10 11:32 A

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All I can offer is my prayers and support - you WILL get through this! emoticon

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12/14/10 11:14 A

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It feels like the whole earth and universe is against you, I know that feeling. Right now you are still dealing with shock as it takes time to move through it. The initial physical shock moves through by the first day, then the emotional shock sets in. Combine that with the stress you are already experiencing and it will feel overwhelming.

Couple ideas. Rally those close to you, around you. When I hit black ice, went through the stop sign and got slammed, I called friends and family. I was very broke, I was being charged 100% of the accident which meant my insurance would go up etc. In my case the guy who hit me was drinking - I could smell the alcohol and he admitted it - but the officer on the scene decided he didn't want to do a breathlyzer and it was simpler to call it my fault.

Life isn't always fair.

It really helped to know that I had support. I also contacted lawyers for free, as it was a system set up here that you get the initial 30 min free, then you have to start paying. You are allowed to call 3 lawyers - I did. There wasn't anything I could do to sue the other guy for damages, but it felt better to know lawyers agreed it was wrong.

Look in your area and see if there is anything similar or if any local lawyer offers free consultations.

The other thing is look at your money coming in, going out and figure out what you actually have. Look at your bills. Figure out priorities and set the priorities.

If necessary look at free services in your area, like food banks etc.

And when it feels too much, remind yourself that regardless of what you feel the sun will come up in the morning and it'll be a fresh new day.

I had to at times break it down to 1 hr intervals - "for one hour I will be fine, life will be good, I will get through this" and I continued that for 24hr cycle. It got me through a rough night. Then I focused on one day at a time until I got through that. You can do that too.

Last, look around and see if there are free services for victims. It really does help to talk to someone about what happened. If there aren't any, pull on those around you and tell them you don't want answers, you just want support and talk about what happened.

You can do this, you aren't alone.

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12/14/10 10:22 A

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Welcome to the team. Sorry to hear of your accident and injuries. You will survive this! We all think the same thing and I am wondering that myself right now. I just made a house payment and bought groceries and have only a few dollars left to last me the next 2 weeks. I will get by like I always have, but it is scary because I am behind in other payments as well. I just took a vacation to visit my sister in FL to get away from "life" for a week. I had no money to spend while there except for a few things. My mom paid for my ticket. I felt like I was mooching of my sister, but she knows I have no money so she was ok with the visit. I didn't think about my bills for a few days and now it is back to the real world! Back to the same old same old!!


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12/14/10 9:59 A

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I was just in a car accident yesterday, I now have a $500 deductible, the merge sign that I crashed into (due to snowy black ice by the way) saved my life, but I was cited for reasonable control and damage to government property! *cries* I haven't been to work in over 6 weeks because I ruptured my achilles tendon, I have been going through a lot of mental stress and obviously physical now...

I don't know how to survive this...

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