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3/8/13 2:22 P

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1. I'm 51
2. Married for 23 years.
3. Eight children
4. 2 dogs, 1 bird, 2 bunnies, and TONS of chickens and 2 ducks
5. Love to cook and bake.
6. Homeschool my children
7. I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
8. I'm oldest of 4 siblings
9. Lost 63#'s and having trouble maintaining
10. Favorite holidays are Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Susan--wife to Dennis and mom to 8 super blessings.

"You either sacrifice today to reach tomorrow's goals, or you give up your dreams in favor of the fleeting comfort that's distracting you." Dave Griffin

"I'm a simple Jesus girl on a journey to finding deeper motivation than just a number on my scale for getting and staying healthy." Lysa Terkeurst

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11/15/12 10:15 A

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Some things about me:
1. My favorite color is pink
2. I'm almost 41
3. I'm a grandmother to some precious grandchildren
4. Strength training is my favorite workout
5. Dancing and treadmill is my favorite cardio
6. I like a variety of music - beats antique
7. Majored in psychology and returning for my LPC
8. Psych, Duck Dynasty, and mentalist are my favorite shows
9. Born in Alaska, moved around alot
10. I live in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA)

The possibilities always outnumber the problems.
Kristie - Florida

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11/4/10 4:30 P

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Nice to meet you and welcome to the team! I love your honesty and can relate to almost every point. Your last point is well-taken and it may be the one I relate to the most. I've discovered that if I write a blog entry about something I'm dealing with - even when I don't ask for help - my Sparkling Friends often share something from their own experience that helps me put things into the proper perspective, and thus, I receive help that I didn't know how to ask for. :-)

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11/4/10 12:57 P

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1. I started at 135, and I've lost 8lbs with a goal of 120-124lbs.
2. I have to be really careful about losing weight, because I've had some destructive habits in the past and I can become really obsessed if I don't keep myself in check.
3. I've been using the tracker system, its really helped my balance my calories! I haven't felt this good in years:)
4. I have a really handsome man I've been seeing for almost 2 years.
5.I am studying the law.
6.I'm 23.
7. I am always looking for a new hobby. I am vaguely crafty and creative, and I enjoy making messes (but not cleaning them up.)
8. I would love to be a small business owner one day.
9. I love animals, particularly little, smart dogs and cats.
10. I am fiercely independent and hate asking for help.

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8/26/10 3:18 P

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This discussion is being moved from the General Team Discussion forum because it fits better as an introduction OR REINTRODUCTION, if you'd like to participage. Please share TEN THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF!

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4/22/10 2:49 P
This looks fun!

1. I'm 30 years old.

2. I'm short and have a childish face so people are usually surprised to learn my age. Oh yeah, I also act kinda goofy for a 30-year-old!

3. I've been married to a handsome young man for almost 4 years now. He is currently 25 years old.

4. We live in a small apartment in Chicago.

5. One day we want to have some kids. I would like 3 or more.

6. I was trained as a singer and got my bachelor's degree in music performance/voice.

7. Currently I have a job as a building receptionist at a big building downtown.

8. From puberty until age 27 I weighed between 150-165 pounds, until I joined SparkPeople and lost about 40 pounds.

9. I don't really like exercising very much, but I do it because it's good for me.

10. I'm going on vacation to a beach island in July and I'm pretty excited about it - I could use a vacation!

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2/27/10 8:51 P


1. My name is Heather
2. I'm 19
3. I'm in college for Digital Media.
4. I'm a graphic designer.
5. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida.
6. I love my golden retriever, Kylie.
7. I love my guinea pigs, Rascal & Alvin.
8. My boyfriend of a year and a half is also my best friend of 4 years.
9. I want to weigh 115 pounds.
10.I have recently discovered that I love making music videos.

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1/31/10 6:03 P

Hi Folks.

1. Name: Annie
2. Age: 54
3. Home: Live in England. Born in Scotland.
4. Married since 1976
5. Grown up son and daughter
6. Love my job
7. Love reading, especially modern literary fiction
8. Love to travel
9. Committed to living as healthy a life as I can
10.Glad that I found 120-ville and really want to stay here!

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1/30/10 9:23 A

What up Dolls!!!
Good Morning!!!! :)

1. My name is Sal
2. I'm 19 years old
3. I'm a freshman in university
4. Originally from Saudi Arabia
5. Currently live in America
6. Recently become somewhat of a vegetarian
7. I want to weigh 115 pounds
8. I want to be more fit and heathy and also hit the gym more often
9. I want to be one of skinny sisters
10. Just want to enjoy life more by being health and active.

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11/16/09 10:29 A

ok 10 things...
1. Married for 26 years
2. Retired (at 54) from numerous careers - biochemist when I first graduated, then chemist, then materials engineer at aerospace co.'s, then contracts writer, then running govt. small bus. program, then college instructor - whew! no wonder I needed to retire!
3. Have two stepchildren and three grandchildren
4. Live in Colorado, but spend winters in Arizona - going in three weeks!
5. I've maintained my weight loss for over a year.
6. Up & down about my exercise - I'm always making excuses!
7. Have soup just about every day for lunch - how boring huh?
8. I have six siblings - three sisters & three brothers.
9. I joined the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) at my niece's suggestion & FINALLY wrote my first novel - 50,733 words!
10. In just a few weeks I will be the dreaded 6.0. I decided to be two 30 year old twins!



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11/15/09 8:53 P
really cool thread!

1. i'm 22 years old.
2. i live in norway (born here) but also grew up in america & part swedish!
3. love to sing!
4. have 6 other siblings; 2 girls and 4 boys. i am the 3rd youngest.
5. was attending college studying criminal justice but one day i want to become an immigrations lawyer.
6. LOVE traveling to warm places... hopefully going to spain again this winter but also dream of going to jamaica and hawaii.
7. have only owned dobermann pinschers while growing up.. currently on the 4th and he's 4 years old. my little baby.
8. dating a special guy for about 3.5 months.
9. soon moving out of my parents house to the big city!
10. one day i want to have 4+ kids... i love kids!

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11/9/09 10:56 P

1. I am 50 years old.
2. Though I was quite fit at 20, I'm happy to say that I'm FINALLY more fit at 50. (From 25-49, fitness was not a priority and my body suffered for it.)
3. I've been married to my college sweetheart for 27.5 years.
4. We have two sons and a sweet DIL. Ben (25), Kevin (22), and Ben's wife, Lindsey (23).
5. I live in Raleigh, NC.
6. I love to travel and have visited every continent except South America and Antarctica.
7. I've had several careers and have loved every one of them. I started in corporate America, then spent 14 years as a mom, wife, and homemaker. Nine years ago, I became a teacher and now am a school librarian.
8. I'm currently working on a second master's degree - Library and Information Science.
9. I have always lived within 150 miles of my birthplace.
10. I have a 10-year-old "puppy." A beagle-dachshund named "Petie." He is the size and shape of a dachshund with perfect beagle markings.

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11/9/09 8:30 A
1. I will be 36 on Saturday.
2. My 3 children are Isaac (almost 13), Mara (10.5), and Reesa (almost 6).
3. I live in Tallahassee, FL.
4. I have a PhD in American History, but I'm not teaching right now.
5. I am writing grants for water & wastewater (which is more fun than it sounds)
6. I love cereal and would eat it 3 times a day if people would let me :)
7. I have a Yorkie names Selby & a Chihuahua named Trixie.
8. My man-squeeze is from England (Yorkshire!)
9. We (me + all 3 kids) are planning to visit England and Wales in December.
10. I need to get back on track with daily activity -- I had been going to Zumba almost daily, but for many complex reasons, I have not been going.
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4/29/09 1:43 P

1. I am 47. 2. I am married with two children. 3. Ingrid is 13 and Hans is 10. 4. I was in a bad car accident Feb 08. I had to give up gardening and running. So I have lost my favorite things to do. Suggestions would be appreciated. 5. I have no sense of taste...except for salt and very sour. 6. I play the piano. 7. I am a speech therapist for special needs students. I, too, love what I do. 8. I am home during the summer. Easter vacation I gained 5 pounds, Christmas vacation I gained the same 5 I am nervous about the summer off. 9. Last summer I gained 10 pounds, I don't want to do that again. 10. I love classical music.
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4/29/09 6:12 A
I saw this on one of the teams I'm on. Tell us 10 different things about you. I'll start.

1. I'm 53
2. Married for 28 years.
3. No children.
4. 1 female cat, age 10, named Gina Suzanne.
5. Love to cook and bake.
6. Love Christian and Gospel music.
7. I'm Italian.
8. I'm an only child.
9. Love my job.
10. Favorite holidays are Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Raleigh, NC

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Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow" ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

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