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3/8/13 9:57 A

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Welcome to Spark People and to the HBP team! You'll find all the tools, information and community support here that you need to achieve you goals -- but in the end, of course, you are the one that has to do the "work." I put that in quotes, because it really shouldn't feel like a deprivation or torture type of thing, but you do need to kind of get your mind around the idea that changes need to be made in your lifestyle...

First, I would suggest writing down your goals and your reasons for wanting to achieve them. You want to lose weight -- and even took the measure of having surgery to accomplish that -- but you need to define why you want that. I have a number of reasons for doing so, but perhaps my strangest one is that, having been a medical transcriptionist for many years and repeatedly seeing this in the dictation, I don't want to be the patient that has surgery and the surgeon puts in the op note that he had to use extra-long instruments to get through the fat layer!
My point is, you need to figure out what motivates YOU, not what you think should motivate you, or what motivates someone else. Then write it down and re-read it as often as necessary to keep focused on it.

If exercise is painful, start by focusing on your diet. Use the nutrition tracker here to not only keep track of the calories, but to balance out your nutrients -- the daily feedback will tell you if you are getting too much fat, too little protein, etc. Enter everything you eat, every day -- if you don't, the only one it affects is you and your journey to success.

Check in here (and on your other teams) often, to let us know how you are doing -- and you need help, or just a word of encouragement, just ask -- we are here for you!


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3/8/13 6:43 A

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i have not gained a pound in over a year.

i gave up sugar and grain products and lost 44 pounds at age 61.

my sister lost 105 pounds at age 63 by walking 15000 steps a day and has not gained a pound back either in over a year


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3/7/13 10:08 P

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Interesting....another nurse and I just happened to comment on a friend coworker, who had lap band , I believe almost 2 years ago, and was doing SO well, yet we noticed that she has really gained alot of weight, and is going to have a knee replacement next month. She is 50. Floors me how one can lose momentum after doing so well. Yet the other night she was injesting potato chips constantly. She can't exercise right now, and that is probably the biggest problem. I truly believe exercise has helped me keep off the 50 I have lost!

So keep coming in here....I believe this web site has helped me the most over the years!!!!

Good luck.

MY NEW saying: (borrowed from Delila)

"If you want to do something, you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse."

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3/7/13 4:03 P

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I can be here to help you and support you but you are the one that really need to want it bad enough to lose the weight . Sometimes it just take baby steps to get started . I know I have been where you are at. I lose 70 lbs by diet and exercise it is a life style change . you have to be willing to eat the right foods and the right portions also.
I remember when I couldn't walk a 1/2 block not I can walk miles. you have to start some where. Firsd- t give up all fatty junk food - chips, ice cream candy for a month after that you won't miss it or at leastnot want it your body will crave the good foods,
Eat veggies and fruits nuts, some meat and fish you will see that you will crave that. and walk just a few steps then a block and so forth. please check in I be glad to help you .
I am having surgery on my foot tomorrow so I may be off for a while but I will back on.
If you have acess to a gym with a pool seriously jog in the pool for as long as you do it. get in the deep water and walk ,jog ,any thing.

best of luck
Take you health serious I know you must or you wouldn't be writing for help
I am 63 and I am healthy today than when I was 50. It is worth it!!

A year from now you will wish you started

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3/7/13 2:22 P

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Obviously weight bearing must be a problem for you exercise-wise for you but what about swimming, no weight bearing there? Have you tried an exercise class where the exercises are done from the relative!!!!! comfort!!!!! of a chair. My 70yr old friend goes to a class which in Ayr is called "take a chair" No standing at that and as an able bodied individual I went with her on a holiday Monday thinking this would be a breeze. Tuesday I had sore bits where I never knew I had bits to be sore!!!!
I believe there are videos available for such exercises if not as many as there are for folks who have can stand comfortably

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3/7/13 12:43 P

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I joined Spark People on Monday. So far so good. It has really opened my eyes to where my problems are. I am 62 years old. In 2005 I got a lapband and quickly lost 96 lbs in the first 2 years, then came to a dead halt. I promised myself a tatoo when I lost 100 lbs but never made it. In the last year I have gained about 20 lbs which is something I thought I would never do with my band. I still don't eat much but obviously I have learned what goes through the band easily and that is not always the best of foods. Chips, dips, chocolate and cream sauces are my favorites. I still show too much fat in my diet but it is a far cry from what I have been eating. Exercise is a bad word! I hate it, mainly because it hurts. I have had knee problems for years and on January 3, 2011 had my right knee replaced. I did well and asked for additional therapy. Unfortunately that aggravated my already hurting left knee. I am scheduled to have that one replaced on April 29. I will again do the therapy but something tells me I will still hate to exercise. I do drag myself to Curves about once a week but I know that is not enough. After that surgery I just need someone to light a fire under me!

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