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8/29/08 10:12 A

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There are a LOT of things cheaper with eating clean! I'm slowly changing over...but already i've noticed our bill at the store going down. And my husband is following just because what I make is so yummy. I eat a tomato (only 20 calories and out of our garden) while he's eating chips with his home made salsa. The garden really help with the cost of groceries. AND it's really made us want to eat cleaner...just because it's so good. But not everyone has a I agree with buying locally grown veggies when you can. If nothing it frozen at the store. Freeze grapes....much cheaper than ice cream! Make a fruit smoothie...again, much cheaper than a blizzard type drink. Snack on baby carrots instead of potato chips. It's a lot of the little things that will cut your grocery bill and make you healthier. I've had the eat clean diet book for a while, but didn't like all the changes I needed to make (I love drinking Crystal light and using equal), but now I'm finally willing to be I'm going to do it. I've been asking a lot of questions and I'm getting good answers here with this just keep up what your doing, and ask anything - even if it seems silly. If your making great food that's healthy, your husband will want to try it. I found that I just don't say "i'm making something healthy" I just tell him "I found a new recipe that I'm really excited about! It has a lot of the stuff you like in it!" He tried is every time. If I just make sure and put in jalapeņos and garlic in everything - he'll eat it emoticon

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8/16/08 9:08 A

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The summertime is when it is the easiest for me to eat clean and do it within a budget. I live in Upstate NY and once the snow hits, good fresh veggies at a reasonable cost are the things of dreams. However ... there are still things you can do. Shop local for vegetables whenever you can. Street stands, farmers markets ... if you can get involved in a vegetable co-op with a local farm, that can be a huge $$ saver. Check out for places in your area. I have found if you talk to the growers, ask them what pesticides they are using, alot of the local farms (NOT selling mass production to groceries, but the ones that put up roadside stands) ARE growing organically, but due to the red tape involved in getting the paperwork allowing them to call themselves an organic farm, choose to just sell their products label free. Talk to them it helps.

Ok ... off the veggie wagon, lol. I have found that my family is doing ok with my food changes. I try to limit my meat intake, and stick mostly to fish and veggies for protein. My DH & DS go out for *4-legged days* when they are wanting something different. I do occasionally serve poultry. I still buy Cocoa Puffs for my son, if that is what he wants, but I serve it with organic skim milk. It does cost more to buy good fish, but all in all, vegetables, eggs, etc cost less than meat ... so I just get creative with my recipes. There are some great ones here, but I also recommend picking up (or subscribing to!) Clean Eating Magazine. They have lots of great menu ideas for the whole family. And Tosca Reno's books are helpful, if you can pick one up at the bookstore or library (The Eat-Clean Diet & The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook).

Plus ... this group can help. :) I bet there are lots of great clean eating recipes floating around amongst us here that have been family-tested and approved. :)

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8/15/08 1:12 P

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In my house the grocery expense has gone down with my cleaner eating. The processed and convenience foods my husband eats are considerably more expensive than the building blocks of clean eating. A box of whole oats goes a lot further than a box of fruit loops or cheerios, an egg costs a fraction of a serving of breakfast meat, a chicken breast cooked at home is cheaper than fast food... etc.
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8/15/08 12:37 P

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Hello! My name is Erin, I'm 22 years old. I'm not really new to spark, but I'm new to this team. I've never really heard of Clean eating, but I'm very interested. Although..I have my doubts.. I am the only one in the household that is trying to lose weight and eat more healthy. I'm wondering how the grocery shopping is going to work.. I don't want to add on more money to our already high grocery bill..(considering I don't pay for the groceries.)If anyone could give me some tips on adding in my healthy foods to what is already being bought..I would really REALLY appreciate it!

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