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10/21/09 10:59 P

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with pcos weight gain and difficulty losing weight is common, but in the middle of your body... that might be something else. i have a very big abdomen and nothing else and i have pcos and another condition called metabolic syndrome-- #1 symptom -- excessive weight gain in the belly area. get checked for it! simple blood tests can be done... its also known as "syndrome X" or insulin resistance. its all related (metabolic syndrome and pcos) to your endocrine system.

live love laugh! kiss slowly and forgive quickly.

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10/19/09 11:05 P

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My best advice: Veggies, whole grains, and fruit!!! And STAY ACTIVE! :)

Drink plenty of water.

Avoid sugars, find healthy replacements. Stevia works wonders! It's great, and it's natural.

Don't eat the "white" foods- keep your carbs down.

If it doesn't look or seem healthy, it probably isn't.

I made a lot of replacements with foods... such as skim milk in place of 2% milk, which I rarely drink anyways. Whole grain/fiber-filled cereal with fresh fruits. No more Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies for breakfast BUT sometimes I will eat these in place of the big bowls of ice cream I used to eat!

Frozen yogurt instead of ice cream...

Diabetic friendly Dannon yogurt instead of most other yogurts that are higher in sugar and carbs, despite other nutritional values...

Earth Balance or Dairy Free Smart Balance butter instead of the typical stuff...

Rice cakes with natural peanut butter or almond butter in place of bread with regular peanut butter.

My biggest advice to everyone... focus on how food makes you feel and what you are physically craving nutritionally vs thinking with your taste buds.

I've found that often times when I am craving spaghetti or pizza, it's the tomato and garlic I really want!

Hope this helps some. :)

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10/19/09 8:03 P

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Hi, my name is Aundrea, I'm 35 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS about six years ago, I was devastated. I had a pity party for a while and then I began to speak the word the of God to my situation, so that's where I am with this disease and yes I am having a problem with my weight and my stomach is huge; I hate it, and oh my the cellulite hideous! emoticon

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8/5/09 3:15 P

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Talk to your doctor. I was just diagnosed w/ pcos. I went to my Dr. because of my inablilty to lose weight. This is what he recommended to me. No more than 100 grams of carbs per 24 hour period and no more than 25 grams of carbs w/in a 2 hour period. The carbs eaten should only be whole grain and eaten with protien and fat. This will keep your sugar levels stable and the hunger pangs to a minimum. An example is whole wheat crackers ( I like whole wheat matzah) with organic peanut butter or any peanut butter that doesn't have lots of sugars.
hope this helps.

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8/5/09 12:30 A

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Does anyone else that has PCOS gain lots of weight in there abdomen and find it hard or almost impossible to lose? Does anyone have any tips or anything they would like to share about there weight gain with PCOS if so i would love to here it so send me a message :o)

God Bless everyone and Good Luck on your journey's and may God be with you :) Check out my journey on YouTube!!

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