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5/17/09 3:20 A

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Hello Tamarah and Denise,
Welcome to the team! Tamarah, I hear your frustration with the fast highs, and without looking up to see what your 20 is in mg/dl, I suspect we're doing the same thing and its so frustrating! Takes you to a table with conversion from mmol/l to mg/dl which might help you a little in interpreting some of the threads (and proves that yep, my 350 is your 20), but be careful with the interpretation on this guys chart, I found it to be a little offensive although I understand his point, I sure as heck am not going to keep my BG at 70 all day! Deep breath, calm down... I tend to get a little (or a lot, lol) defensive when people tell me what my BG "should" be, because gosh darn it if I'm not already doing everything I can figure out how to do short of stop eating. Its not like I walk around high for fun or do it on purpose! Tangent over, sorry. emoticon
Anyway, welcome to the team, there's a bunch of great info on the boards, but feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of, there's TONS of diabetes experience on this board, and on SP in general. emoticon

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5/14/09 11:44 P

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Hey ladies! Welcome to the team.

Great team to join, there is so much support! My blood sugar and diabetes has gotten alot better since I have been on sparkpeople. It helped me realize how unsafe I was being with my diabetes and I was eating completely the wrong foods for my health.

Good luck with everything

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5/12/09 5:10 P

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Hi Tamarah, I'm Denise and I'm also new to the team. Now IS the time for all of us to start taking better care of ourselves, because we ARE worth it!! Take it one day at a time. Good luck. emoticon

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5/12/09 4:53 P

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Hi My name is Tamarah I have been Diabetic for 27 years and its only been in the last oh lets say 5 years that I can say it is under pretty good control. I am from Canada so all the blood sugar levels posted on here make no sense whatsoever but I will I was put on lantus and humalog which has made a world of difference to me. I actually had an a1c of 7.8 which for me is huge. As before I was a 10 or 11. I have a long was to go but have found that its getting better. Lantus took me almost 2 years to get on the right dose. I am not like most diabetics it seems. Keeping control of my blood sugars is difficult. I have what one doctor described as a high overflow level. I say my body hits highs very quickly and easily before I notice. My big problem is I bounce from lows very quickly and I keep going. In canada we are to be between a 4-7 and "they" say most people only bounce to a 10-13 well I have no problem bouncing to 20s. So its frustrating. So well that was a lot of information you all probably didn't need to know. But anyways that has been a lot of my life and I am now in week 4 of exercising which is about 2 weeks longer than any other time. I am tired of feeling old at the age of 34. I am sure that its not just that I am that out of shape but the diabetes thing too. So this time its for me and only for me. Thanks for listening and I value your notes.!! Tamarah

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