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4/8/09 7:45 A

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Lori been diabetic for 25 years,just converted to born again 3 years ago after some health scares myself,Woke up in the emergency room with a 15.Just this Feb came to in wheelchair at the Polynesian at disneyworld,this disease is miserable but we continue to work at. sometimes its so frustating that I too want to give up.I think the dog idea is too expensive,do you use a pump or shots,definitely get in touch with a good endo and diabetes educator,even after 25 years my educator Kelly is indispensible. Oh yeah Ive been found on the side of the road with my foot on the brake and the car still running, your not alone dont give up keep plugging away. Good luck rlee.

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4/7/09 3:09 P

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Hello Lori,
Welcome to the team! I understand your frustration, and I know I too have tried to bargain my limbs for a cure!
I don't feel lows anymore either, but I now have and faithfully use a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) which although expensive isn't quite as much as a dog : ) I know there are a few companies that make them right now, I use one from Minimed because that's where my pump is from, but I've heard good things about the Dexcom version and there's also one from Abbott (Freestyle). It might be worth looking into if you've not already.

There's a lot of friendly support on this team, feel free to ask anything or vent or complain or share.... We've all been there in some form or another!

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4/7/09 8:55 A

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I welcome you to the group first off. I feel you on the whole diabetes thing. I have been diabetic forever it seems and while I am under control I do have a simliar story with the low blood sugar and it still happens today when I get sick. My blood sugar can drop to like 12 and I don't feel it instead I only fall asleep no other warning. I have to stay on top of it when I am sick checking my sugars about 10 to 12 times so I don't have this issue I have dropped low enough to be hospitalized for weeks so I really do feel you. I am on injections for every food I eat and with a carb count which really got me under control so it really helped. I hope that by joining this group you find some answers and ways to help you get on track and get healthier!! ask many a questions we have so many smart guys and girls on here to help you out. I personally am a paramedic and have the medical part down but some things can only be taught through expirence. and as I am sure you know that by getting healthy and losing weight you will see that your body will do better and you will get better sugars. I also recommend if you don't already have a great endo. then find one who you have a great relation with so you can work as a team to improve your diabetes care and your health.

"you CAN do ALL things through Christ which STRENGTHENS you"
phil 4:13

I don't believe in failure.

( this includes getting healthy!!)

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4/7/09 7:39 A

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I've been diabetic since I was 15, coming up on 18 years now.
I was just fine and under control until 1998 when I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. I have been a brittle diabetic ever since. My body no longer recognizes when my sugar is dropping, and I have had so many trips to the hospital that I can not count them. I have nearly died a few times but only through God's grace have I survived. I am looking into getting a medical alert dog to warn me when my sugars are dropping but it costs $7500 and that is too expensive for me...I think I'm going to have to give up on that idea even though I really do not want to.
I'm tired of diabetes in every aspect. I would cut my legs off right now if I knew it would cure the diabetes.
I need support and motivation because I am at my wits end with this. I hope I can get that here with other diabetics!!


With God, all things are possible!!

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