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3/25/09 8:32 P

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I'm Corey. I'm 38 years old and father to 3. I was one of these people that never got sick. I've never even had a cold. Last November I I was diagnosed with Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes.

I hit the exercising big time and really watched what I ate. I go extremely low carb and carb up when I exercise. I wanted to be able to get my glucose levels under control asap. I did... In 4 - 5 weeks my levels were under control. My next goal was to reduce the insulin to next to nothing with exercise and diet. I did..... I went even more into exercise, I've joined the Marathon Running Club, take running clinics, enter running events and am doing my first Triathlon in May. I work out with P90X on top of this.

Today... I am insulin free. 13 days ago I actually took my last shot of Lantus. I test my blood religiously and make sure I eat regularly, which takes my levels up and exercise which brings me down. I range from 4.1 (before meal)to 8.0 (after meal)with my levels.

The Specialists are looking at my blood tests and pathologists in 2 hospitals are trying to figure out if my pancreas is working again. It's really a strange thing.

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3/25/09 4:33 P

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Hi ANDRYKENN! I've been diabetic all my life too! 40 years this may.... I do have complications due to not being as vigilant as I should have been in my care. I am blind, but otherwise healthy.

I envy you your children.... I was told all my life that I was not allowed to have children and I listened. I never asked questions. I didn't even know any type 1 diabetics could bear children until I joined this group! **sigh**

Welcome to the team! Great place to ask, rant and celebrate!

Melissa (EST)
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3/25/09 10:48 A

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Welcome to the group! This is a great site to get info,ask questions, complain (we all have those days) or share something new.I have been type 1 for 25 years myself,but its taking its toll because I was bad for years,but now I call myself a born again diabetic and Im doing all the right things with sparkpeoples help.

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3/25/09 8:15 A

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Hello! I will be turning 38 years-old this year and have had type 1 diabetes for 35 of those 38 years. I have been blessed to have very few problems and to have given birth to two very healthy girls, now 9 and 4.

As I get older, I do naturally worry about the toll that diabetes is taking on my body, but am determined to fight it every step of the way. Have signed up on spark to hopefully gain better control, lose a few pounds, become healthier and find some support along the way.

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