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8/19/19 7:32 P

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Hi, Seaglass, sorry for the delay! emoticon

I don't track my food for the most part. I do however, have guidelines for what my meals are and approximate portions (from years of experience) are. I used to keep track of whether I was successful or not at keeping to my guidelines, but have not for awhile. I am having some trouble these days, but have not decided to go back to that or not. I wish Spark let us track without knowing calories!

I used to have set eating windows. My appetite has changed and I have not found a regular routine yet, but I do very much believe having a routine, one that can accommodate social events, is a boon. I know I will always get food later and can tell myself it's not an emergency to eat right then.

I don't keep trigger foods around, not only because my success with eating them in moderation was limited but because I live in a small space and try to keep the space for foods I want to play a bigger role in my routine. (I found that keeping them out because I thought they were dangerous wasn't helpful, but thinking of it for practical purposes was.)

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8/4/19 2:56 P

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Hi there Seaglass! Welcome to the team. Itís been a while since Iíve posted here. Not real team active. Like you, I am here for info and support. I have no definite answers for you but can comment based on the many many things Iíve read and my own experience. I still binge at times but the intensity and time in between has decreased.
1. My tracking varies. I have diligently tracked here on Spark for years. It did help me control binges somewhat and also taught me a great deal about my nutrition as far as macros and what I should eat for health and mostly to keep me from feeling hungry. After many years, I have decided to take a tracking break and just use what I know works to lose and/or maintain.
2. Set eating times for most days has helped me tremendously. Also decreasing to two meals a day has helped with hunger and food thoughts. Itís not easy everyday but definitely has helped.
3. I do keep trigger foods away as much as possible. However, I do occasionally allow them. Some times with success and others NOT. Most advise keeping these out of sight best practice. I agree.

There is no magic. But there is hope. Many of here on Spark and this team have made great strides with food issues. Keep reading, keep experimenting, keep practicing. Team leader OOLALA has some great info here. Check out past threads and links.

Rather than trying to figure how to stop binges, reframe strategies of things/steps/habits that you will do. These can lessen the binge. Ex: Set eating times

Best wishes!

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7/31/19 6:33 A

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Hi All - I'm new to the team and I think I have BED but cannot afford to see a professional therapist at this time. I'm technically doing WW but not really following the program - I have good intentions but fall apart usually by midday, giving in to a binge and completely blowing my points for the day/week/year! I think if I can get the binge eating under better control my weight would come down on it's own. I have a couple of questions about how to tame this binge monster that maybe someone can advise me about.

1. Do you track your food? (I really struggle with this from a "diet" standpoint but maybe it's something that would help get my binge eating under control?)

2. Do you have set eating times? (I can schedule my weekdays pretty well but weekends are more laid back...)

3. Do you keep trigger foods out of the house or do you keep them around and learn to be strong and resist them? (I've eaten just about all the triggers left in the cupboards and I'm starting to eye the baby it's habit, not the food itself, that I need to work on)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to being part of this team!

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