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3/14/12 10:47 P

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Hey! emoticon

I, like many others here, can really empathize with you. I have bipolar disorder so my binges are mostly emotionally triggered if you can imagine what I mean, depending on my mood.

I'm glad I joined this team, it's a good place to be. I hope you enjoy the comradery here too!

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3/14/12 9:47 P

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Hi and welcome to the team! emoticon emoticon

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3/14/12 8:05 P

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Yes, this is the place for you.

You have not done anything that most of us haven't. That's why we're here!

But I'm here to tell you there is hope. Just because you haven't been successful before doesn't mean you won't be. (See my quote from The Princess Bride.)

You very likely do not have to give up any foods. In fact, in the book Willpower by Baumeister, he says if there is anything weight loss wannabes shouldn't do, it is give up any one food. (That was number 2. Number 1 was don't go on a diet.)

There are stages in this process and you might as well know it takes a few years to get good at it. That's good news because it means you aren't a failure as you slip and slide along the way.

Check out the more active threads. You'll see others at all different stages. emoticon

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3/14/12 5:11 P

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Don't worry you are so not on your own with this issue!

I try not to eat certain foods but just occasionally I start and then can't stop.

Be kind to yourself though.

emoticon emoticon

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3/14/12 4:57 P

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Hi, ... emoticon .. ..I have the same issues.. I can eat a box of fannie mae pixies (1lb box) or even a whole key lime pie in one sitting... yes, I have done that. I don't even understand it. I hope talking about this will help you.. since Lent started and I gave up sweets.. I have not had a binge.. I am starting to reconcile the fact that I cannot eat like a normal person and will have to bite the bullet and just not eat another cookie ever again.. I dont know if I am strong enough to do that..
I wish you luck and welcome you to the team! Try not to be hard on yourself, you are not alone.

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3/14/12 4:49 P

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Okay, I'll admit it. I binge eat. I knew I always have, I remember when I was maybe 7 or 8..eating an entire box of Thin Mints, sitting next to a heater, I was toasty warm and the cookies were oh so good. I fell asleep and woke up throwing them up in my own lap. :( Move forward a few years and I'd eat a whole loaf of bread after school, eat piece loaded with regular sugar. I haven't had that in quite a few years, but man could I eat that stuff up. Today, with more resources available, I still do it. In fact, I usually have only two modes, binging or calorie counting to the T. No moderation, no eating normal. I have no idea what a normal day is.. it is either way too many calories quickly or 1200 only.

My binges usually last for more than one day, typically 3 but I am trying to make myself stop at one day. I was attempting a 'cheat' day but that simply doesn't work because it carries on... and on... and on. I use to track those days under "Agh!!!" on my food tracker for 2000 calories. I can't imagine I eat less than 2000 on a binge. I knew it was getting bad a few weeks ago when I was binging on cereal. yep, cocoa pebbles. Why? I am not really a big fan but when there is no other crap in the house, that is where I went. I ate my kids' cereal, many bowls of it.

The crappy feeling you get after binging is horrible, but yet not enough to stop it. I really have been trying to focus on my long term goals and how this is sabotaging them. I have to really focus on changing my habits, mindset, and behavior. If I had any cash on hand, I would hit the vending machine at work, which would trigger a binge. If I had 5 minutes to spare on my way home, I would stop at a gas station for a supersize Little Debbie Nutty Bar, bag of cool ranch doritos, and the largest chocolate milk I could find!! I no longer carry more than 50 cents and do not pull in to a gas station unless I am buying gas, pull into the convenient stores, heck, any store with food! I often wondered if the cashier was on to me or if they just figured that since I was fat this is what I One time a cashier did mention, I hope this isn't your lunch.. of course, I said no. Truth was I already had a Wendy's meal for lunch.. this was the binge that followed!

Wow, I've never truly put all of that info out there, but I thought joining this team might be a way to create some new successes. And the real truth is that with the weekend quickly approaching, I am hoping to control and avoid my binges this weekend.

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