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2/19/08 9:24 A

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LOl. Great tips MissWashuu. I think you might have pick them up somewhere.

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2/15/08 5:31 P

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Hiya TM!!

It's great to have you here! Hottest Party is a TRIP! a few of us here have our own opinions on a few of the tunes but it's a gr4eat game all in all

As for Tips - I'm full of 'em! I'll share with you what Lobo told me when I was starting DDR

1.) Start with your feet on the left and right arrows.
2.) Don't return your feet to the middle!

those two pieces of advice helped me ALOT.

3.) Start off by doing the tutorial a time or two. it really helps
4.) nothing wrong with staying on beginner for as long as you need! I started with Beginner - feet only and then added the hand controllers, then added the gimmicks and jumps. When I could get an AA, A or B on every song in beginner, I started the whole process again on basic. First feet only - then move up and add pieces. this keeps me from getting frustrated and it keeps me having fun

Start slow - have fun!!

ETA - OMG!! a Richard Simmons Mii!! how funny LAA!! I made a Weird Al one and then EVERYONE had to go and make Weird Al.... *pout*

ETAM (edited to add more): as for challenges - we have a team "biggest loser" challenge. We just motivate each other and congratulate each other on progress :) not high pressure or stress at all (at least we try to keep it relatively stress free. Just post in the thread that you want to be in and we'll find a place for you :D Weigh in is every Wednesday.

As for other challenges - we have the Spark America one where we track our workout minutes! Um... and lets see what else....

I don't think I can think of anything else - off to take my exams!

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2/15/08 5:14 P

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Congrats on picking up the hottest party! I've been sticking to the workout mode, which makes a nice calorie target (btw, the k cals are really what we call calories). But, if you want, I haven't really gone through the quest type mode. It would be fun to post on this thread back and forth to see what we are up to each day.

Also, stop by the "post your gamer tag" section and post your Wii code. There are instructions in there. It would be fun to send messages back and forth in between workouts. Or, we could send Mii's. Hey, I wonder if anyone has made a Richard Simmons Mii yet? I'll have to work on that one.

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2/15/08 4:40 P

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I joined this group a little prematurely because I haven't even tried out my DDR yet! But my family is all gamers. I just got DDR Wii last night I saw it before Christmas at Sam's Club but it wasn't in our budget - I've been looking for it ever since and got it last night as a VDay gift for my kids! (Ok, and me too!) I love the other Wii games, and we have a PS3 (mostly hubby's games) and XBOX 360. We do Rock Band, GH II & III, and a variety of other games. I'm not much of a regular gamer - but totally love Wii tennis and bowling!

So I'm up for any challenges, and tips!


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